Life isn’t always easy, and it’s nice to think that you have a guardian angel watching over you. While you may hope for this in the back of your mind, it’s easy to ignore the idea. You should embrace it, instead, and look for all the signs that someone is watching over you.

When you’ve lost a loved one, some believe that the loved one can come back in the form of an angel. It can bring comfort and joy to the hardest days, and it can make you smile when you need it most.

Even if you believe in the back of your mind that angels are real, the skepticism could still be there. To push the uncertainty away and bask in the comfort that your loved one is near, look for the signs.

There are ways to know when a spirt is watching over you, but you have to know all the signs. Once you know, you’ll see the signals everywhere, and you may be able to figure out who that person is.

Ways to Know When a Guardian Angel is Watching Over You

1. You See Light Orbs

Some may believe that orbs are just a play of light or trick of the eye. Others believe that spheres indicate a spirit is nearby. The latter is because orbs are thought to be a means of transportation for souls.

Orbs can appear in real life or photographs. You may even only notice them in your peripheral vision. If you see it beside you, take comfort in the idea that it may be your loved one next to you.


2. You Sense a Presence When You Are Alone

When you feel like someone is watching you when you’re alone, it could be a spirit watching over you. Once you know that you have someone watching over you, you’ll take comfort in that feeling.

Over time, once you become more comfortable, the presence may become even more significant. You may experience chills or goosebumps on your neck, shoulders, or upper arms. Another sensation you may encounter is tingling at the crown of your head.

There are more subtle events that may occur, such as something brushing across you. You may feel like you’re getting a little hug or a pat on the back. These feelings won’t be as strong as the real thing. They’ll just be a subtle sensation.

3. You Dream About an Angel

As a way of sending you a message, a spirit will likely come to you in a dream. They do this to let you know they are nearby, but also as a way of communicating. Try to listen to and remember anything they may say in the dream, and take note of what they are doing.

They may send a message to you in a dream even if they aren’t present in it, too. If you get recurring dreams, it could be a message that they are trying to send you. Listen to those messages, because someone you love could be watching over you.

One of the reasons a spirit may communicate with you through a dream is because it’s easier. When you’re asleep, your mind is more open to new ideas and thoughts. You’ll be more likely to notice and receive the message they are sending when you are in this state.

Even if the message doesn’t mean anything right away, it could click later on, when it is necessary. Remembering your dreams can be helpful if there is a message hidden in them.

4. A Butterfly Lands on You or Remains Close to You

Studies show that butterflies symbolize the transforming of a soul or reincarnation. If one lands on you or stays close to you, it may be a loved one visiting.


5. You Suddenly Notice a Nostalgic Smell

Smells can trigger specific memories, and spirits seem to know this. Signs to watch for are unexpectedly and unexplainably smelling something that reminds you of a particular person.

You may randomly smell food that brings back memories or get a whiff of a garden from your childhood. Other scents to watch for are hints of a deceased loved one’s perfume or the smell of their home.

No matter what the scent is that you detect, if you smell it at an unexplainable time, it’s a sign. Think of who that scent reminds you of, and you’ll have an idea of who is watching over you.

There is one key indicator that the scent is from a deceased loved one who is looking out for you. This indicator is that no one else can smell it. If you are with a group of people and you smell something that no one else does, it could be a message only for you.

6. They Send You a Message Through a Song

Sometimes a deceased loved one will try to communicate with you through music. They may send the message through the beat, helping you to change your mood for the better. Or, they may send a message through the lyrics.

If you notice that a song doesn’t usually play often and is now playing regularly, pay attention. Take time to listen to the lyrics, because there may be a message in that song for you.

Sometimes multiple songs with the same theme will play one after the other. This could also be a sign your loved one is near and sending a message.

If a set of lyrics seem to be speaking right to you, this could be a good indication. Likewise, if the words apply directly to something you are going through, it could be a message.

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7. You Keep Noticing Angelic Numbers

These numbers may be different to everyone, but some are universal signs. The universal numbers that indicate you have someone watching over you are 333, 1111, 777, 1234, or anything similar. This is why when a clock turns to 11:11. You are supposed to make a wish.

Other numbers to watch out for are birthdays, anniversaries, or other meaningful dates. If you see these dates appear in a random place, you may have someone watching over you. They are trying to get your attention in this way.

Sometimes, spirits can use different numbers, too, that you may not recognize at first. If, over time, you notice that you repeatedly continue to see the same set of numbers, take note of it. Chances are, it’s a sign, and the longer the repetition continues, the stronger that sign is getting.

These numbers could be symbolizing that you are taking the correct path. It might be your lost loved one’s way of guiding you positively.

8. You Come Across a White Feather in a Strange Place

A common sign that a spirit is nearby is finding a random white feather. This sign usually occurs when you are most in need of it, and it will happen in an unexpected place. It’s a spirit’s way of letting you know that they are with you and watching over you.

It could be said that the white feather represents the white wings of angels. This could be where the white feather in an unexpected place became linked to loving spirits. It’s a sign that they are your protector and that you aren’t alone.

Finding a feather in an unexpected place could also signify encouragement. It could be a sign that you shouldn’t give up, or that a struggle will soon end.

These feathers can come in all shapes and sizes, so keep your eye out. You will see one when you need it the most. Then, you’ll find comfort that a loved one is nearby and watching over you.

9. Clouds Become Specific Shapes

If you notice an angelic shape in the clouds, it’s a good indicator someone is watching over you. Other shapes that indicate a spirit is nearby are hearts, flowers, or other meaningful symbols. These same symbols may appear in other things that are easy to shape and beautiful to look at, too.

10. You Notice a Sudden Change in the Temperature

If you notice an unexpected change in temperature, it’s a sign there is a spirit nearby. You may experience a chill or a sudden warmth. Warmth is an indicator that you’ve been hugged by the spirit, which may happen in times you need reassurance.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Know When an Angel is Watching Over You

These ways to know when a guardian angel is watching over you are sure to help you see the signs. When you begin to see signs that a spirit is near, you’ll take comfort knowing you aren’t alone.

The more open you are to receiving these messages, the more likely you are to notice them. Once you begin seeing them, the messages will likely come more often, too.

Your loved ones desire to communicate with you and watch over you even after death. Keep an open mind and embrace the signs when you see them. Then, you’ll know when a guardian angel is watching over you.