Just like a computer stores files, your brain stores thoughts–containing both positive and negative energy. You don’t access these thoughts every day, but they are there and can be opened at any time.

Negative energy comes into your life through thoughts, words, actions, and reactions. When you take care of your body and your mind, you stand a better chance of resisting negative influences. Energy cleansing rituals have played a part in many spiritual practices since the beginning of man. Whether you practice external or internal rituals, finding what works for you is what matters.

Since we’ve talked about external tips to cleanse negative energy in a previous article (read it here), we’re going to tackle some internal strategies to clear negative energy.

Here are 7 ways to cleanse yourself of negative energy:

1 – Protect Your Mind


Negative energy begins in your mind, so it is up to you to learn how to protect it. You can protect your mind through listening:

  • Listen Critically: Studies show that what you often hear shapes what you believe, so it’s important to listen with a critical ear.
  • Listen Selectively: News, music, other people’s conversation all play a role in forming a thought. In fact, it is as influential as having a direct conversation with someone. When you stop inviting negativity in, you will become a little bit happier and a little less negative.
  • Listen Visually: Take a long hard look at what you see. Negative thoughts can also enter through images on TV, in magazines and on your computer. Hide negativity in your social media feeds, watch shows that are positive in nature and flip through magazines that are inspiring.

2 – Find Some Quiet

Whatever quiet looks like to you, find it and commit to just being and breathing. No phones, no computer, no TV, no conversation. Just let the absence of noise and negativity engulf you for a few minutes. And that’s all it takes – just a few minutes.

Be careful though, as you begin to find quiet, you will crave more of it. Just go with the flow and find some calm in a world of chaos.

3 – Broaden Your Perspective

Negative thoughts are heightened when you focus more on yourself and your challenges then you focus on others. When you are self­absorbed, you limit your potential.

When you include a strong social network into your world, you continue to grow. It’s the new experiences that come with being active and social that broaden your perspective.

You can’t control what you hear from others, but you can choose how to process it. And the choice you make

is based on your perspective. The wider your perspective, the more opportunity you have for choosing positive reactions and creating positive energy.

4 – Be Open to the Moment

Everyone likes to be in control, and when challenges enter your day, you fight it and try to stop it but all it ends up doing is throwing you for a loop.

What if you welcomed chaos into your day? How would it feel if you just accepted the happenings of the moment, looked for the possibilities and took action based on what was before you?

That is creating positive energy and living in a happier state of mind. Let Go of the Need for Approval

The need for approval plays an important role in our thoughts. It kills our ability to think positively and prevents us from our journey. Instead, we think and act based on other people’s agenda.

The need for approval is negatively impacting your life – you procrastinate, avoid doing important things, feel anxiety and fear, and get stuck in worry – all in the quest to gain approval.

Create positive energy by acting freely without the worry of people’s opinions. You will have the freedom to pursue things that make you feel good and be able to meander on your life’s path, trying new things without the fear of failure.

5 – Look Within to Identify Negative Energy

Self ­confidence allows you to create accurate and positive opinions about your circumstances. When you are confident, you trust that you will be able to do what you set out to do. Trusting your path, means obstacles are just that and failure isn’t in your vocabulary. You take each challenge as the lesson needed to continue your journey. Self ­confidence lets the real you emerge.

Being self­ confident isn’t only the key to doing anything you want, it is the clear understanding of what you want and your preparedness for that quest.

As a result, you gain the self­ confidence to take the risk. You think for yourself, and you don’t have to be just like everyone else. When you are self­ confident, the negative energy that surrounds you tends to shrink, and the positivity shines through.

6 – Choose the Right Words to Release Negative Energy

As you become more aware of your thoughts, actions, and words, it gets easier to notice the negativity that is all around, even from you.

What you say and the words you choose are very important to maintaining a positive perspective and working towards positive outcomes. Taking the power of positive thought to the next level requires evaluating the words we use in our thoughts.

Even something that is intended to be positive in nature can be negative ­ because of the words we choose. For example, how many times do you say, “don’t forget ….” Well, what word is the focus there? Forget.

Instead, try saying, “remember ….” Can you feel the shift? That is the power of word choice and mastering it can be very influential in cleansing yourself of negative energy.

How do you cleanse negative energy? What rituals do you observe to help you foster more positivity? Share in the discussion below…