Some doctors are warning the public about the possible health risks of 5G technology, but are their fears valid? This technology offers unprecedented communication speed and buying/selling options. Could this groundbreaking science carry unknown dangers to you and your family?

Remember when the days of communication consisted of a phone connected to a wall in your house? If you were traveling and needed to contact someone, you had to find a dime and a payphone. Today, you can use your 5G technology to call anyone or access the Internet on the go.

You probably depend on your cellphone more than you know. However, do you realize that doctors have debated whether the radio frequency radiation (RFR) it uses could harm your body? Will this revolutionary technology turn on us like the stolen fire of Prometheus?

Are you and your family using potentially hazardous phones, or are the concerns baseless? Some of the questions scientists and doctors ask about 5G technology and its validity.

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What Is the 5th Generation of Mobile Technology?

Mobile communication technology was born in the late 1970s and is based on an analog system. It revolutionized the world of telecommunications and was dubbed 1G, or first generation. As communications advanced with the dawn of the Internet in the 80s, mobile technology switched to digital, and the world saw 2G or 2nd generation speeds.

In the 21st century, telecommunication developers introduced 3rd generation power and 4G in 2010. Nine years later, everyone was in a rush to try the newly released 5G technology. You probably have 5G with your mobile devices and eagerly await the 6th generation revelation.

Users worldwide depend on 5G mobile technology because of its high-speed, reliability, and ability to connect in a flash. It is the lifeline for global business, communication, and healthcare. When speed counts, 5G technology is the best to date.

How fast is 5G speed? Compared to 2G’s maximum speed of .2 megabytes per second, 5G can reach maximum speeds up to 10 gigabytes per second. The difference between the two is like comparing a snail to a race car.

5G Technology and Radiation

The components of mobile technology are quite complicated. Countless towers are set up worldwide to send and receive digital data at astronomical speeds. They connect to smaller towers, WIFI, and hotspots in businesses and homes.

None of this technology could be possible without radio waves, a part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. This radiation is an integral part of the universe and has been around us since the beginning.

Mostly, the radio waves that power mobile technology are benign. However, 5G requires more towers, antennas, and masts. Many medical experts are concerned that the increase in electromagnetic energy (EMFs) may be dangerous to us.

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The Invisible Power of the Universe

Audiologists say that humans have a hearing range from 20 to 20,000 Hz, depending on the individual. Much higher and lower pitches go through your body every second that you can’t hear. When your dog is howling for no apparent reason, it is often because he hears sounds inaudible to you.

Did you know that you are bombarded by radioactive electromagnetic waves constantly? Your electronic devices receive these waves and transmit them to you in sounds and images. Could these dangerous waves be a silent hazard to your health?

How 5G Technology and Frequencies Can Affect You

Building on the work of his predecessors, Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity says that all matter is energy. This energy, he proved, can only be changed but never destroyed. Everything around you comes from energy, including your body.

High-frequency vibrations produce this energy. All things in the universe and every cell in the human body vibrates, although you are unaware of it. Universal vibrations can resonate or clash with each other.

Like a snowflake, everything has a unique vibration frequency. Depending on how the vibrations rate on the frequency spectrum, they can be beneficial or potentially harmful. Often, you don’t even realize it.

The speed which atomic particles vibrate determines their frequency, measured in hertz, or Hz. Faster particles produce higher frequencies, while lower ones vibrate slower. How these two works together depend if they are beneficial or hazardous to you.

The optimal frequency range for human safety

At optimal health, human cells have a frequency range between 62-75Hz. If your frequency gets lower than 62, it can resonate with low-frequency bacteria and viruses, causing sickness and disease. So, your well-being depends on frequency interaction.

Stress and environmental factors can lower your body’s frequency. Many health experts believe that overexposure to 5G power may also be detrimental. The imbalance of frequencies can be responsible for several health issues, they warn.

How to Keep Your Body at a High Frequency

Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your frequency on the high end of the spectrum. Changes in your lifestyle can boost your energy field and make you less susceptible to disease.

Did you know that your thoughts and the things you say have energy? It’s little wonder that negativity causes your cell vibration to be sluggish, and you feel an energy slump. This negativity can affect the power around you, causing lower frequency and potential health issues.

1. Eliminate the Negatives

Boost your vibrations with positive thoughts. It may sound like a bunch of New Age myths, but it has scientific data behind it. There’s a reason we say we are feeling down or low. Our body recognizes these lower, disharmonic vibrations.

According to medical experts, stress is one of the top culprits for physical and mental disorders. It has a low vibration and brings your body in tune with it. While there is no such thing as a stress-free life, you can minimalize it with a higher-vibration mindset.

Do you notice how light and energetic you feel with a positive attitude? Being positive does not mean you are naïve. It means you choose to focus on positive elements in your world, thus raising your vibration frequency.

2. Improve Your Diet

Like everything else, food also has unique vibration frequencies. There is a reason that processed junk foods are bad for you. Their lower frequencies disrupt your cell frequency, which can cause weight gain and accompanying diseases.

Do you want to lose weight and feel better? Trade low-frequency junk food for whole, nutritious foods. Their atoms have a high vibration, bringing your body’s cell vibration where it needs to be. A healthy diet can boost your vibration and energize your whole body when it’s matched with regular physical activity.

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3. Limit Your Exposure to High-Frequency 5G Technology

You probably wondered how you ever did without your mobile devices and the Internet. However, humans have survived for millennia and never had these recent inventions. Because of how our modern world is structured, it is nearly impossible not to use them in some form.

Think of how often your eyes are staring at a mobile device screen. Not only are you causing severe eye strain, but doctors warn that you could be over-exposed to potentially harmful radiation. These high-frequency electromagnetic energies are used and emitted by 5G power.

Scientific research demonstrates a correlation between certain cancers and other deadly diseases from this over-exposure. Since you keep your 5G cellphone and other mobile devices so close to your body regularly, you may be more at risk.

  • Other hazards:

Other potential hazards flagged by the medical community include proximity to cell phone towers and other transmitters. People who live close to these large towers often complain of unexplained illnesses and cancer. Some experts theorize that proximity to these powerful 5G emissions could be the culprit.

To be safe, consider limiting your time on your mobile devices. Consider setting technology-free times with your families, such as during meals or devoted family time. If you live near a cell phone tower, discuss it with your healthcare provider and stay current with your checkups.

Learn how to use your 5G mobile devices safely. Remember to keep your cell phone in your briefcase or purse. Limit how long you are on your devices, and don’t keep them close while you sleep.

While you can’t avoid 5G radiation entirely, purchasing an electromagnetic field home adapter can help. These EMF devices can be placed in your home or worn as an attractive piece of jewelry. They can do some to correct the hazardous radiation, but not all.

4. Spend Time Outdoors

Think of how energized you feel when you spend quality time outdoors with your family. Limited exposure to sunlight boosts your mood, helps your body produce Vitamin D, and kicks up your vibration energy.

Make your outdoor time as technology-free as possible and take in the beauty of your surroundings. You will have a good time with family and friends while reducing your exposure to 5G technology.

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Final Thoughts: Use Sound Judgment Regarding 5G Technology

Before you panic, remember that other reputable studies downplay electromagnetic energy radiation’s potential hazards and health risks. Stay informed, talk to your doctor, and use common sense with your 5G mobile devices.