Photographer Reveals What The World Would be Like Without Smartphones

Photographer Reveals What The World Would be Like Without Smartphones


Smartphones have taken over virtually every aspect of our lives. There isn’t much we can’t accomplish from the comfort of our homes nowadays, from ordering food to managing money to keeping up with our “friends.” If you work online, you don’t even really have to leave your home if you don’t want to. The smartphone has become a powerful tool, but it’s greatly misused.

“A smartphone is an addictive device which traps a soul into a lifeless planet full of lives.”  – Munia Khan

Instead of paying attention to the people around us, we often use our smartphones as an escape. Anxiety and depression are increasing rapidly, and many researchers believe the overuse of technology is greatly to blame. We have the world at our fingertips, so it’s easier than ever to compare our lives to others. This comparison game can impact mental health and self-esteem.

Think about what would happen if you had to live without your smartphone for even just a day. How would this impact your life? Would you feel anxious without your phone to turn to during an awkward silence with a friend or while waiting at the doctor’s office? We have used our smartphones as a filler for anything uncomfortable, and this allows us to cover up how we really feel. Smartphone addiction is on the rise as well, with one survey finding that 50% of young people felt that they were addicted to their phones.

Because of our growing addiction to smartphones, US photographer Eric Pickersgill has created “Removed,” a series of photos to show us how engrossed we have become in a virtual reality. Eric removed the smartphones from people’s hands before taking the photos so that they would portray the lost connections and disengagement with our surroundings. The results will probably sadden you, but could perhaps be a good reminder to put the phone down and truly enjoy your family and friends when they’re around.

What would the world be like without smartphones?

Does this scene look familiar to anyone? 
guys staring at phones

Couples often feel farther apart than ever with smartphones by their side constantly.
couple staring at phones

There’s nothing like a little screen time to make Christmas tree shopping more fun.

woman staring at phone at christmas tree farm

Together, but distant.
women on phone

We can’t do much of anything without our smartphones.

woman on phone

How smart phones change your brain

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without seeing everyone’s Turkey Day pictures.

woman staring at phone

We can be in the same room with the closest person to us and still feel lonely.

couple looking at phones

As you can see, this is a growing problem.

couple staring at phones

We can’t even relax in nature without our smartphones.

people on phones

Studies have shown technology use among kids negatively affects development.

kids on phones

Family occasions aren’t the same anymore.

people outside on phones

This just married couple can’t even enjoy each other in their special moment.

Nowadays, people don’t even listen to a speaker – they’re too distracted by their phones.
crowd of people staring at phones


We hope these photos will encourage you to spend more time with your loved ones instead of escaping into your phone. If you resonated with this article, please share and comment below!

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