Ever meet a “Jack of all trades” whose vast array of knowledge of all things is simply astounding? These folks seem to know “everything about everything.” Change the car brakes? Check. Fix the water heater? Check. (Fill in the blank here)? Check.

Of course, these people don’t know everything…but they probably know a heck of a lot more than most do. The simple reason is that these people have a hunger and thirst for knowledge – practical, useful, even money-saving knowledge. Some of this personal knowledge is complex and time-consuming to master… but many of them are not.

We gathered together 5 quick and useful practices in a variety of areas including life skills, self-care and more. These practices are broken down into basic instructions that can be learned and applied within just a few minutes each day.

Here are 5 things you can learn in 5 minutes  that you’ll use forever:

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1. Learn how to overcome procrastination

#1: Track your everyday activity

#2: Understand that we procrastinate out of habit.

#3: Understand how we create positive habits.

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Charles Duhigg, the author of Power of Habit, notes that positive habits are a circular effect that consists of three parts: cue, routine and reward. Simply understanding procrastination for what it is – a habit – while committing Duhigg’s formula to memory is a fundamental, simple lesson in overcoming procrastination.

2. Reduce stress quickly and effectively

– Disconnect the internet, phone and other tech devices.

– Put on a pair of running shoes and jam a favorite tune. Run at the quickest rate possible for as long as possible.

– Perform ten pushups, ten sit-ups and ten crunches then run in place for one minute.

– Take a hot shower.

– Drink a favorite beverage.

– Do a short meditation or other active things you enjoy.

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3. Avoid credit card late fees

These tricks contain something of a caveat, but if financially-able and timely, they can save you a decent amount of money in late fees and associated charges.

Option one: if potential late fees are noticed the day after the bill is due, pay the full amount of the credit card and do not use it until the next billing cycle. Generally, no fees will appear on the next billing statement.

Option two: if this is the first or second time paying late, most credit card companies will forgive late fees if contacted promptly.

4. Learn meditation basics

– Find a quiet place.

– Sit in an upright, non-rigid position.

– Breath in deeply and exhale slowly while concentrating on the breath. It may help to mentally count breaths when performing the exercise.

It is completely normal for the mind to wander from time-to-time. When it does, simply return attention back to the breath.

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5. Undo a sent email in Gmail

Ever send an email using Gmail by mistake? Turns out there is a simple way to undo this.

Here are the steps:

– Click on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the Gmail window.

– Select Settings option

– Scroll down to “Undo Send”

– Check the box next to “Enable Undo Send”

– Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen

Each time you send an email from now on, you’ll  now have an option to “Undo Send,” which should prevent delivery of the message.

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