5 Reasons A Gemini Is The Best Partner to Be With

5 Reasons A Gemini Is The Best Partner to Be With


If you’re an astrology lover, you may believe in dating according to your star sign. Although not always 100% accurate, it’s a good way to find someone who is compatible with you. And who knows – maybe a Gemini will be your best match!

Born between the third weeks of May and June, Geminis are a fascinating bunch of people – but many find them intimidating to date. But if you let them in and give them a chance, you’ll find that they make for incredible and fulfilling relationships.

Here Are 5 Reasons A Gemini Is The Best Partner To Be With

1.    They Are Extremely Charming

Geminis have excellent people skills, even if they’re introverts. This means that they can be quite charming, making it easy to like them and easier to fall in love with them. They can be hopeless romantics or casanovas, but, either way, dating them means your romance will stay ignited. Here’s how Geminis show their charming nature:

·         They’re Smooth Talkers

Geminis can be very persuasive. They’re good at speaking to others and tend to be quite eloquent, allowing them to talk their way in or out of situations. This means they’re great to have by your side when you’re dealing with difficult people.

This has the unintended but welcome side effect of easing communication between you and them. They know how to say what they want to say without potentially offending or hurting you, allowing you to have more productive discussions – a crucial trait in the best partner you can find! (1)

·         They Love To Flirt

Geminis love to flirt. It’s hard for them to lose their passion and spark for life, love, and people, so they can’t help it. They’ll keep your romance alive with regular whispers and pick-up lines years into your relationship.

Does this mean Geminis are more likely to cheat? No, of course not! It means that they enjoy the act of flirting but do so very casually. They are extremely loyal to the person they truly love, and they know how to inject their charisma into their relationship.

·         They’re Good At Reading Others

Geminis are able to tell, quickly, when someone is uncomfortable. They can read a person quickly and respond to them appropriately. This means they can understand you more easily and know what makes you tick. They know exactly how to win you over, so you’ll love them more and more every day!

·         They Keep Up Charming Appearances

Geminis tend to be classy. They keep themselves well-groomed and well-dressed. They like to take care of themselves. On top of that, they tend to have great manners, making them a joy to be around and great to bring with you to more serious occasions.

2.    They’re Very Intelligent

Some people believe that intelligence can hinder a relationship and that those with exceptional intellects will have difficulty connecting to romantic partners. This is simply not true at all. Studies have shown that intelligence has no difference in attachment styles in relationships, whether positive or negative! (2)

But if that’s the case, then how can the intelligence of Geminis make them the best partner for you? Well, let’s face it: intelligence is attractive, and it makes for more mature partners who are capable of responsibly being a part of a long-term, committed relationship. Here are some areas where their intelligence shines through:

·         They Think Fast

Geminis are great at thinking on their feet. They process information quickly. This can mean that it can be tough for them to make up their mind on something, but for the most part, this is a benefit for them.

·         They Are Curious

Geminis genuinely want to learn more about the world – and about you! They will ask you questions, be interested in your field of work, and enjoy listening to you. Just make sure you do the same for them!

·         They Are Observant

Geminis notice most things. They’ll see that you bought a new outfit or changed your hair. Even in the mundane day to day life, they’ll realize that there’s a chore that needs doing. Plus, they’ll pay attention to tiny details that seem trivial, but matter to your relationship.

·         They Learn A Lot, Quickly

Every relationship involves a learning process where you get to know your partner and figure out their likes, dislikes, quirks, and more. Geminis will pick up especially fast, due in part to their enthusiastic curiosity.

·         They Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Intelligence is often linked to better humor, and humor is linked not just to more positive thinking, but better romantic relationships. It’s hard not to love someone who can always make you laugh with sarcastic but good-natured jokes and banter! (3)

·         They Can Detect Lies

A Gemini can easily tell if someone is lying to them. They won’t stand for poor treatment, and they will also notice if something is wrong. This means they may detect some of your moods before even you do!

3.    They Are Adventurous

Adventure is often important for helping to keep relationships fresh. If you and your partner fall into a monotonous routine, the boring pattern can slowly smother out any spark or flame. A Gemini has a sense of adventure that makes them the best partner, even in the long run! Here’s how:

·         They Are Restless

Geminis can’t sit still for extended periods of time. You’ll never feel like your relationship is boring. They’ll find a way to make it fun, and you’ll be taken along for the ride!

·         They Are Full Of Surprises

A Gemini will always find new ways to surprise you, often effortlessly, just by being themselves. You’ll fall in love with them all over again every other day, just by watching how they take you by surprise!

·         They Can Be Weird

Geminis can be pretty wild, meaning that they have weird traits. They’re also much less likely to judge you for your own weirdness. And besides, what’s the best partner other than someone you can be weird with?

·         They Always Look For New Things

A Gemini will be the first to suggest that you try something new, whether by taking a class, going somewhere you’ve never been, or even in the bedroom. This keeps your relationship positive and fresh as the years go by!

·         They Are Vibrant

You can’t easily overlook the personality of a Gemini. They’re bright and vibrant, bringing excitement to any room and helping to brighten your day.

·         They Are Not Easy To Pin Down

Because of how restless Geminis are, it’s hard for them to settle down in a relationship. This means that if you’re dating them and they’re sticking around, they really, really like you and you’ve won their loyalty.

4.    They Have Great Self-Esteem

Geminis are confident individuals. They love themselves and have a high sense of self-esteem. As such, they respect themselves and are kind to themselves, and they do not need to lean on you or anyone else for affirmation and validation. (But, as a partner, you should give them some anyway!)

This also extends to other people. Geminis do not judge by appearances. They go against society’s expectations and therefore believe that the most important things lie within. They pay attention to what lies within the hearts of people, allowing them to choose good friends easily.

You may not know what this has to do with you, but it’s all to do with maintaining a positive relationship. Having strong self-esteem can play a huge role in a happy, responsible, and mature partnership.

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