4 Beliefs You Must Have to Attract True Love

4 Beliefs You Must Have to Attract True Love

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Does true love really exist? And if so, what common beliefs do individuals have to create such a beautiful, harmonic union?

Today, the divorce rate is on the rise, with nearly one divorce for every marriage. Many people are getting married without a solid, inner foundation. The only ideas about marriage are based on what we’ve witnessed growing up. For many of us, it wasn’t the fairy tale scene – so we wander around looking for the love of our life instead of diving in and being it.

Most people think all they need to do is follow their heart to find true love and the rest will follow. But, who you are before you fall in love is important. There are key beliefs you must have to attract true love into your life.

Here are 4 Beliefs Your Must Have to Attract True Love:

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1. Believe you are worthy of unconditional love

The relationships you create are mirrors of who you are. It’s the law of attraction at work. Therefore, relationships are only as strong as the beliefs you have about yourself. When you believe you are worthy of unconditional love, you will receive it.

Loving yourself fully, even with your imperfections is very important. If you don’t love yourself fully, how can you expect someone else to? When you come to love yourself unconditionally, believe in your own worthiness, and remain open to receiving it from others, you will!

2. Believe in yourself

Treat yourself the way you want someone else to treat you. Most of us are harsh on ourselves and our own abilities. Believing in ourselves and being our own best friend attracts a lover that will compliment us, not complete us. Looking for someone to fill the gaps may bring a temporary lover, but not a lasting one. You are whole, exactly as you are. When you believe in yourself and care about your own needs, your lover will as well. You will no longer stand for being treated harshly, and you will no longer attract it either.

Just remember, treat yourself the way you would want your lover to treat you. Think kind thoughts; say kind, loving words; do thoughtful things. If you would get offended if a friend or lover would say it, then don’t say it to yourself!

3. Believe in finding the right partner

Sometimes, people can be bad at knowing what they want (or need) in a relationship. Most of the time, society says to let romance be the guide. Instead of shining the flashlight outward, staggering around blankly looking for “the one”, shine it inward. Look for the qualities you want in another in yourself. If you’ve had past relationship problems, possibly even a cycle of them, find the common denominator. Then, look within you and find the darkness that needs the light.

The cycles we encounter in relationships are less about the other person and more about ourselves. They are guiding us towards a lesson we must go within and learn.  For example, if you are feeling ignored or neglected in a relationship, perhaps you are abandoning yourself at some level. Go within and find out (listening to your intuition) how you can show up more for yourself, too.

When you believe you can find the right partner, and exhibit the same characteristics you seek, you will be closer to true love.

4. Believe that relationships can last

It’s important to believe in the value of a relationship and the potential happiness and lifelong fulfillment it can bring into your life, regardless of the statistics.

Most of us have witnessed divorce, either within our own family or of relatives or friends. Although these relationships had nothing to do with us, they subconsciously created a validation that relationships don’t last. Perhaps even that divorce is inevitable.

It’s easy to be negative and doubtful about relationships – breakups and dysfunctional marriages are everywhere. But it takes strength and a fresh perspective to believe in happily ever afters again.

Of course, every relationship has its difficult times. That’s life. The struggles help us learn and grow. But, to believe in the ability to have a caring, supportive, loving partner that can be there for us unconditionally is important. In fact, it’s vital for us to believe and align ourselves with the truth of that reality to be able to attract it and live it.

That’s the magic of life, to believe in the good and strive to create the best possible life. Inner work will always transform our outer world. Most of the work to have a lifelong love is done before you ever even meet that person.

By applying these four major belief systems to your life, you will absolutely shift your focus and attraction to the lover you desire.

If you’re already in a relationship, these four beliefs can also absolutely help transform it. In fact, by implementing these beliefs you might even fall in love all over again. All in all, healthy, lifelong relationships are good for each individual’s mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

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21 thoughts on “4 Beliefs You Must Have to Attract True Love

  1. My wife wants a divorce I believe in marriage and working at through the good and bad unfortunately she is not happy and would rather end our family we have a ten year old son.

  2. It hurts me that people don't know what unconditional love is. Unconditional love is when your significant other has cancer but it's so hard for you to stay by their side but you do it anyway. Why do you think some divorce couple still say that they love the person the divorce? You don't have to be with that person to love them. You are confusing like with love. For example my mom has been in a divorce but she still loves my dad. Does she like my dad? No Does she love my dad? Yes. She still truly cares about him and, will be heartbroken if something happens to him and, probably cry for days at a time but she would not get back together with him. She still respects them as a person.

  3. Actually most kids who are abuse still love their parents which is why it is very hard for some children to let go of them. It's hard for a parent not to love their child. You are making an assumption that all kids who are abused don't love their parents. Yes their hatred can grow but yes it's possible for a child to love their abusive parents. Why do you think children don't want to be taken away from their parent when CPS come? My father did terrible things but I still respect him, he's my father. So yes you can still love a person who abuse you.

  4. Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. To love somebody isnt just a strong feeling. Its a decision, a judgement and a promise. The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, which includes not only others, but ourselves as well.

  5. ?????????? ??????????? I totally aggree. Honest and true love is what i ask for (and give to my man). But i wouldn´t call it unconditional. I am only human being, he is only human being, actually strangers who fell in love with each other.

  6. Shannon Hall No, i don´t. The only love i believe that can be unconditional is that parental one. But no way love between man and woman. Honestly, as much as i love my man i cannot call it "unconditional"

  7. Shannon Hall No, i don´t. The only love i believe that can be unconditional is that parental one. But no way love between man and woman. Honestly, as much as i love my man i cannot call it "unconditional"

  8. It is true. In my words a true love is that when both partners love, compliment, respect, treat each other equally. How somebody treats you is a pure reflection of how treat yrself. How much I love you is equally my partners loves me. But we are attached to somebody so long that they will change & respect & love you equally is a waste of time. If sombody wants to be in yr life they will do each effort to be part of you.

  9. Wow to in love again? I believing myself , I am worthy of unconditional love , to find the right partner and the relation last forever. In my dreams is to find someone who will love me for who i am. It is hard to find the RIGHT MAN. Its only in my dreams to be dreaming . I already accept its only a DREAM S HAHAHA>

  10. I believe that there are 2 type of LOVE…One is UNCONDITIONAL and that's our immediate family. ie ex: No matter what my kids do in life, good or bad unfortunately I will always love them. In a relationship I feel it's only CONDITIONAL.. Can anyone love their partner if they keep on screwing around? So I say, I love you unconditionally if you don't screw around. Again, this is my feeling and I'm sorry if I offended anyone. God bless.

  11. I am married to the love of my life and he gives me unconditional love, which I have never experienced before. We have been married going on 27 years and our relationship only gets better. When we first married I had a very hard time feeling worthy of the love I received because I grew up feeling like I had to earn every bit of love I got. We had some rough spots but since I turned 60 and learned that I was very worthy of love, from others and myself, things have been so much better. My ability to love him has increased as my love for myself has increased.

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