Society loves to tell us what to do and who to be; it shivers at the idea of nonconformity. We learn pretty quickly that we will be judged no matter if we follow the crowd or leave the pack behind to blaze our own trail, so it makes sense just to be ourselves. But what defines self?

The world is full of people following a path that doesn’t truly resonate with them; we need more people daring to express themselves in their unique way, regardless of what others may think about them.

Whether you feel that you’re being your authentic self or not, here are some reminders of why you should always allow your individuality to shine through.

“Be yourself – everyone else is already taken.” –Oscar Wilde

5 Reasons to Never Stop Being Your Authentic Self:

1. Life seems much easier.

Anytime you act inauthentically or make decisions that don’t serve your best interest, you become further detached from yourself. Life will seem more difficult because you oppose what your heart truly wants. When you stop thinking about what to be and BE, that allows you to tap into the natural flow of the universe, and life will start working with you, not against you.

Don’t try to label yourself, overthink your words or actions, or limit your expression; these will pull you back into the struggle many people feel because they stifle their uniqueness. As a child, you didn’t even think twice about what to say or do, you just lived. Adopt that same mentality today, and you will feel much freer and in alignment with your true essence.

2. You become a great example for others.

Once you fully love yourself and have no problem expressing that to the world, other people will notice. They may feel jealous of you and try to bring you down, but most people will probably look up to you and ask for your advice. By becoming who you were meant to be, you will encourage other people to do the same without speaking to them. People can feel when others are comfortable and happy with themselves, and it opens up a space for other people to be themselves. Do you see how impactful this can be? If everyone acted following their true nature, our world would reflect a more loving, conscious, vibrant reality.

3. Your genuine self will attract the right people.

When you strip away everything that no longer serves you and all the conditioning from your past about who you should be, you will start to notice that people on a similar vibration come into your world almost effortlessly. As this happens, people who you no longer mesh with will fall to the wayside, and friendships seem much more enjoyable.

People who have a firm grip on themselves and know what they want from life tend to have deeper, more meaningful connections with others because they have knocked down all the walls that once imprisoned them. They have freed themselves and naturally attract others who live with no limits.

4. You will discover your unique purpose by being your authentic self.

Everyone came here to accomplish something different, but unless you really know yourself, it will seem much more difficult to figure out your mission. However, as you go within more and let that inner voice speak to you, it will guide you to fulfilling your destiny without you really having to try. The key to being yourself is to not try, struggle, demand answers, beg, worry, and just BE. Then, as you surrender to the universe and rediscover your highest self, it will become very clear what you came here to do.

By not living authentically, you will probably work in a job you hate, thinking you have no way out. One huge motivator for being yourself should be getting to follow your purpose in life and not clocking in hours at a job that feels like drudgery to you.

5. You have more clarity to make better decisions.

If you live in any way that goes against your soul, you will probably make hurried, poor decisions about your life and end up feeling stuck. Stepping into your own light will lift the veil that once concealed the better parts of life, allowing you to make more informed decisions that align with your vibration.

When you give in to societal norms and follow the herd, you will probably put too much weight in other’s opinions rather than listening to what your own heart wants. For example, your family might want you to go to medical school because your dad is a doctor, and you know that isn’t your passion. But, you go anyway, because you believe that you will feel happier by satisfying them.

If you act in alignment with your true self, you would tell them that you don’t want to go to medical school because it won’t make you happy. That way, you can actually do what you want instead of living by other’s standards, even if they mean well.