Complicated relationships = a complicated life.

Most people would take simplicity over complexity any day, but many aren’t sure how to improve their relationships to get to that point of simplicity, where their relationships seem to flow (and grow) effortlessly.  If you want to improve your relationships and create stronger, longer bonds, this simple guide is sure to help:

35 Ways to Improve Your Relationships

1 – Stay true to yourself.

Be honest with who you are and what kind of life you want to live. By living with integrity, it allows the right people to come into your life, and it helps you become your best self.

2 – Share your flaws with your significant other.

Your flaws don’t define you, but others will feel more comfortable with them once you begin to accept them yourself.

3 – Simplify yourself.

Align your thoughts, actions, and words, and your life will automatically become simpler. Be you, all the way through.

4 – Don’t seek approval from anyone but you.

Be confident in your ability to discern bad choices from good ones, and remember that only you can determine the right path for your life.

5 – Practice self-love, self-care, and self-respect.

Before anyone else can care for you, love you, and respect you, you must give all of these things to yourself.

6 – Observe yourself without judgment.

Next time you feel inferior, try to look at the situation from a neutral point of view. Don’t be so hard on yourself – everyone is human, and everyone makes mistakes.

7 – Feel comfortable with your partner having friends of the opposite sex.

Even if it might make you slightly jealous for them to hang out with other guys or girls, let them have the freedom to hang out with who they want. Time apart makes for fonder hearts, too.

8 – Give up your need to have the last word.

You can’t always be right, so don’t try. Sometimes, silence really does speak louder than words.

9 – Show unabashed love.

Love freely, and open your heart to others. Let small acts of kindness or affection show your partner how much he or she means to you.

10 – Always follow your heart.

No one knows you better than you do, so honor your soul and what it wants for you. It will always have your best interest in mind.

11 – Be independent, but not too independent.

Take help when it’s offered; you don’t have to do everything alone.

12 – Accept others for who they are.

Don’t try to mold others into what you think they should be; instead, love them exactly the way they are.

13 – Have open communication with your partner.

Talk about problems, fears, insecurities, dreams, doubts, funny memories, and everything in between. Your partner should be your best friend who you can come to with anything, so don’t hide your feelings or thoughts from them.

14 – Don’t blow problems out of proportion.

Talk about things rationally with your partner, and the problem will likely get solved a lot quicker.

15 – Practice minimalism.

Only keep things that you absolutely need; a simple life gives way to simpler relationships.

minimalism - relationships

16 – Explore spirituality personally and with your partner.

While a spiritual journey is a personal one, invite your partner to meditate or go to Reiki sessions with you. This will strengthen your relationship and open up a whole new door of exploration for you two.

17 – Love without expectations.

Love is not a competition; it moves freely through each of us, and we can make this world a much more beautiful place by offering our love regardless of what it can give to us.

18 – Appreciate other people.

Tell them and show them that you notice their positive attributes and that you value who they are as a person.

Appreciate other people

19 – Be proud of yourself.

Take pride in your accomplishments and your character; you’ve come a long way in life and deserve your own attention and recognition for it.

20 – Listen more, talk less.

Be a listening ear for others; you might be the only person in their life that listens to them.

21 – Practice gratitude.

Remain thankful, through the good and the bad. There’s always a lesson within every experience in life.

Practice gratitude - relationships

22 – Try not to complain.

Complaining only lowers your energy levels; try to see the silver lining in the clouds, and take it as an important lesson learned.

23 – Talk calmly and honestly.

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you – always try to speak from a place of love and understanding.

24 – Compliment your partner.

Show him or her that you notice that new outfit or haircut, or that you’re proud of their hard work.

25 – Be mindful of your actions.

What you do usually affects more people than just yourself, so keep that in mind when you make big decisions in your life.

26 – Remind yourself that you’re beautiful, inside and out.

Give yourself love, always. Don’t be so critical of yourself; love who you are, where you are, exactly HOW you are.

27 – Let go of past pain.

It helped shape your character, but it doesn’t have to stick with you your whole life.

28 – Have simple dates, like picnics.

Enjoy nature and simpler foods. Relish in the outdoors and the freedom it can bring from time to time.

29 – Let your guard down.

Bring down your walls so others can get inside.

30 – Support each other’s goals.

Encourage one another to go beyond yourselves and reach for your wildest dreams.

31 – Be there for one another, always.

Help each other out when you need it, and offer support when necessary.

32 – Let your partner grow in whatever way they need to.

Even if it means you have to grow apart for a while, let them walk their journey however they see fit.

33 – Try new things together.

Getting out of your comfort zone will actually make your life simpler because it will help you get rid of any fears you may have about the world.

love relationships

34 – Set aside time each day for relaxation.

Drop out of the fast pace of the world for a while, and just take pleasure in some good old-fashioned R&R.

35 – Live in the now.

Now is the only time we really have; live fully in the present.