There’s a reason why coffee lovers are so devoted to their daily cup of joe. In addition to it being a great way to start the day, there are many benefits to drinking java.

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Important Health Benefits of Coffee

Though many people to their cup of joe to stay awake, there are several other health benefits of coffee that most people do not even realize. Keep reading for a guide on all the advantages of this caffeinated beverage.

1. Boost Your Productivity

What is the number one reason caffeine-lovers can’t get enough of their favorite brew? Of course, it is the instant boost in productivity and focus that drinking java brings.

This is why so many people turn to this caffeinated beverage for a wake-up call in the morning.

Alertness, reaction time, and attention are all elements that are immediately improved after drinking java. These stimulating effects have proven to be true in countless studies and real-life applications in workplaces and academic settings around the world.

While there are many other advantages to this daily dose of caffeine, staying awake and alert is the most popular benefit.

2. Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

There’s more in your cappuccino than a heavy dose of caffeine.

Experts say that a jolt of java can have long-term benefits when it comes to lowering the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

As a neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s significantly affects one’s cognitive function and memory. Substantial evidence indicates this beverage’s ability to protect the body against mental deterioration. Studies show that there is an inverse association between individuals that consume large amounts of this caffeinated drink and Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Benefit From Protective Compounds

Caffeic acid in your average cup of joe has several health-protective benefits.

This caffeic acid is a type of plant chemical that contains polyphenols. This compound has many anti-aging, anticancer, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Certain studies show that regularly consuming this drink has several advantages. These benefits include protecting one’s liver from toxicity and improving the respiratory system in individuals with asthma.

Currently, there are clinical trials investigating this compound’s effectiveness as an esophageal cancer treatment.

4. Lower Your Risk of Skin Cancer

Experts indicate the coffee’s polyphenols help to increase our skin’s ability to resist UV rays, which could help protect our body against skin cancer.

The cancer called melanoma is the most severe form of skin cancer. While sunlight is a risk factor for this condition, melanoma is also affected by the food we eat.

By sticking to your favorite type of caffeinated joe, studies indicate that you’ll lower your risk of developing melanoma.

5. Benefit from Antioxidants

The polyphenols in this drink have powerful benefits as antioxidants.

According to extensive studies, these antioxidants in this drink helps to protect one’s body against inflammation and age-related decline. Similarly, consuming java regularly will help boost your immunity, thanks to the polyphenols in this drink.

Not sure which type of caffeinated beverage contains the most polyphenols? Whether you choose a freshly made brew or your favorite instant brand, you will still be able to benefit from these antioxidants.

6. Lower Your Risk of Stroke

While strokes often happen without warning, it is possible to limit your risk of stroke.

Certain studies link this daily caffeine habit with lowering the risk of stroke by 38%. Other studies indicate that individuals that drink more than four cups of this drink will be able to lower their risk of stroke.

7. Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes affects almost 30.3 million Americans, while ? of the country has prediabetes.

These statistics indicate that diabetes is a widespread problem, but surprisingly, coffee can lower one’s risk of developing this condition.

Drinking this caffeinated beverage can eliminate the likelihood of individuals developing diabetes. Certain studies show that habitually consuming this drink will result in a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Other studies show an inverse connection between type 2 diabetes and a daily cup of joe, depending on the amount of this drink someone consumes.

While drinking java won’t magically eliminate your chance of getting diabetes, it does offer certain benefits when combined with proper sleep, exercise, and a good diet.

8. Enjoy Caffeine’s Benefits

While your favorite frappuccino may taste good, this isn’t its only benefit.

One of the most obvious reasons people enjoy their daily brew is to benefit from the caffeine content. Caffeine has a powerful effect on the body, keeping us awake, alert, and focused throughout the day.

Certain studies show that at 400 mg, caffeine will improve the body’s insulin sensitivity. Another study indicates that the caffeine in the drink helps to reduce the risk of several serious medical conditions, including Parkinson’s disease.

When taking advantage of this drink’s benefits, experts suggest limiting yourself to 400 mg. Anything over this amount may have increased effects on the body.

9. Protect Your Liver

If you aren’t thinking about the health of your liver when drinking your daily cappuccino, you should be. This caffeinated beverage has hepatoprotective properties, meaning it has the ability to prevent liver damage.

Moreover, in its purest form, this drink has the ability to treat chronic liver disease.

Studies show that consuming this drink reduces mortality, boosts one’s overall survival rate, and improves lab readings in regards to complications with liver disease.

According to a randomized trial, this drink’s protective effects are also effective against hepatitis C, which would otherwise affect the liver. This trial indicates that drinking your cup of joe can reduce oxidative damage as it increases your body’s apoptosis rate and telomere length.

10. Improve Your Longevity

It turns out that the fountain of youth may be at your local cafe. Drinking a cup of joe can help you live longer and feel better, according to certain studies.

Research shows a link between drinking java and lower rates of mortality. These studies review individuals’ consumption of this drink to determine its ability to improve longevity.

Why is this caffeinated beverage a go-to for living longer? Scientists believe that this phenomenon is due in part to this drink’s bioactive compounds.

11. Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Is coffee effective at protecting the heart? It seems that science likes to think so.

Research regarding heart health and this drink indicate that java has the ability to lower the risk of deaths caused by cardiovascular disease.

Reviews of these studies show that participants drinking anywhere from 3 – 5 cups of coffee a day experience the lowest risk. Other studies indicate that moderate amounts of four cups or less a day have the power to lower CVD mortality without negatively affecting the drinker’s health.

12. Lower Depression

Another reported benefit of drinking this caffeinated beverage is lowering depression.

Studies show that individuals that drink this lower their chance of experiencing depression. Studies indicate that this relationship between this drink and depression is due to its ability to improve our mood, boost our energy levels, and increase our ability to focus.

13. Protect Your Gums and Teeth

While some associate drinking a cup of joe with the yellowing of their teeth, this drink may, in fact, have a protective effect on one’s teeth. This drink’s benefits for your dental health include protecting against conditions like periodontal disease.

One study, in particular, shows that there is an inverse relationship between severe periodontitis and regular coffee consumption. Other studies indicate that higher consumption of this drink is linked to a reduction in bone loss related to periodontal disease. This type of research shows that a cup of joe has antibacterial properties, making taking this drink black the most effective at fighting the effects of these dental issues.

14. Boost Your Physical Performance

The energy-boosting effects of this drink are well known as it is a beverage high in caffeine.

When taking advantage of coffee for its power to harness your energy, you’ll find that it’s incredibly effective when improving your exercise or sports performance. Certain studies show that having coffee prior to a workout will enhance one’s recovery, boost their metabolic rate, and increase the body’s capabilities for resistance training.

15. Burn Fat Faster

Though claiming coffee burns fat may seem like a gimmick, studies show that coffee boosts your ability to burn fat.

While excess sugar isn’t the healthiest way to take advantage of this fat-burning quality of this drink, you can kickstart your metabolism by pairing your cup of joe with exercise. Doing this will boost your metabolic right by up to 11%, which will help your body break down food faster without resulting in weight gain.

According to another study, caffeine was found to increase free fatty acid (FFA) disposal, which means that it improves the way the body converts fat into energy. Moreover, researchers learned that caffeine also helps the body release FFAs in the bloodstream, which will make them available for use in energy conversion.


Final Thoughts on the Health Benefits of Coffee

Of all the health-boosting drinks on the market, coffee has some of the most impactful benefits. When consuming this caffeinated drink in moderation, you too can take advantage of it.

Keep this guide handy when drinking your java. While opting for the sweetest, frothiest drinks are okay in moderation, to get the most of your coffee, it’s best to keep it simple.