A soul family member is a rare find indeed. Once you connect with them, you feel something uniquely special that you want to hang on to forever. You may feel a sense of connection to a soul family member. In fact, they seem comfortable and familiar to you. People believe that soul family members are souls that have a similar soul energy vibration and that they can sense this.

Being drawn to another person for no reason is usually a sign of a soul family member. Sometimes you can sense positive energy radiating from them. It pulls you to the, but you can’t explain why. Let’s look at some of the other signs that you’ve met someone from your soul family.

11 Signs You’ve Met Someone From Your Soul Family

1. With someone from your soul family, you feel understood

‘Seek first to understand, then to be understood.’ – Stephen R. Covey

Feeling as if you are completely understood by another person is an excellent sign that you’ve met someone from your soul family because it is such a rare feeling. We experience communication problems frequently, and a good listener is hard to find. A soul family member is an excellent listener and they ask questions to fully understand your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs about a topic.


2. You feel excited to see them again, always

You might have just stepped out of the shower and look like a drowned rat. But when someone from your soul family shows up unannounced, you welcome them in and give them a wet hug anyway.

3. You have tremendous patience for your soul family

Other people might aggravate you, but not your soul family member. You can look at their annoying behavior and see that they do not act out of negative intentions, but out of their own frustrations. Once you can see this, you feel empathy for them and even a sense of urgency to help them eliminate the frustrating parts of their life.

4. You wish you could marry them

Whether or not you find them attractive, whether or not they are even the right gender for your romantic preferences, you wish that they were so you could be connected to them forever.

A joint research study by the College of William and Mary and New Mexico State University looked at opposite sex friendships and the misperceptions about them. They found that when participants were asked to estimate their opposite sex friend’s level of sexual and romantic interest in them that women underestimated the level of interest in them by their male friends and that the opposite was true for men.

5. You can unburden yourself with your soul family

A soul family member is not in your life for personal gain or to dump all of their troubles on you. In fact, you will feel quite the opposite, you feel able to unburden yourself due to their careful prompting and the gentle questions that they ask that allow you to feel comfortable opening up.

6. You feel like you’ve known them your whole life

You have each shared so much of your lives with each other that a soul family member could tell a stranger the details of your childhood like they knew you then, even if they didn’t.

7. You loose track of time when you are with your soul family

You could talk for six hours and not be a bit surprised about how much time has passed. That’s because time seems not to exist while you are with your soul family member.

8. They empower you to be your best self

A soul family member is not only cheering you on, but they help you to reach your highest potential. They challenge your old beliefs, question you on what is holding you back, and push you to achieve your goals and find fulfillment.

9. Your soul family is wise beyond their years

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You’ve met someone from your soul family if you feel that they are an ancient wise one who you might find at the top of a mountain in the Himalayas. This wise person is like a guidepost on your path of enlightenment and you are surprised at the wisdom that comes from their mind to yours.

10. You may have just seen each other but you can have a conversation like you’ve spent months apart

Researchers looked at the strength of same sex friendships for men as compared to women and sought to understand the common belief that friendships between women are not as strong as the bond that is formed between male friends. The researchers concluded that the nature and strength of friendships was no different for men and women, especially when they were long-duration connections. These long-term friendships can be thought of as your soul family.

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11. Your soul family gives you a broader perspective

You feel like you have taken a step back and can evaluate the path that your life is on with a totally fresh set of eyes when you have talked it over with your soul family.