Many people on this planet have started to go through a mass spiritual awakening, a questioning of all they’ve been taught and the way they’ve been orchestrating their lives, and a total unraveling of the self. We have forgotten our true power and connection to the universe, but during these rapidly changing times as the world continues to wake up, many of us have finally met our higher selves in mysterious ways. The higher self just means a more evolved version of yourself, the truest form of your being. By shedding old energies and tapping into the unlimited power of the human spirit, we can welcome in our higher selves with open arms.

Here are 11 signs your higher self is trying to contact you:

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1. You see 11:11 (or other repeating numbers) on the clock more often.

A surefire sign that our higher self is trying to contact us is through certain messages we can receive from the universe. Because our higher self operates on a different frequency than us, it must send us messages through different mediums than just talking to us directly. You might see repeating numbers on clocks, advertisements, receipts, or other things. Don’t just take this as a coincidence – repeating numbers carry a lot of energy, and actually don’t occur very often. Seeing repeating numbers, especially 11:11, means you have learned to get more in tune with your authentic self, and it wants you to feel assured and confident in your path.

2. You feel drawn to meditate regularly.

Meditation allows us to truly go within and quiet the noise of our brains and everyday life. Not only does it relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and other health issues, but it allows you to connect to the higher realms. Meditation lifts the curtain between this world and others, allowing you to see things more clearly, including yourself.

3. You start weeding out people who don’t share the same path as you in life.

Also, connecting with your higher self means attracting relationships into your life that reflect this, and dropping those that no longer serve your best interests. If people start to fall out of your life, don’t feel guilty or sad – this just means you’ve increased your vibration and must leave behind those that drag you down. Everyone walks their own path here, and just because they no longer resonate with you does not make them a bad person. It just means they too need to find others who share their vibration.

4. You no longer feel limited or threatened by the world around you.

Once you realize your true power and strength, you won’t feel so much fear about the world around you. Connecting to the higher self means realizing one’s potential, and forgetting about all the past limiting beliefs that told you to feel small and insignificant. You feel you can take on the world and show it your true self without feeling ashamed or apologetic.

5. You start to feel excited about life again.

Life gets more fun and inspirational once you connect to your higher self. You’ll start to notice yourself become more creative and focused on a particular goal. You will become more open-minded, and reconsider things you once thought you could never do; for example, starting up a business, writing a book, traveling, building your own home, etc.

Higher self

6. You have more intense, vivid dreams.

Awakening to the higher self also means your mind will expand and become more fluid, which means you will likely experience more meaningful, intense dreams. Because you’ve become more open-minded, your dreams start to reflect that. You’ll likely have dreams that you can directly apply to your life to help you on your journey.

vivid dreams - higher self

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7. You may have trouble sleeping, or getting to sleep.

Unfortunately, one downside to spiritual awakening is the difficulty in getting regular sleep. The higher frequencies might make it hard to get some shut eye, as your mind becomes more active and your DNA continues to upgrade. Trust the process, however; it’s in your highest good, always.

Trouble sleeping

8. You start to pay more attention to your self-talk.

You no longer tolerate negative self-talk, and monitor your thoughts much more. You’ll tune into each thought you have, and try to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones whenever possible.

self talk - higher self

9. You have the desire to spend more time alone.

As your higher self continues to shine through more, you realize that the world around you doesn’t really resonate with you most of the time. You need a lot of time in solitude to recharge and connect with your spirit guides and other helpers in this realm.

10. You start to feel more love and compassion than ever before.

Also, you begin to let go of fear-based emotions and harmful mentalities. Your higher self has reminded you that the world truly is magical and inspirational, but you have to believe this yourself. Love and compassion will always win out over hate and apathy, so you’ve tuned in your vibration to higher frequencies that serve the planet in the best way.


11. You begin to see your life manifest just how you’d envisioned.

Your dreams start to unfold right before your eyes, and this world truly feels like a magical fairytale. You no longer give into limiting beliefs, as you have experienced too many miracles and strange circumstances to believe in boundaries and rules. You realize that you create your own reality, so through your thoughts, intentions and energy, you construct your life as you see fit, with the help of your higher self.

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