Have you ever given yourself a pep talk in the mirror, maybe before a big job interview or a first date? Well, then you are already on the right track. Some people feel silly talking to themselves, and would rather work through their problems in a more stoic manner. But studies have shown that talking to yourself can be psychologically useful in managing a stressful or distressing situation. It can also help with problem solving, motivation and confidence.

Talking to yourself can help manage your emotions, de-stress and situation and calm you down when you feel like anxiety becomes overwhelming. And while talking to yourself isn’t for everyone, if you find that other ways don’t seem to work, you should give a little self-talk a try. Here are some reasons to start talking to yourself – even if you do feel a little crazy at first.


“We may not be able to change the reality but we can change how our minds see and store it.” –  Maddy Malhotra


Talking to yourself using second and third-person language is a great way to motivate yourself into being prepared for a task that is particularly stressful. Instead of just trying to will motivation out of nowhere, a better choice would be to give yourself a pep talk. By saying, “You can do this, you’re fully prepared,” you give yourself the strength and motivation to jump right into the task at hand.

Often, when we are struggling to find the right kind of motivation, we can be left frustrated and more stressed out than before. In fact, we can be our own worst enemies. By talking to yourself, you are giving yourself the exact ally that you need to feel confident and motivated. A stressful situation can seem less daunting once you have given yourself a good pep talk. After all, no one knows what you are capable of better than yourself.


By talking to yourself, you have a greater impact on how you are able to manage how you are feeling. Stress can be overwhelming, and can cause you to feel panicked and distressed. By talking to yourself, you are able to more easily work through your emotions and see things from an outside perspective when you couldn’t before.

Self-talk can easily take a situation that seems threatening and turn it into one that is more of a challenge, such as a nerve-wracking job interview or your first time giving a presentation to your boss. When you can manage your emotions through self-talk, you will feel calmer and more prepared for the task at hand. This can work for any kind of emotion, whether it be frustration or anxiety or even sadness. Talking yourself through how you feel means you will be less likely to be overwhelmed by those emotions.



Removing yourself from the stressful situation can help calm your down more quickly than anything else. But what if you can’t physically walk away? That’s where self-talk comes in. By using second and third person language while talking to yourself, you are able to psychologically distance yourself from the situation by referring to yourself as someone else.

This technique can help you manage your anxiety at a higher level, and allow your head to be more clear so you can make logical decisions about the next step to take. Problem solving can become almost second nature when you start talking to yourself as if you are talking to another person. After all, someone else’s input always seems more valuable than our own.

There you have it! Three really amazing reasons to give self-talk a try. Even if you feel a little silly at first, you will be sure to notice the differences in how you face stressful situations and problems that need solving. If you find yourself stuck on a problem, being able to talk to yourself out loud will help you come up with a solution, rather than just sitting there and wracking your brain for information.

You will also notice a marked difference on how you can handle your emotions and your anxiety. The more you talk to yourself, the more you will be able to self-motivate and self-soothe your anxiety. So, who cares if you look a little silly? You will be the best-prepared and calmest person in any situation!