We grow through life as we go through life, and a large part of that growth comes from the life lessons we learn. Some lessons open your heart, and some lessons open your mind, but beware the lessons that close you, for they will leave you blind.

You can attain much wisdom from these life lessons, and the best part is, you don’t even have to learn them the hard way.

Here are 11 life lessons you don’t have to learn the hard way

life lessons

Life teaches us that positive self-talk is vital to well being.

We give feedback on what we think about ourselves every day.  Whether these are internal thoughts, or through discussions with those around us, pay attention to how you perceive yourself.  If you believe in and affirm your awesomeness, you’re ready to rock this life ahead.

If your thoughts and words about yourself are negative, it’s time to take a good look in the mirror and say “I love you” to the person you see. First accept who you are and where you are, right now.

What you believe you become. We cannot continuously have negative thoughts and make negative assertions about ourselves with an expectation to live a positive life.

Life teaches us to be aware of our thoughts.

Our mind produces 50,000 thoughts per day.  Of course we can’t be conscious of them all, but we can make these subconscious thoughts work to our advantage through constant reminders.  Programming your mind by allowing the right neurons to fire together will create a new positive framework that your brain operates on.

Life teaches us to let go of what no longer serves us.

When the time comes to move forward in life, you’ve got to see the signals.  The Universe can’t deliver what you’ve been waiting for if you’re not creating the room in your life it requires.

I heard a story once of a massage therapist who was ready to quit his job, as it was no longer serving him.  An opportunity came for him to have his own personal working space for clients in a new building, an opportunity to branch out on his own! At nearly the same time, his current place of employment was cutting his hours.

Instead of seeing the opportunity to jump into the next step in his life, he chose to focus on the lack of hours coming from what no longer served him.  Life was MAKING room for the next step.  All he had to do was let go…

Life teaches us that happiness is a choice to be made.
life lessons

Choosing happiness doesn’t have to be difficult.  It all starts with your first thought.  Were you happy to wake up this morning?  Express it! Your actions are important, but your reactions and your choice to be happy are your very own.  Ultimately, your own happiness depends on you.

Life teaches us to see the perfect moments in life, not the imperfectness of life.

This life lesson was realized most during parenting.  When you have a child, they could cry for 23 hours a day, but if one hour of that day is spent smiling, laughing, and hearing them say “I love you”, it makes everything perfect.

Life doesn’t have to be a loss if you aren’t where you ultimately want to be, or if you are missing a few pieces of the puzzle.  Know that life delivers all parts at the perfect time, and it’s up to us to see those single moments of perfection that have already been placed into your perspective

Life teaches us to keep it simple.

Making things complicated, creating drama, and beating around the bush are all ways to complicate your life.

Keep it simple.  If you miss someone, contact them. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask. Or, if you want others to understand you, explain. If you don’t like something, change it, or at least change what you think about it.  Most importantly, if you love someone, by all means tell them!  You don’t want them to be the one that got away.

Life teaches us we’re a lot richer than we realize.

Wealth isn’t measured solely in currency.  In fact, the things that are worth the most are largely taken for granted by society.  If you have a family that cares for you, friends to enjoy, food in your stomach and a place to rest your head, you are far richer than you may realize.  Enjoy and appreciate this true wealth, because just like money, you can’t take it with you.

Life teaches us to see the good ahead.

Bob Proctor once said “It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.”

At every level of achievement, there’s a greater milestone waiting to be accomplished.  Your perspective will continually be expanded as you grow.  See that there is limitless good available in front of you, and always look toward that bright shining beacon of possibility.

Life teaches us to say “I love you” more.

No one is guaranteed their next breath.  Saying I love you to those you care for is the most powerful sentence in the world.  Why not take advantage of this power?  Not only is it important to say I love you more, it’s equally important to prove it with loving actions.  It can be as simple as a phone call or a postcard – either way, your positive actions have a positive effect in someone’s life, and in turn, on the world.

Life teaches us to be an encourager.

There are enough critics in the world, aren’t there?  When you aim to uplift people and support their positive vision, you see that there is so much more to life than trying to find the fault.  Even if they’re a competitor in the professional marketplace, it’s good practice to encourage them toward their best effort.  Their mission, much like yours, is to serve someone or something in some way.  Trying to pillage their efforts and tear them down is ultimately a disservice to those who you’re both trying to serve.

Life teaches us to see our true potential.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and reaching your goals depends on whether you believe you can.  When you believe that you have the same ability as anyone in the world to attract the life you desire, your potential energy becomes kinetic more and more.  Let your light increasingly shine and never look back!

Life teaches us to express gratitude daily. (BONUS!)

It’s very important to realize the power of being grateful for what we have. Typically, it’s very easy to focus on what is going wrong instead of what is going right. Research shows, again and again, that people who practice gratitude on a daily basis are healthier, happier, and more effective.

Throughout the day, intentionally look for things to be thankful for. If you really want to get into the art (and success) of gratitude, create a list of five or ten things that you are grateful for and commit to that practice daily.

What has life taught you?