If you’ve been in a long-term relationship or marriage, or are aiming to attain one, you come to understand that the initial infatuation and lust period eventually fades a bit. This is normal human behavior. After all, the person who would eventually become your significant other was completely new to you – a novel, attractive, interesting person. Of course, they still personify these characteristics…it’s just not as fresh in your mind. Showing gratitude can renew that spark.

As our relationship grows, so does our love for one another. Unfortunately, so does complacency. We just sort of expect the other person to be there, which can affect our thoughts and behaviors. Among the behaviors affected is our gratitude for the man or woman that we love.

Despite the tendency to take one another for granted, we should do the exact opposite. In fact, research shows that displays of gratitude make your partner more attached, pleased, and satisfied.

The benefits do not end with the recipient of the admiration, however. The person that gives any type of gratitude will not only feel more appreciated but satisfied with their good deed. This is because a display of gratitude initiates a physical, emotional and mental connection between two lovers – no matter how long the relationship!

Simply put: acts of gratitude elevates relationships. Expressions of appreciation are, in essence, expressions of love and thoughtfulness. Relationships are strengthened and empowered when the one you love makes a conscious decision to show you how much they truly care. Further, acts of gratitude continually renew the feelings that brought two people together in the first place.


Here are 10 ways that you can show gratitude to that special someone…

1 – Say “Thank You”.

It’s easy to forget how powerful a simple “Thank You” is. There is no need to wait until a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day to demonstrate how thankful you are to have them in your life.

Giving thanks to your partner is one of the best ways to demonstrate gratitude. Thank him or her for a prepared meal, spontaneous kiss, doing the laundry, or something else. Aside from saying it, you can leave a quick note on their nightstand, give them a card, or do something around the house that shows your thankfulness.

2 – Appreciate them for their efforts.

If your partner works extra hours, cooks dinner, brings home groceries, or otherwise demonstrates their effort in providing for you, make sure to thank them for their time spent taking care of things. Even if they happen to mess something up while trying, still shower them with love and appreciation to demonstrate your gratitude for their efforts.

3 – Use some creativity to express gratitude.

Saying “Thank You” is nice, but if you are constantly saying the same words to express appreciation it can lose its well-intended meaning after a time. Use phrases such as “I appreciate when you…”, “I love it when you…”, “I am thankful for…”, “I am grateful for…” or some other similar phrase. You’ll find that your partner is a little more receptive and appreciative when you mix it up a bit.

show gratitude

4 – Praise them, both privately and publicly.

Giving praise to your partner is wonderful in private, but it’s also perfect in front of other people. Even if your partner is a bit shy, they will appreciate the fact that you’ve made a bold statement about them while among the company of others.

Your loved one wants to feel that you are proud of them when it’s just you together and when you have other people around. It’s bold, it’s confident, and it’s incredibly attractive…especially when you are a man praising your woman… don’t you agree, ladies?

5 – Flowers…or chocolate (for men!)

Admittedly, flowers can be a bit cliché but that doesn’t mean they’re not appreciated. Women really do like flowers, even if it’s just a tangible expression of thoughtfulness. To make this a little more special, give her flowers when there is no reason other than showing your love. An outward display of gratitude via a flower arrangement is great when it’s spontaneous.

Of course, if your Goddess isn’t a fan of flowers, buy her something that nearly every other woman on the face of this planet adores…chocolate. Buy them in a heart-shaped box for an added effect. A chocolate bar is not really desirable in this case…or maybe it is. How about chocolate “kisses”? That kind of makes sense…okay, we’re done.

6 – Pay attention to the little things

Try to pick up on subtle hints that indicate wishful action on your part. Maybe it’s a softly spoken word about having the dishes put away, the garage cleaned, the laundry folded, or the car washed. Perhaps it’s a date night for two out of town, or maybe something that would add to their wardrobe. Whatever it is, pick up the cue and take some action. This is an incredibly powerful form of gratitude. Attention to detail!

7 – Disrupt the established routine

If you’re a woman, does your man usually take the garbage out? If you’re a man, does your woman usually go grocery shopping? These are clearly established roles where a bit of switcheroo can get the gratitude flowing to (and from) your partner… not to mention how great you’ll feel afterward.

Sure, these may seem like tedious chores to take on, but imagine the look of surprise and genuine appreciation on your partners face when they realize you’ve done something you hate!

(The author of this article is a married man and can testify how much he adores seeing his bewildered, loving wife react in surprise to him doing the laundry or making breakfast).

8 – Show gratitude when you succeed

If you’re a woman who received a promotion, state how you couldn’t have done it without your man’s support. If you’re a man who received a promotion, state how you couldn’t have done it without your woman’s support. Get the idea here?

The truth is it doesn’t matter what the success is; it is a shared success if you’re in a committed relationship. You support one another, you have different responsibilities, and each of your efforts makes it possible for the person you love to make strides in their life.

9 – Be there when they need help

Circumstances arise when the other partner’s normal “routine” is interrupted – sickness, work, family issues, etc. A truly grateful partner will combat anything that stands in their way of being there and assuming whatever responsibilities are necessary. Do the chores, help with the kids, clean the house, give a massage…do whatever is needed until your partner is able to get back in the saddle.


10 – Consistency is key

Most of us are capable of showing gratitude from time to time. The real value lies in being able to display your gratefulness on a consistent basis. Know this: he or she loves you with their entire being. The willingness to show your appreciation for them is well worth the effort. In fact, you’ll likely see some form of gratitude coming right back at you.

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