What Does Your Valentine’s Day Card Reveal About You?

What Does Your Valentine’s Day Card Reveal About You?

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People shell out big bucks for Valentine’s Day gifts, one of the most popular being a sweet, romantic card for someone special. According to an article on CNN.com, people exchange 151 million cards on Valentine’s Day, but this number has likely risen in the past few years. You can choose from a wide variety of greeting cards for this romantic holiday, and the type of card you choose says more about your personality than you would think.

So, what does your Valentine’s Day card reveal about your personality?

Cartoon Animal Card

Animals can convey the feelings that we can’t quite express. For example, a cute, cuddly bear or chipmunk can tell your lover that you absolutely adore them (and think they’re adorable, as well). While a cartoon animal card might seem a bit childish, the idea behind it is that the cute creature on the front will tell your lover all they need to know about your feelings before they even open the card. You don’t hold back your feelings, and want your partner to know exactly what you feel in your heart.


Poetic Card

If you buy a card with a poem inside, this says that you have a great deal of patience. It also reveals that you choose words carefully, and don’t just pick any old card off the shelf for your lover. You spend a long time finding the card that says exactly how you feel about your lover, and it shows. You also are extremely romantic, and might even choose to write out a poem yourself instead of buying a pre-made card.

Elaborate Card

Buying a card with lots of decorations, ribbons, glitter, and the whole shebang usually means you hold back with sharing your feelings. You’d rather catch your lover’s eyes with the aesthetics of the card rather than the words themselves; however, this doesn’t mean you don’t care about him or her. It just means you show love and affection in a different way, and don’t need to buy an over-the-top, mushy card to explain how much you care.

Blank Card

You don’t want to buy a card with a scripted message that someone possibly thousands of miles away wrote for Hallmark. You want to express in your own words how you feel, because it makes it much more personalized and special. You like to follow your own path, and probably have a knack for expressing your emotions on paper.


Cupid Card

While Cupid does convey love and affection, the symbol has been greatly overused, so your lover might think you don’t really care to tell them how you feel. A card with Cupid on it typically has a very generalized message, so if you buy this card for your Valentine, make sure to tell them in some other way that they hold a special place in your heart.

Nature Card

A Valentine’s Day card with nature pictures show that you appreciate simplicity and beauty. You don’t need to pour your heart out to your lover or show them through grandiose gestures how you truly feel. These types of cards usually have a short sentence or two inside, but that’s enough for you to express what’s in your heart. Your lover will likely have a great connection with nature for you to pick this type of card.

“Just Words” Card

You don’t want distractions – the frilly bows, glitter, big hearts and Cupid pictures. You just cut right to the chase and don’t hold back. On the other hand, you probably are a bit mysterious, letting your lover figure out how the text within the card applies to your relationship. You might pick a simple card with just a few words, which allows your partner to use their imagination to fill in the blanks.

Singing Card

You have an outgoing, friendly personality. You probably like talking more than writing, and therefore, choose a card that sings how you feel about your lover rather than just using written words to convey emotions.

Humorous Card

You don’t like overly sappy, cheesy cards. You use humor to express your emotions, not to cover them up or deflect them. Humorous cards tend to appeal to those who have a lighter, less serious approach to life. Not to say one outlook is worse or better than another, but you gravitate towards cards that take the pressure off a little bit, and can express emotions without going overboard.

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