Trying to lose weight can be difficult, especially with so much information constantly bombarding the market on weight loss. With a little creativity, you can lose weight while still following a plant-based diet. This article will cover ten vegan meals that you can add into your meal prep to set you up for success in your weight loss journey.

Here are ten vegan meals for weight loss:

1. Quinoa Bowl

Making large batches of quinoa at the start of the week is a great way to make vegan meals and it can put you well on your way to losing weight. You can dress it up or down in whatever style you prefer, but one good option is putting a Mexican spin on it. You can toss in some black beans for protein, avocado for healthy fats, and a variety of other vegetables and seasonings.

2. Cauliflower and Potato Curry Soup

Cauliflower is also a good staple to have if you’re trying to lose weight. It can be ready quickly and is fairly versatile in what it can be used for. A favorite option is to add it to a curry with potatoes for a filling meal. Coconut milk will help keep it creamy, and roasting your cauliflower ahead of time will prevent it from being mushy.

3. Falafel Salad with Tahini Dressing

This is one of the easiest vegan meals to prepare that you can also partially make ahead of time. Put together your ingredients for falafel (chickpeas, seasonings, etc.) and pan fry them with a small amount of oil. This will prevent them from being loaded with grease and calories from being fried. Then, put them on a bed of greens and veggies and top with a tahini sauce or other sauce of your choice.

4. Chickpea Curry

Chickpea curry starts with the obvious chickpeas, then adds an Indian flare by adding cumin, peppers, ginger, coriander, and turmeric. You can adjust the ingredients to suit your preferred level of spiciness and consider making a double batch to provide you with dinner later in the week.

5. Stuffed Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are loaded with plenty of nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to stay healthy. Consider chopping them up and roasting them for a type of burrito bowl, or bake them and stuff them with your favorite toppings. One great recommendation is to use black beans and cooked kale for a nice additional nutrient and protein boost.

6. Veggie Spring Roll Salad

Start this dish with some sesame rice noodles, then add your choice of vegetables to top it off. It also goes great with a peanut or tahini sauce. Some vegetable ideas could include things like peppers, beets, or asparagus. You can take the time to aesthetically assemble it or just dump the ingredients in the bowl and eat it.

7. “Cheeseburger” from Farro and White Beans

Farro is a nuttier version of brown rice that can pair well with white beans for a vegan style burger that can pack a hefty protein punch. Throw it on top of your favorite bun, or eat it bunless and topped with your favorite vegetables.

8. Beetball Sub Sandwiches

Beets mixed with lentils and oats combine to make a mouthwatering beetball that has a wide range of serving options. It’s heavy on protein, so maybe consider a low carb pasta or even just eating them plain or topped with a marinara sauce.

9. Whole Grain Pasta with Broccoli

Pasta is one of the easiest vegan meals to prepare ahead of time and take it to work for lunch or even just have it on standby for some night that everything seems to be running late. Use a healthier whole grain option of pasta, and top with any sauce and veggie combination you prefer. You could also use a zucchini noodle, which pairs great with a pesto sauce.

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10. Peanut Buddha Bowl

This meal clocks in lower on calories, but utilizes chickpeas, tofu, and brown rice plus some vegetables to kick up the protein level and keep you feeling full for quite some time. Mix your ingredients together and toss it with some spinach or other greens with a decadent peanut sauce on top.


As you can see, there are plenty of options available for you to lose weight even while following a plant-based diet. For the healthiest vegan meals, you can combine vegetables with a healthy source of protein and you’re good to go. Consider cooking meals ahead of time so that you always have quick options available. You can also make a double batch when you are cooking and save the extra for another day.