Ove the past year, the InstaPot has gained quite a bit of popularity for the easy cooking options for everyone. Even vegan cooking is starting to enjoy the perks of the InstaPot to aid in the waiting process of soaking and cooking that comes with many vegan recipes. Luckily, there many recipes that can be fixed in the InstaPot, making it quite the staple in the vegan’s household.

In this article, we will take a little time to look over 10 of the best vegan recipes, as well as a few vegan breakfast recipes, that can be fixed in the InstaPot to help you save time and energy when trying to cook. These vegan recipes are simple and delicious, to provide new experiences to the vegan table.

Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew Moroccan Style

With a simple mixture of either rice or cauliflower rice, lentils, and sweet potatoes, this hearty stew is easy to cook in the InstaPot. With the Moroccan flair, you get the warmth and fragrant addition to the stew that makes it twice as tasty as before. Plus, it is entirely vegan, making it a great easy meal to fix when you need a little spice.

Vegan Beefless Stew

While it doesn’t look like it is missing any beef, this beefless stew is full of the hearty goodness of a beef stew, but it is one of the best vegan recipes for stew without the beef. It includes delicious items like carrots, potatoes, celery, and mushrooms, giving it plenty of texture for a hearty meal. To give it a little more flavor, you can add just a bit of fresh rosemary to the top of the stew. It is also legume and grain-free.

Rice Pudding with Chai Spice

One of the best vegan breakfast recipes that can double as a dessert recipe is this tasty Chai spice rice pudding. It has the delicious warm tones that come straight from the Chai spice. You get a good mix of caffeine to help you wake up. The creamy dessert feels like an indulgent, but it is gluten-free and dairy-free as well.

Homemade Refried Beans

You could always buy the beans in a can, but the homemade version is full of delicious ingredients for a tastier take on this option. This vegan option has everything you need for the InstaPot version of the refried beans, and it even includes a recipe for a grain-free tortilla that is both vegan and gluten-free. You can enjoy these beans with vegan taco meat.

Vegan Orange Spice Cake

It doesn’t matter if you are cooking for the holidays or any other occasion, this vegan dessert will have your mouth watering. This cake is moist and delicious even though it is egg-free and dairy-free. The bonus is that you can make it right in your InstaPot to give it that moisture it needs. This cake is sweet, but not overly sweet for that perfect slice of heaven after a meal.

Cranberry and Pear Cake

For a vegan cake recipe that is easy to make in the InstaPot, this cranberry and pear cake is ideal. This cake is great for those that aren’t very skilled at baking, and since it has the fruit mixture, it has all the sweetness you need in a cake without the refined sugar. That’s right; it is refined sugar-free, making it a great healthy and vegan option.

Apples and Steel Cut Oatmeal

Cooking steel cut oatmeal can be time-consuming, which is why many choose to do it in their InstaPot. This breakfast option makes this oatmeal simple and fact, taking only three minutes to cook. Add in some tasty flavorings and top with some apple chunks to get a healthy and tasty breakfast option that doesn’t take all morning to prepare.

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Vegetable Soup Italian Farmhouse Style

A nutritious soup is not the same without this Italian flair. It is full of delicious veggies, which is perfect addition to your vegan recipes. This is a light meal as well, and it only takes a little time to make in your InstaPot. The rich flavors blend well together to give you a good option that is easy on the digestive system but still has an incredible flavor.

Classic Beet Soup

Full of flavor, this beet soup has a vibrant color that packs veggies right in the mix. You can add beans if you want, or add some coconut yogurt to the top in the place of normal sour cream. This is a great hearty option for colder nights, and it is sure to bring some warmth to your table.

Cheesy-Sauce without the Cheese

Who doesn’t love a vegetable-made copycat cheese sauce? This has the same creamy and rich texture as a cheese sauce, but it is entirely made of vegetables, making it one of the most exciting vegan recipes. It only takes five minutes in your InstaPot, and it tastes great with rice, pasta, or veggies.


Your InstaPot can be an easy way to fix meals, even if you are a vegan household. Many of the vegan recipes here are easy and quick, giving you a delicious meal that won’t take up most of your day. The best part is that each meal provides a healthy spin on a vegan classic. Perfect for putting on your table.