No matter what, life happens, and it’s mentally strong that navigate it the best. One might think people are born  mentally strong and that it’s inherent in who they are. That’s not the case. Mental strength is a skill that anyone with a little grit and perseverance can develop.

Mental strength comes from traits that can be developed through consistent repetition of specific habits. It’s the habit part of mental strength which essentially makes it a skill.  A habit, by nature, automates the action, so you don’t fall victim to decision fatigue by overthinking everything in your day.

“Nothing on earth can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”– Thomas Jefferson

1 – They Take Control of Their Own Power

Mentally strong people don’t allow others to control them. They stay in control of their emotions and know they have choices in how they respond. They don’t blame others for their circumstances and know they can change them with their intention and actions.

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2 – Mentally Strong People Embrace Change

Mentally strong people realize they can be part of the problem or solution. They will always choose to be solution-oriented and because of this, they understand the importance of strategic change. As such, they welcome positive change, knowing it’s inevitable for personal and professional growth.

3 – They Don’t People Please

Mentally strong people are kind and fair but are not afraid to say no. They realize that to be the best they can be, they have to make choices, and not everyone will agree with the choices they make. They don’t intentionally make choices that hurt others but instead make choices that support their long-term goals.

4 – They Take Educated and Calculated Risks

Mentally strong people know that risk is necessary for growth. However, they don’t approach risk haphazardly. Instead, they do their homework and make sure they are prepared to take the risk – whatever the outcome. They are not outcome-focused but rather pride themselves on solid decision-making.

5 – They Recognize Failure as an Opportunity to Grow

Mentally strong people realize that part of taking a risk is an occasional failure. They know the road to success is not without challenges, and they view each failure as one step closer to their big goal.

Often, the mistakes from these failures offer the lessons necessary to make adjustments and carry on.

6 – They Don’t Dwell on Mistakes

Mentally strong people would rather take action, even if it is a mistake, than wait until everything is perfectly planned out. They know the plan will never be perfect and won’t guarantee success. They do not keep blaming themselves repeatedly and instead use the mistake as motivation to do better next time.

7 – They Surround Themselves with Smarter People

Mentally strong people know the quality of the people around them matters to their ultimate success. They want to surround themselves with the best and the brightest to learn and grow from. They choose not to waste their time with naysayers and negative people that are constantly complaining rather than doing.

8 – They Believe in Themselves

Mentally strong people believe in themselves. They know they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to do. They may not always know how but are willing to hustle and do what it takes to complete the task. If they take a project on, you better believe it will be successful.

9 – They Exercise Often

Mentally strong people know they need to exercise regularly to release the stress of the day and keep their bodies functioning optimally. Keeping their body and mind in shape is the key to their success, and they rarely let anything interfere with their routines.

10 – They Sleep Well

Mentally strong people know their ability to perform and focus depends on their sleep quality. Lack of sleep affects their ability to think and make decisions. They understand the effects of inadequate sleep on the body’s immune systems and that it inhibits recovery from the activities of the day before. Mentally strong people consider adequate sleep as their secret weapon.

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Final Thoughts on Aspiring to Become Mentally Strong

What actions you choose don’t matter if you don’t have the perseverance to make the action a habit. Unfortunately, when things get hard, most people choose an easier route. That’s not the case for a mentally strong person. When things get challenging, that’s when they put their best foot forward.

If you can choose the habits to start in your life, then you can choose to be mentally strong. It takes willpower and repetition of the chosen actions to form the habit. All that’s left is to choose the right habits, and they might as well be ones the mentally strong use.