A Libra is a wonderful companion. When looking for a friend that will be true to the end and always be there for you, there is no need to look farther than someone for a Libra. When many people think of this sign they think of balance, justice, and happiness. All the qualities that anyone could possibly want in a companion.The Libra sign is the seventh sign of the twelve zodiac signs.
An air sign, she rules from September 23-October 22 which can be a welcomed relief for she brings with her the fall season. The time of the year where the coming of the holidays and the time for coming together begins. This explains a lot about the personality
traits that anyone of this sun sign has.There are both mental and physical benefits to having friendships and having people you care about around you. As studies have shown, friends offer stress relief and can help you to stay on a healthy track in your life be it dietary or love relationships.
Libras are great in this role because they believe in these health benefits that friendship gives to people to their core.
It also helps by the fact that most Libras are or can be social butterflies.
If you have a or want to be a friend of a Libra here are some things you should take into consideration to have a better understanding of what is ahead.

What You Must Know About Your Libra Friends

1)    Confrontation is a no-no!

Libras have no problem being honest with you. They are honest people who
will tell you what is wrong or what needs to be changed to make life easier. However, what they will not do, unless backed up into a concern, is have a confrontation with you. They hate it!

If you have a problem with them or they have a problem with you, expect it to be one-on-one after some time has been taken to think about it. They would rather avoid confrontation at all costs so do not be too annoyed if they seem flighty when you are around. They are just not ready to talk about the situation yet.

2)  Loyal to a fault.

For Libras loyalty to the people, they care about and love is second nature to them. Not only do they believe in it, but they also believe that loyalty should be given in return. This sometimes can bite them in the butt, for many of those born under this sign can give second and third chances to those who do not deserve it.

Do not worry if you make a simple mistake with Libras. They will forgive you if you apologize and let it fade into the past. Unlike other signs, they forgive completely due to the other nature abilities this sign carries. These would
be the feel-good feeling they get by making other people happy and their loving nature that they are born with.

3)  Love to make people happy

As touched on slightly above, Libras love making other people happy. While this may seem a little weird to some it is perfectly natural considering their charm relaxes may who are around them. This, in turn, creates a feel-good vibe around them that people pick up on and want to be around.

The Libra sign would be one of the few that would fall into the “social butterfly” category. They can also be introverts at times but do not be thrown off by this. Once they are out of the house and around people you will find that he or she will be talking to everyone and anyone as if they were old pals when they just met for the first time.

4) They love adventure

Considering their nature of wanting to be around people, they also like seeing the sights and doing new things. Traveling to new cities or countries and visiting popular tourist sights is not uncommon for Libras. Having a passport is a key to the world as they see it and they must own it.

While visiting museums and going to the theater to see plays and operas are expected to be done by some Libras, you can also see them or another type of Libras at the popular clubs and going for hicks or sky diving. Whatever “adventure” they deem exciting they will do it as much has time and their wallet will allow them to.

5)  They prefer balance to the chaos

While their sense of adventure may make them seem like they can be flighty and all over the place, they prefer balance to chaos. Therefore, the scales being their sign makes sense.  They do not believe in injustice and unfairness.

To have balance means a great to deal with a Libra. In which you are
more likely to find them having a well-balanced diet, a balance between time with friends to time at home on their own and a balance between family life and career. If they do not have a balance in an area of their life it drives them crazy until they can figure out and solve the problem.  This balance would also apply to any problem that you are having, and they will try to help you solve it. So be prepared.

6) Prefer to work as a team

People with the sign are great team players. If need be, they can work by themselves and get the job done right the first time, however, they would rather work as a team. Teamwork still allows them to be social, but they also can get down to business.

How would this apply to your friendship? Well, he or she will be one of the few people in the world who would know you best. Their fondness for teamwork means that they would be working night and day to lessen your stress no matter the reasons for your stress. To make you laugh and enjoy life is their goal when you are down.

7) They love Beauty

Someone who is born as a Libra loves beauty. For them, they see the beauty in nearly everything. A negative side that Libras are slighted with this is that their “vanity” gets the better of them because of their love of everything beautiful. While it may seem true for some, in truth they are not like that at all.  This makes having a friendship with them interesting.

They spend time seeing things from all sides to get the complete story. This gives them the advantage of seeing things that can go amiss. This makes them a great should to cry on and ear to vent to. There is a beauty to everything even the bad or the sad. Libras will see things differently, but they will never lie to you so do not worry about their “vanity”.

8) Harmony

If one scale holds the word “balance” then the other would carry the word “Harmony”.  They will take your being friends seriously. They’d accept both the good qualities and the flaws that you have while expecting you to do the same for them.

They will not speak ill of you behind your back and will stick up for you when others speak ill of you when you are not there.

9) Peace to all

We all know that having a true and loyal friendship is a rare gift that few can have that last a lifetime. Libras are a perfect example of the benefits that friendship brings for a person. Simply because they are all about peace. Peace not only in their life but also yours. Do not be surprised if they check in on your more then normal when you are going through something horrible like a break-up, divorce or death in the family.

Medical studies have been done to better understand the benefits that friendship has for both mental and physical health. Besides relieving stress and having a healthy laugh, friendship has been connected to the feeling of being safe and having social connections that our ancestors required for survival.

10) They want to help the world

Besides wanting to help themselves grow as a person and in their career, Libras are more inclined to choose careers that help others better themselves. Professions like teaching and nursing, Libras have this need to help others. This should not come to no surprise to anyone who has the pleasure of knowing a Libra.

Be prepared that they will want to help you as well in anything you need. They will push you to fulfill your interests and go for that new job offer if it would mean helping you grow as a person. Do not be offended this is!
They in no way see you as a charity case but someone who can go far with their life and they would hate for you to not be the best that you can be.   


Final Thoughts: Libras are Lovers

Libras are not a hard sign to get along with. They are more about helping others then they are about helping just themselves. Trust in your friendship with them for they are on your side 100% and will never waiver on that fact.