Love is an enigma. it is a whirlwind of emotions transcending biological necessity. While many species come together solely for reproduction, humans are entwined in a dance that is as intricate as it is intoxicating. Falling in love is like being caught in a storm of radiant sunlight, where every ray holds a new surprise, a new feeling, an unexpected turn. It’s an age-old phenomenon, yet each experience feels unique as if you’re discovering an untouched island or stumbling upon an unfamiliar constellation in the vast expanse of the night sky. A new couple bonding in humans isn’t just about continuity. Instead, it’s a profound journey that begins with that thrilling descent of truly and deeply falling in love.

10 Signs You’re Falling In Love

Navigating the intricate maze of love can be fraught with missteps and misunderstandings. Many of us, in our quest for that one true connection, inadvertently stumble upon common pitfalls that can deter us from finding our destined partner. Yet, if you’ve confidently sidestepped these typical blunders and find yourself on the cusp of something genuinely heartwarming, it’s a sign that you’re on the right track. Your heartbeats might be syncing up with another’s, and those butterflies in your stomach could be indicating more than just a fleeting fancy. If you’re eager to delve deep and decipher the budding feelings that swirl within, suggesting you’re on the precipice of love, then continue on. It’s time to discover whether you’re truly falling in love.

falling in love

1. It’s a sign you’re falling in love if you haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

Your partner is the funniest person you know. They’ve made you laugh so hard that you almost peed your pants but when you try to tell someone else, you realize it was an inside joke after all. Having your own joyful, playful romantic talk as a couple is a great sign that you’ve fallen in love.

2. It’s a sign you’re falling in love if you say ‘Yes’ to things you would have said ‘No’ to before.

Your date asks if you’d like to go to a museum for a showing of some artist you’ve never heard of. Your brain screams ‘No!’ but your mouth says ‘I’d love to!’ Changing your actions to suit your partner’s preferences is an excellent sign that you’re in love.

3. It’s a sign you’re falling in love if your partner isn’t even your type

He’s a blonde and you like brunettes. She’s too tall for your usual taste in women. Settling for something other than your usual set of traits that you look for in a partner is a good sign you’re in love.

4. It’s a sign of true love if your partner drives you crazy.

Finding your perfect match can be stressful, and the one you’re currently coupled with drives you crazy. They leave their stuff everywhere, they pick their teeth with a fork at the table, or they’re always ten minutes late for the movie, and you hate that! Focusing on the negative is a sign that we are testing ourselves to see if this is the right person for us.

Researchers who studied couples who had recently fallen in love found that ‘Cortisol levels were significantly higher amongst those subjects who had recently fallen in love, as compared with those who had not. The increased cortisol levels’are suggestive of the ”stressful” and arousing conditions associated with the initiation of a social contact. ‘ In other words, if your hormones are sending distress signals, you could be falling in love.

5. It’s a sign you’re falling in love if you keep looking for ways to show you care.

Your partner likes a clean car, so the last time you fueled up for them you took their car through the carwash. And maybe on the way home from work you’ll pick up a chocolate surprise for them. You’re so thoughtful lately, and thinking of ways to express your care means you’re falling in love.

6. It’s a sign you’re falling in love if you notice things with your senses more.

The scent of your partner’s hair after they wash it, the shape of their chin when they turn their head, and the way they touch your lower back sends chills up your spine; your senses are heightened when you fall in love. Touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight are all tuned in to your partner and everything about them.

7. It’s a sign you’re falling in love if you’re mentally planning a future with them.

Well it’s not your fault that you’ve already moved in with your partner in your mind, it could be oxytocin to blame. Oxytocin is released during sex, and it is thought to play a role in monogamous pair bonding in couples. Oxytocin is responsible for us feeling trust and a sense of security. That security makes you feel like this will be a lasting love.

8. It’s a sign you’re falling in love if their bodily fluids do not gross you out.

Since you’ve already had long make-out sessions, your partner’s runny nose when they have a cold doesn’t bother you. Holding their hair while they puke is just fine with you too. You wouldn’t do this for just anyone, and that’s a good sign that you’re falling in love.


9. It’s a sign you’re falling in love if every romantic movie and song makes you think about your partner.

You’re singing along to the radio and making a playlist named after your partner. You wonder if your partner is a Sleepless in Seattle fan like you are. When every romantic word or scene makes you think of your partner, it’s a sign.

10. It’s a sign you’re falling in love if your partner’s smile is the cutest thing in the world to you.

Although your partner has that one tooth that’s not relatively straight, the sight of their smile melts your heart. Knowing that your partner is happy makes you feel joy too. Read our guide, 10 Signs You’ve Found a Keeper, for even more good news about your true love.