Coffee is probably one of the most versatile food products on the planet, which makes it easy for everyone to find a way to brew it that makes their soul happy.

This article will talk about different coffee brewing methods and coffee brewing tips so that you will be sure to impress any guest you invite over with your incredible skills.

Here are 10 coffee brewing methods every coffee lover must try:

1. Chemex

The Chemex is an aesthetically pleasing machine that allows you a pour-over method for brewing your coffee. Using this type of machine involves a special filter that is thicker than most, and the process requires that you wet the filter before adding your grounds. This machine also allows you to brew multiple cups at a time, and you only spend a couple of minutes waiting for the brew.

2. Pour Over

For this method, you simply add the cone filter and your grounds, then pour hot water over the top. This produces only one cup at a time and brews in three minutes or less. This is also one of the easiest coffee brewing methods because it is fast and cheap.

3. French Press

This method takes quite a bit longer to brew than some of the other methods, but provides you with a distinct flavor that makes the wait worth it. You will need a coarse grind because a fine grind will pass through and give you a bitter-tasting coffee.

4. Aero Press

You can think of this brewing technique as a sort of syringe. A filter sits at the bottom, full of coffee grounds and hot water. An additional plunger enters from the top and forces the coffee through the filter and into the cup. It is a quick method but only makes one cup at a time.

5. Stovetop Moka Pot

This is a three-part system that relies on water boiling to provide steam and pressure to produce a shot of coffee. The pressure forces the water into the grounds above to provide you with your drink. This is one of the quicker coffee brewing methods, although getting the grind size correct can be tricky.

6. Siphon

This method looks like an invention from a mad scientist, but its charm helps provide a mellow flavored coffee. Grounds are added to the top, heat forces the water up to brew, and then gravity pulls the liquid back down for your cup. It can also brew more than one cup at a time, making it very convenient.

7. Espresso Brew

A shot of espresso is strong and lacks bitterness, but also provides a hefty dose of caffeine for those mornings that you just can’t go without. Make sure you use a finer grind for best results. Your machine will brew your fix within a minute once it’s warmed up.

8. Nitrous Coffee

This mix comes from a cold brew and ends up being very crisp. It also has a nice froth on the top. The added nitrogen can help the caffeine pack a more powerful punch, so this coffee is great if you need a strong afternoon pick-me-up.

9. Coffee Bag

This is a basic brewing method that’s great for beginners. Your grounds are contained in a filter bag, similar to tea, and you simply drop the bag into your hot water. A few minutes later, your coffee is ready. Some coffee brewing tips for this method include not to over-steep the coffee as this can make it bitter, and to store your bags in an airtight container to keep them fresh.

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10. Turkish Brew

Turkish brew coffee uses a Turkish pot and very finely ground beans. You start by boiling the mixture and letting it simmer several times. This eventually offers a very strong brew that has a thick foam. It has a strong caffeine punch and a sharp taste.


As you can see, there are several different coffee brewing methods, and it all comes down to how strong you like your flavors. You can opt for something like an espresso shot that gives you a quick hit of caffeine, or you can spend longer and get a deeper flavor with something like the Chemex or Turkish grinder. Regardless of the method you use, make sure you do your homework so you have the right grind. (And follow any other special instructions.) No one wants to spend time on one of these excellent coffee brewing methods just to have it turn into a bitter mess.

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