Coffee is one of America’s favorite drinks. Some take it with one lump or two of sugar, while others load it with so much cream that a glass of milk might be a better option. Then there are the folks who drink their java straight-up black.

It takes solid tastebuds and an excellent stomach to drink a bitter, warm drink with no additions to balance the flavor. Did you know that how you drink your cup of Joe might link directly to your personality? While it may sound bizarre, scientific studies back up this idea.

What Does Drinking Black Coffee Says About Your Personality?

The University of Innsbruck in Austria conducted a study to see how coffee connects to personalities. Nine hundred fifty-three people did two different experiments for the research. Each person filled out a questionnaire that identified their food preferences.

Next, the head researchers, Christina Sagioglou and Tobias Greitemeyer, asked the folks about personality factors. The queries were to show if the person had traits of things like narcissism and psychopathic tendencies. Folks who preferred the taste of bitter foods, such as the tang found in beer, black coffee, and radishes, were more susceptible to mental health issues along the malevolent line.

While people who loaded their drink with sugar and creamer were calmer and gentler and not predisposed to such things, remember that this is just one study, and further studies are needed to prove such things. Some experts believe this study was flawed, and indeed, everyone who takes their coffee strong and black doesn’t automatically indicate that they have a mental health disorder.

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Flaws in the Black Coffee Study

Some studies are argumentative as they offer bizarre findings, and this one can fit into that category. For it to be proven that those folks who drink black coffee are more prone to psychotic tendencies, there would need to be further testing, brain scans, and more in-depth research beyond a questionnaire.

Anytime you have self-reported data, it should be considered cautiously. It’s easy for a person to label their personalities based on how they feel in the moment. If they’ve recently had a bad experience, they might rank themselves lower than they usually would on such a report.

Another thing to consider with studies like this is that taste is subjective, and what some might think is bitter; others might describe it differently. So, looking at a list of foods and objectively categorizing them based on taste would be different for each person, which leaves room for error in the findings.

Someone who is a psychopath presents with some of the following signs:

  • Dishonest
  • Manipulative
  • Obsessive
  • Uses guilt to harm others emotionally
  • Believing that they’re perfect and on a higher level than other folks
  • Using manipulative tactics to get what they want
  • Impulsive
  • Irresponsible
  • Prone to thrill-seeking

While it was an interesting study and one that certainly makes you pause, the research isn’t sufficient to base such an opinion. This is especially true when attempting to label someone with such a severe personality. Don’t fret the next time you’re out with friends or on a date; they order black coffee, as it’s a fascinating conversation.

Drink Preferences and Your Personality

Thankfully, more than just one round of research is present on the matter. Another team, was led by Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist from Santa Monica. Personality and all types of coffee drinks. He recorded the study in his bestselling book You Are WHY You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life.

Her research was a bit different than that conducted at the University of Innsbruck. Each of the 1,000 participants was given everyday situations and asked how they would respond. They were simple things like how you feel when standing in a long line and food preferences. The results from this study were a little more in line with what one would expect.

1. Black Coffee

The folks in the study who drank their coffee black were more old-school. They didn’t like all the thrills and frills and were more simplistic. These folks want to keep things simple, and they tend to be patient and very efficient.

She did find that they had some dark sides, as everyone does. They tend to be moody at times, are headstrong and set in their ways, and can be abrupt and dismissive. Additionally, these people are resistant to change and fight it. Indeed, nothing about this study showed any psychopathic tendencies but rather someone more old-fashioned.

2. Milk, Cream, and Sugar Coffee

Those who preferred their coffee in more latte form were different. Consumers of lattes tend to be people-pleasers and comfort seekers. These folks are an open book, but they tend to camouflage bitter things in life, much like their coffee.

These individuals are known for going out of their way to help others, as their generosity is one thing that shined through. One problem she noticed with their personalities was that they often don’t make time for self-care and can quickly become overextended.

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3. Frozen and Blended Coffee

If you’re one of the folks who take your coffee on ice, you’re in another league. The black coffee drinker wouldn’t even call you a real coffee drinker, as this is more of a shake with a kick. The study found that these folks are bold trendsetters and don’t have a problem trying new things.

Dr. Durvasula found that these folks are more childlike and tend to be spontaneous and imaginative. On the darker side of their personality, they can be reckless and don’t always make the best choices.

4. Very Specifically Ordered Coffee

If you’re a non-fat, sugar-free mocha latte, hold the whip; you would fall into this category. Anyone with a specialty coffee that takes the barista a minute to comprehend your complex blend is a specialty coffee drinker. Their coffee choice shows that they like to be in control.

This person is very conscious about their bodies and what goes into them. They can also be a little bit of a perfectionist and obsessive. While making healthy choices about their body, they tend to stick to the rules. They want everything done according to their master plan and have little wiggle room for error. Sadly, they tend to be worrisome and fret when things don’t go their way.

5. Instant Coffee

The last section reported was on those who drink instant coffee. These folks are more laid back, look for the easy way out, and don’t tend to procrastinate a bit. They try not to get so lost in the details of things, as they prefer to take life as it comes.

Their negative aspects were that they were too laid back sometimes, putting off essential things, like their health issues. These folks aren’t much for planning, as they prefer to go through life as a free spirit and winging it.

Making Sense of the Research on the Link Between Personality and Drinking Black Coffee

The second study was slightly more of what you would expect when examining coffee drinkers and food preferences. People who like black coffee are generally more no-nonsense, which is far from psychopathic. Dr. Durvasula surmised from the study that the type of coffee you drink no more has a bearing on your personality than your astrological sign.

You can be a controlling person and drink lattes, or you may drink black coffee and be a detail-oriented, compassionate individual. On a grander scale, your choices in life often say a lot about you. Your choices throughout life can shape you for the good or bad, but your coffee preferences will only be a minute part of this equation.

Your personality may influence the sphere of your life, romantic relationships, jobs, attitudes, and perceptions, but it’s not something that can’t be altered. It might be harder to change when you have a dominant personality that thinks you’re always right, but it’s not impossible.

By thinking positively, using mindfulness, and adopting an attitude of gratitude, you can change your entire life. Many factors, such as genetics, temperament, and atmosphere, dictate your mental health and personality. However, you should not fear change, as change is essential to help you grow.

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Final Thoughts on Drinking Black Coffee

Though your coffee habits tell a small part about you, it’s insignificant. Yet, if you drink black coffee, you might want to venture out and try some sugar or a little creamer.

Sometimes, it’s mentally healthy to get out of the rut, as it can do wonders to shake up your mundane routine. It’s nice to veer a bit off the road most traveled and try something spontaneous and adventurous.