Although it sounds impossible, it might just be that you are the genetic descendant of extraterrestrials who passed on their DNA to you. Your ancient alien ancestors may have encoded information about their dying species into your DNA, hoping that life would go on.

The idea is more than just science fiction, it is actual science theory and has been studied by many researchers hoping to learn the truth about our amazing DNA.

You May Have Extraterrestrial DNA. Here’s Why…

Holes in current scientific theories of DNA

The concept of extraterrestrial DNA arises from two pieces of information that science does not explain well. The first is how the incredibly complex DNA sequence evolved out of just separate molecules floating together. The second is how only part of our DNA contains the genes that make us living, breathing humans; the rest is called junk DNA.

Nobel Prize-winning DNA researcher Francis Crick, author of the book Life Itself, did not believe that the DNA molecule could have been created on Earth by accident. It is such a complicated system that he felt it could not have been created by the process of evolution.

A current scientific theory explains the evolution of DNA through the idea of a primeval soup. When the Earth was created, all of these atoms and molecules were moving around and eventually some of them were together in a pool of water that had the ideal conditions for DNA to be created.

Francis Crick felt this primeval soup idea of how life was created was unlikely. He compared the likelihood of DNA has evolved this way to the same likelihood of a fully functioning jumbo jet being formed from the random debris blowing around in a hurricane.

An alternate theory of DNA

Crick instead created his theory of extraterrestrial DNA, which he called the theory of Directed Panspermia. Crick theorized that an alien race facing doom sought to preserve the essence of life and sent it to Earth via a spaceship.

A spaceship is the only way possible for the extraterrestrial DNA to reach Earth because a meteor would be exposed to too much radiation on its way to Earth from another solar system. It is also unlikely that any meteor could have left a solar system other than ours and arrived here.

Extraterrestrial DNA has messages

Our DNA has extra pieces that don’t seem to have a purpose. Scientists refer to these pieces as ‘junk DNA’ because they do not have any of the necessary genes that are important for our development.

Interestingly, patents have been issued for using DNA as a recording device. Scientists have already been able to record a song on the DNA of an E-coli molecule.

Crick proposed that maybe on our so-called ‘junk DNA,’ extraterrestrials could have recorded messages for us. These aliens sent the ingredients of life off into space hoping to preserve life and possibly the history of their civilization.

The conditions on other planets are more likely to favor the survival of microorganisms like DNA than they would for more advanced creatures. So aliens would not have sent their equivalent of lab rats into space because the creatures would likely die on another planet, but sending DNA would be different.

The Human Genome Project has decoded 3.2 million bases of the human DNA. Of these, 97% have no apparent function. The ENCODE project has attempted to uncover hidden meanings in this leftover DNA. Some of the junk DNA is believed to help with regulating the expression of genes.

The ENCODE project believes that between 9 to 50% of DNA has information that regulates the expression of genes

Ewan Birney, a computational biologist, says that ‘the evolutionary rules for regulatory elements are different from those for protein-coding elements. Basically the regulatory elements turn over a lot faster. So, if you find a particular protein-coding gene in a human, you’re going to find nearly the same gene in a mouse most of the time, and that rule just doesn’t work for regulatory elements.’

In other words, the junk DNA isn’t junk, or it doesn’t seem to be. The future for disease-prevention research may lie in understanding the junk DNA rather than focusing on genetic mutations.

So, even if 9 to 50% of the unexplained part of our DNA can now be accounted for, an unexplained portion remains to be decoded. Also, the theory of the primordial soup that created DNA in the first place remains a vague, unproven idea that Francis Crick did not agree with.

So the possibility remains that you are walking, thinking, feeling expression of extraterrestrial DNA that arrived here on Earth to preserve the essence of life. The potential for being an alien ancestor certainly may change your perspective as you go about your day.