A great relationship doesn’t just happen overnight. They are cultivated over many years and through hardships. They are born out of mutual respect and admiration. People with great relationships have them because each person in the relationship puts their partner’s well-being and happiness above their own. They take the time to learn each other’s needs and wants. They understand that they may give and receive love differently than each other. These couples respect boundaries that their partner sets out for them. They live their lives together by doing things together and spending time together. They laugh together and at each other. There are five words encapsulating what it means to have a great relationship with your partner.

If you want to have a great relationship that lasts, remember these five words:

1. Learn

You have to learn what makes your partner tick. Learn the little things they like, don’t like, hate or love. Spending a lot of time with your partner will help you learn some of these things organically through your interactions with them. You have to ask about some things and probe deeper into your relationship to uncover the hidden meaning behind some of their behaviors. If you take the time to understand your partner, you can see their side in an argument and get where they are coming from. Things they do or say don’t just come out of nowhere but are a logical progression from their personal history, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

2. Lines

Every person and every relationship has boundaries or lines that you do not cross. Learning where these lines are and why they are there is critical to a long-term relationship. Couples who have great relationships know where their partner’s lines are and respect them by not crossing them. Respecting each other’s boundaries is an extension of your love and respect for your partner.

3. Live

Live your lives together. Great couples have great relationships because they are really choosing to live their lives together, hand in hand. This sounds kind of obvious but some people are so wrapped up in their own profession, business, family and hobbies that they spend more time away from their partner than with them. People have great relationships because there is nothing that they would rather do and no one they would rather be with than their partner. They do things together, they engage in conversations more substantial than small talk and the routine “how was your day?” People need time to do their own thing and that is not only understandable but to be encouraged. People who have great relationships always return to their partner, though, because they truly enjoy each others company.

4. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine and being able to make your partner laugh is a key ingredient to a great relationship. Couples who are happy laugh together. Whether the cause is a silly inside joke or a witty observation about something serious, it doesn’t matter. Getting your partner to laugh when they are in a crappy mood or had a rough day can burn away stress that otherwise might accumulate to unbearable levels. Couples in great relationships are also very good at laughing at themselves. They don’t take themselves or each other too seriously. Also, they don’t hold onto old hurts or get bent out of shape over little things. They let them go and laugh them off.


5. Love

Everyone gives and receives love differently. People who have great relationships understand this and seek to give their partner the type of love they need from them. They also understand that they are different and that what works for one person probably doesn’t work for the other. They learn how to love each other in a way that makes the other person in the relationship happiest. Additionally, they are dedicated to loving each other even when they don’t like each other very much. Couples are going to piss each other off at some point or fight about something important. It happens to everyone. What sets the great relationship apart is that both people understand and forgive each other and love them even when they disagree.


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