Many people might assume that women are superficial and want a handsome man by their side. But, while physical attraction is essential in any relationship, looks aren’t what women value most. If a man has stunning blue eyes but is a piece of work, his eyes won’t score him many brownie points. Instead, a man’s personality attracts a woman more than looks ever could.

Plus, you don’t marry or commit to someone’s looks. Beauty fades in time, but people stay together because they love who the other is inside. This is why it’s not just attractive to be a good person, but it’s essential to search for someone who complements you. For example, women have always loved when a man is kind and intelligent. But this isn’t such an obvious thing anymore.

Most men don’t even present themselves as friendly because society has invented a narrative that women don’t like nice guys. And so, most men believe that women only go for bad guys who are tall, dark, and handsome. This isn’t just a false perception; it also affects how people interact. Most guys are afraid to approach what they deem to be a beautiful woman if they don’t fit the obnoxiously unrealistic beauty standard.

Worse, some girls have also been manipulated by this perception and now believe they want the stereotypical handsome guy. Some girls even go as far as to turn down guys shorter than six feet. But this is usually the case for a minority of women, most of which are young and impressionable. But women who know what they want won’t get hung up on the physical aspect. What they value most is personality.

NOTE: We covered the specific things men love most about women in a separate article.

7 Traits Women Love Most About Men


1.      Thoughtfulness

Women love to know that the man they are dating is thinking about them and cares enough to make some sweet gestures. Being thoughtful is one of the best qualities anyone can have, regardless of gender. But women usually tend to be more naturally thoughtful. And sometimes, that can make them feel like they are the only ones putting in any effort in the relationship.

So, when a man makes sweet little gestures and is thoughtful, that’s a definite plus in any women’s book. Being thoughtful doesn’t mean the man must shower the woman with the most expensive, lavish gifts. Often, giving someone a costly watch can be less thoughtful than giving them something handmade. But thoughtfulness isn’t even about giving.

It’s just about being attentive to others’ needs and thinking about what you can do to improve their lives. It’s about being nice and considerate towards people, especially when they are having a bad day. And women don’t just like to see that you are considerate towards them. They also want to know that you treat your friends and family with the same consideration.

2.      Kindness

As discussed before and contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to be a tough, bad boy to get girls. And most women are turned off by this kind of behavior. Women prefer a kind man over a bad boy any day of the week. A woman looking for a serious relationship wants to know she’ll be treated with kindness her whole life.

And intentionally acting like a brute doesn’t promise any woman that she’ll be taken care of in the way she deserves. If anything, acting intentionally repugnant is a red flag for women. What women genuinely love is kindness. A kind man is someone ready to love and cherish a woman the way she wants and deserves.

Finding someone kind is like hitting the jackpot for any woman looking for something serious. And, as was the case with thoughtfulness, it’s not enough to be kind to the women you are trying to impress. Women can tell if all that kindness is just an act or if it’s genuine. So, as a man, it’s no use trying to fake it.

3.      Honesty

Most relationships suffer from a lack of sincerity between partners. Even something as damaging as cheating stems from a lack of honesty. Plus, men have a bizarre tendency to lie even when there’s no reason to do so. Sometimes, men lie even if they have nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

Unfortunately, many women have lived through bad experiences with lying boyfriends, and they likely don’t want to repeat these experiences. So, if there’s a quality that’s required by all women alive, that’s honesty. Honesty is the basis for building trust, which is integral to any healthy relationship. No woman likes to be in a relationship in which she has to worry about being lied to all the time.

You won’t be attractive to her if she can’t trust you. No matter how handsome a man might be, he won’t be on anyone’s radar if he is a liar. Women love to know exactly who a man is before committing to them, so they want men to be straightforward and lay things out as they are.

4.      Compassion

If you know anything about empathy, you know this trait is not as developed in men as in women. Women are naturally more empathetic and compassionate. But anyone can work on developing this trait. So, there’s no real excuse for men to disregard anything and anyone around them.

No woman will ever like a man who passes people in need without giving them at least the time of day. A compassionate man will consistently rank higher on every woman’s list. Being compassionate doesn’t only show that you know how to treat other people but also shows her you’ll care for her.

All women want to be treated right by their boyfriends, so they gravitate toward empathetic and caring men. This trait also shows that the man is ready for a serious commitment. More importantly, it shows he can handle taking care of his partner and his kids if he ever has any.


5.      Intelligence

Being intelligent doesn’t mean you have to have the highest IQ known to man. Nor does it mean you have to have multiple degrees at Ivy League schools. But having no general knowledge or being unable to hold a conversation aren’t attractive traits. Women value men who are cultured and care about learning new things.

That said, they won’t ask for men to have vast knowledge about every subject on the planet. You don’t even have to go to college to be intelligent. Women care more about the attitude men have towards knowledge.

If a man blatantly refuses to learn anything, not basic things like how to do his taxes, that’s a clear red flag. But if a man knows how to carry himself in a conversation and is eager to learn new things, women will love him. Plus, women love it when they can learn new things with their partners.

6.      Vulnerability

Men aren’t usually taught how to be vulnerable, especially not around a potential romantic interest. Not only that but many men are taught that vulnerability is a sign of weakness. That’s not the case, as it takes a lot of courage to open up and be vulnerable. And this is a trait that is necessary if you want to form a strong connection.

If a guy can’t open up and share things about himself, his relationship with any woman will be superficial. Most women aren’t interested in forming such superficial connections. At least not if they’ve passed their teenage years.

If a man can be vulnerable around a woman, that’s a sign he trusts her and wants their relationship to evolve. Nothing is more attractive than a man who doesn’t hide behind a tough façade. Women love to know everything about the man they are with. So, if a man can give them that, they’ll be well on their way to falling in love.

7.      Curiosity

In this case, curiosity isn’t used in its usual sense, although that’s also nice. But women care more when a man is curious about her. No one likes to share things when they feel the other person isn’t interested in getting to know them. It’s not fun to talk about yourself and be met with a bored stare.

Sure, if a man listens intently, that’s at least something. But women like it when men ask about what they like and who they are. This shows that they are genuinely trying to get to know her. It’s always a good thing to get to know your partner. That’s the only way you can have a harmonious connection.

There is a fine line between being curious about someone and interviewing them. No woman likes to feel like she has to pass a test on the first date. It’s good to ask about her interests. But she doesn’t want to give all her background information, especially when she barely knows her date.


Final Thought on Some Traits Women Love Most About Men

Even though women might seem picky and high-maintenance, that’s usually not the case. Nor are they superficial beings who care about looks, money, or status. For the average woman, these aspects hold little to no weight.

Physical attraction is essential, but she won’t throw away the perfect man because he has a few extra pounds. Women care more about a man’s personality than those other things. Kindness, compassion, and honesty rank high on every woman’s list. This is no surprise that these traits are essential for a healthy relationship.

Any man dating a woman should know that women start looking for these traits as early as the first date. And there’s no way in which men can fake them. At least not successfully and not for long. Women can usually tell when a man is genuine and will write off any man who tries to trick them. But, if you’re a kind and vulnerable soul, you can rest assured. Women love men who can be themselves and are ready for a serious relationship.