18 Pictures That Show How Beauty Is Viewed In Different Countries

18 Pictures That Show How Beauty Is Viewed In Different Countries


Everyone defines beauty differently based on their own unique perceptions, and the following project developed by U.K. online pharmacy Superdrug Online Doctors proves it. They asked graphic designers from various countries all over the world to Photoshop a female figure based on the beauty standards of each country.

The project, called Perceptions of Perfection, shows the striking differences between the definition of beauty according to eighteen nations around the world. After looking at all of the images, the women seem to have a few things in common: all have perfect hair and skin, a flat stomach, and most have a gaping thigh gap. However, each model differs in her skin tone, hair color and texture, and body shape.

Remember that these ideals mean nothing in comparison to how you see yourself, and you should never try to live up to someone else’s definition of beauty. True beauty lies within, and when you can project that inner confidence and compassion for yourself outward, THAT truly makes someone beautiful.

Check out these photos to see what you think of each country’s definition of beauty, and then go smile at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I’m beautiful.”

Note: These perceptions are not our own, but raises an important discussion. We believe everyone is as equally beautiful!

Here’s the original image:

Perception of Perfection

And here are the photos altered from this image that show how beauty is viewed in 18 different countries:

1. U.S.A.


People from the U.S. seem to like an hourglass shape, with a curvy waist and wide hips.

2. Peru


In Peru, people perceive beauty as a woman with voluptuous curves with medium-length, light brown hair and more slanted eyes.

3. Philippines


People from the Philippines like women with a large bust, trim waistline and wide hips.

4. Spain


In Spain, they actually prefer larger-framed women, but still with a flat stomach.

5. Mexico


In Mexico, they perceive women as beautiful if they have dark skin, medium-length brown hair, a curvy waist, and wide hips.

7. Syria


In Syria, they like women with a longer neck and face, smaller bust and waist, and wide hips.

8. Italy


The Italian image of beauty looks the stereotypical model: long, sculpted legs, a thing waist, and thin arms.

9. South Africa


South Africans prefer women with a small frame, slight shoulders, and thin arms.

9. Serbia


Serbians like women to have a slim figure, but slightly thicker thighs in proportion to the rest of the body.

10. Romania


Romanians prefer an hourglass figure, but with muscular looking thighs.

11. The Netherlands


People from here like women to have long, red hair, pale skin, and a relatively thin, petite figure.

12. China


In China, they prefer women to be very petite, have long legs, and high cheekbones.

13. Colombia


Colombia is the only country that agreed with the original model, except they preferred women to have a slightly reduced weight and longer hair.

14. Argentina


Argentinians believe beauty looks like this: a slim figure with a small waist, thin legs, and larger breasts.

15. UK


People in the UK also prefer women with pale skin, and a petite figure just like Ukrainians. However, UK citizens seem to want women with a larger thigh gap.

16. Ukraine


In Ukraine, they like a woman with fair skin, little to no curves, and red hair. It’s interesting to note that they seem to prefer stockier legs, though.

17. Egypt


Egypt’s model resembles the U.S. closely, except for wider hips, darker skin tone, and longer, black hair. Egyptians also prefer curves and thin, toned arms.

18. Venezuela


Finally, in Venezuela, it seems they prefer darker colored women with more curves, thicker thighs and a flat stomach.

*All photos came from Superdrug Online Doctors. 

Do you agree with these perceptions of beauty? Let us know in the comments!


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