It’s not a bad thing to be an introvert. If you’re a man reading that, chances are that women prefer you over extroverted men. The reasons for this are many. In general, introverts are observant, self-aware, deep thinkers, focused, low maintenance, trustworthy, appreciate genuine relationships, spend time with fewer people, make good listeners and more.

It’s no surprise women find these traits highly attractive, but let’s explore why women love these traits in men. If you’re an extrovert, don’t feel bad. However, you might want to try to develop these traits as well. It’s not about “getting the woman.” Rather, it’s about self-growth and offering something of quality to have an amazing relationship with an equally amazing woman.

12 Reasons Women Are Attracted More To Introverts

1. Safety

Introverts are less likely to be risky because they’re not so concerned with showing off for others. Extroverts feed off of interaction and attention. This means they’re constantly doing something to stand out and get a reaction while in the company of others. Safety is important for many people. Many women want a man who can be safe because this ensures that he doesn’t get hurt or die, and it keeps a woman from injury and fatality as well. If you want to have a quality life, safety needs to be at the forefront of anything you do.

2. Honesty

An introverted man has several qualities that make him more likely to be honest. Being self-aware, understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, not needing to impress others, appreciating quality relationships and other qualities make introverts honest. They’re honest about what they do, what they think about, how they feel, and they give honest feedback. For a mature woman, it’s important to receive honest feedback. A boyfriend or husband isn’t just about romance. A woman needs a best friend too. Best friends should be able to be honest with each other because it’s one of the most loving things they could do for each other.

3. Good Listening Skills

It’s a sad reality that there are several partners who fail to truly listen. It can happen for many reasons: self-absorption, not valuing what their partner is going through, boredom or not taking their partner serious enough. Whatever the reason, it’s a huge problem for relationships. Introverts tend to be better listeners. They don’t just listen to what’s being said, they think about what’s being said and lend valuable responses in return. They paraphrase what’s being said so that the person talking feels listened to and understood. It’s fruitless to enter a relationship that won’t last. Poor listening skills will kill a relationship quickly.

4. Seriousness

While you want to be able to laugh with your partner, you also need one who can be serious to an extent. Introverts tend to think more seriously about life in regards to responsibilities, achieving goals and building a family. This quality spills over into many other things women might like in a man, such as stability, financial security, being a good father, handling tough situations and being reliable. Many women need a partner they can build a life with. It’s difficult to make progress with someone who is not serious about life.

5. Communication

We touched on good listening skills, which is an aspect of communication. However, it’s important to be able to express oneself clearly. Extroverts are generally afraid of what others think while introverts are less concerned with this. An introvert may care what their loved ones think, but they feel more confident in expressing themselves honestly, and they tend to communicate something of value. Because extroverts feel the need to play for the crowd, they’re less likely to be honest about what they want to express, and they may just talk to pass the time. Introverts appreciate quality, and they’re less likely to say something unless it’s beneficial in some way. Many women appreciate this trait in men because communication is an important factor in successful relationships.

6. Self-Awareness

Introverts tend to be more self-aware. This is because they spend a long time thinking about things. They consider how they feel about things, how to make things better, how to achieve their goals, how they self-sabotage and more. This gives them a pretty accurate view of their strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to be in-tune with themselves and their partners. Many women appreciate this quality because they know where they stand with an introvert. Extroverts are usually not very aware of why they do what they do and can give shallow answers at times, which can lead to frustration when a problem arises.

7. Observant

Many women appreciate a man who’s observant. It’s not just about noticing a new hairdo, but many women want a man who truly delights in them. An introvert is more likely to notice the way his girlfriend or wife’s nose crinkles when she notices something odd. He’s more likely to notice when she’s uncomfortable with something without her saying so. He’s more likely to know how she takes her coffee. He’s more likely to notice the little things about his wife or girlfriend, and many women love this. Because an introvert is more likely to be observant, he’s also more likely to see and appreciate the love his girlfriend or wife has to offer.

8. Quality Relationships

Introverts tend to appreciate quality relationships, which means they are less likely to enter a relationship they don’t value to a high degree. Many women want to be in a relationship with someone who genuinely wants to be there. It’s a waste of time for everyone to be with someone without really wanting to be with them. There are safety, security, and loyalty in a relationship with someone who genuinely wants to be there. Extroverts are less interested in the quality of their relationships and more interested in the number of their relationships. Women generally don’t like this because it pulls their partners away from them, emotionally and physically. It’s good to have your own space every now and then, which is important to an introvert. However, an introvert won’t constantly be unavailable from spending time with others.

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Tips on growing intimacy.

9. Easy to Please

An introvert tends to be easy to please. They don’t need a lot of excesses to make them happy. For this reason, anything you do for them tends to make them happy. Extroverts can be hard to please. For the woman who tries to be a people-pleaser, she could run herself ragged trying to make an extrovert happy. The same relationship will most likely run into a dead end quickly for the woman who knows it’s impossible to “make” someone happy. As long as you’re caring, loving and considerate, the simplest gesture will make an introvert happy. This takes a lot of stress off the relationship, and both partners feel happy.

10. Trustworthiness

An introverted man is generally more trustworthy than an extroverted one. An introvert knows the importance of keeping things secret. Extroverts tend to say everything to everyone. An introvert notices this about people and decides not to be like this. An introvert wouldn’t want their personal life shared with others. As such, they keep everything to themselves. Many women appreciate this quality because they want things between themselves and their partners to stay within the relationship.

11. He Genuinely Wants the Relationship

Extroverts generally enter relationships because they get bored or figure that they need to enter the next part of their lives. They generally don’t enter a relationship wholeheartedly. This means that they see how a relationship can benefit them instead of thinking about what they have that could benefit someone else. An introvert is content in being alone. When they start thinking about being in a relationship, it’s not because they don’t feel fulfilled. They consider what they have to give a woman. These types of relationships are less stressful because there aren’t any unrealistic expectations placed on the other partner.

12. Challenges Their Partner to Be a Better Person

Women, along with men, want someone who won’t try to change them, but an introverted man can encourage a woman to become a better version of themselves. This is important for a relationship. You don’t want someone putting pressure on you to be different, but you want someone who will bring out the best in you too. You want someone who will tell you, “Good job,” but you want someone who will also say, “You can do anything,” and, “I think you should go for your dreams.” You don’t want someone who will stand by and never encourage your growth. An introvert generally cares deeply for the welfare of his partner and encourages her growth.

If you’re a man and have some or most of these qualities, that’s awesome. Be sure that you find a woman who will contribute to your relationship. You can’t be the only one pulling the weight in a relationship. If you’re a woman reading this, consider what you have to contribute to your relationship as well. It’s important to note that any person may have both introverted and extroverted qualities. To really love anyone, it’s not about what you get. It’s about what you give. Take the extra time to develop quality traits before you enter any relationship. It’s well worth your time, and it’s definitely worth your partner’s time.