Wouldn’t it be wonderful if finding out if a woman likes you would be as easy as it was in school? You could slip them a note, and they would check “yes” or “no.” If you were desperate, you could grab a flower from the field and tear off a petal, and chant with each one, “she loves me, she loves me not.”

As an adult, finding out if there’s an attraction between you and a lady often requires a bit more detective work. The good news is you won’t have to be as thorough as Perry Mason or Matlock, as she will give you plenty of subtle clues that show her attraction to you.

NOTE: These behaviors indicate general behaviors you would see in a female. We acknowledge that men, too, can be shy about expressing themselves when they like someone. However, they display different behaviors, as covered in a separate article.

Twelve Signs a Woman Likes You

Body language is an essential form of communication, and it’s the one thing you need to observe regarding women. A woman can tell you a lot without ever opening her mouth. If you want to know if that attractive woman who makes your heart skip a beat is into you, look for these signs.


1. A Woman Who Likes You Finds Excuses to Be Close to You

Women can be very manipulative when it comes to getting their men. They may find every excuse possible to be close to you. If she finds out you’re going with your friends to a concert, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t show up. If your chance encounters seem commonplace, you can bet that it was orchestrated as an attempt to be close to you.

2. She’s Always Staring

You’re in a crowded room, but you can’t help but notice her eyes are fixated on you. She sees you, and she wants to be close to you. However, she may not be as bold as to talk to you yet so she will stare at you.

A woman wants to see your muscles and overall physique and get a look at those manly hands and stylish haircut too. You intoxicate her, and she fears if she looks away, she will miss something you do or say.

3. A Woman Who Likes You Will Laugh at Your Jokes

Maybe you tell some good jokes, and sometimes your remarks aren’t funny. Interestingly, she laughs at all your wisecracks. She finds most things you say to be funny, which is one way to show there’s an attraction. She’s hanging on every word you speak and thinks you’re hilarious.

4. She’s Playful and Touchy Feely with You

If she thinks you’re attractive, she won’t be able to keep her hands off you. Now, if you’re not together as a couple, she will find more subtle ways to touch you. For instance, she may walk past you and accidentally brush into you in a crowded room.

While it’s not the kind of touch she craves, it’s certainly enough to get her “fix,” as she wants to be close to you and your attractive body. A woman who has it bad for you might even play footsie under the table to see if you respond to her advances.

5. A Woman Who Likes You Is in a Good Mood When You’re Near

If you’ve watched rom-coms, you know how women turn on the charm when a love interest is near. It’s like flipping a switch on their mood, as they seem to light up when the person they want to be with enters the room. Have you noticed these behaviors from a woman you think is special?

If someone is into you, she can’t help but feel overwhelmed by your attractive nature, and you have the power over her to elevate her mood.

6. She Plays the Damsel in Distress

Another classic move by a woman smitten is to play the damsel in distress. Since the dawn, ladies have viewed men as the knight in shining armor coming to save the day. Teens drop their books or bags in school when a potential suitor is close.

In real life, it won’t be schoolbooks, but she might drop something so that you step in to help. She wants some attention, help, and for you to notice her. So don’t be surprised if she doesn’t orchestrate some clever ruse that requires your attention.


7. A Woman Who Likes You Might Be a Big Bundle of Nerves

Does she get tongue-tied when you’re around? Did you know that tongue-tied is an actual medical condition often used as a metaphor? According to the Queensland Health Hospital and Health Service, when a baby is tongue-tied, it must be fixed, or it will impact their speech.

So, when a lady is tongue-tied, it’s not from a physical abnormality, but your charming nature overtakes her and can hardly speak. You send her nerves into a tailspin, and her words become jumbled.

8. She Completely Ignores You

While some women get overjoyed when they see someone they like, some use different tactics. Some ladies may seem like they despise you even though you’ve never done a thing to them. However, you must remember there’s a fine line between love/hate.

Some ladies feel very uncomfortable showing genuine emotions, so they play coy. Acting like they don’t like you is easier for some than putting their feelings on display and being vulnerable. Denying the attraction may work for a while, but it only works briefly. Their true feelings can only be stifled for so long.

9. She Seems to Know a lot About You

She seems to know a lot about you when you talk to her. You feel like she’s a fan because she’s done her homework. She knows more about you than some close friends. You’re wondering whether you should be impressed or weary that a woman is doing so much research.

Thankfully, it’s usually a positive thing to happen. Since the internet makes research so easy, she’s just trying to find out about you because she cares. A toxic narcissist wouldn’t typically go this far as it would take away time from doing things for themselves.

10. A Woman Who Likes You Connects on Your Social Media Pages

You might get a friend request from her, or she may start liking all your social media posts. If she’s following you on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other pages, it’s undeniable that she’s attracted to you. She fears you will post something without her knowing, so she’s linked to all your channels.

Additionally, she’s eager to see pictures you post of your attractive nature, as she’s all eyes. She’s got it bad, and if she starts slipping into your DMs, it’s obvious how she feels.

11. She Reciprocates Your Advances

You’ve got an attraction to her, but you may want to see if she feels the same way. One way you can know for sure is to make subtle advances to see if this woman will reciprocate. If she returns the sentiment, it’s a sure sign she wants to be with you too.

One of the easiest ways to see if there’s something there is to ask her out on a date. Does she immediately say yes to you, or must she think it over a bit? You have your answer if she’s eager to go anywhere with you. She’s reciprocating that there’s some attraction between you two.

12. She Smiles and Plays with Her Hair

She wants to appear attractive in your eyes, so she will make little flirtatious gestures to get your attention. Things like smiling, playing with her hair, or even rubbing her neck are open invitations to respond. Any woman looking at you when making such advances has an ulterior motive.

A study by the University of Kansas found that humans often have difficulty distinguishing if someone is flirting with them. You might notice the cues if you pay close attention.

The study states that 80 percent of the participants found flirting hard to see, as it’s not always so straightforward. The issue is that the person doing the flirtatious behavior doesn’t want to feel embarrassed if the feelings aren’t returned, so they’re afraid and may not be as open as they like. Some people have mastered the art and have no issues, but others may use subtle gestures that may be challenging to identify.

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Final Thoughts on Seeing All the Clues That a Woman Likes You

It’s not always easy to tell if someone likes you, but if you start watching her advances, how she talks to you, or how she acts when you’re in the room, you can tell a lot about her attraction.

It’s often the case that people get so caught up in work and daily stressors that they often don’t see the signs that are right in front of their faces. If you want an attractive woman by your side, you need to open yourself up and pay close attention to her actions.