Some people think they’re good at hiding their feelings, but they still exhibit subtle hints. Even if they try not to let you know they’re interested in romance, there will be some physical and emotional indications. Once you learn all of the subtle hints that reveal someone is interested, you can see them even from a distance.

When you don’t know someone well or have a new partner, the first subtle hints will likely be harder to identify. However, the more time you spend around someone, the more intense the signs become.

Body language can tell you quite a bit about how someone feels. Not only that, but many other signs of attraction can convey interest, too. Knowing these signs can help you identify when your crush has feelings for you, too.

Every relationship has to start somewhere, so watch for these subtle hints that someone is interested in you. The other person might be too nervous to say something, but they’ll still exhibit some of these indications. Then, you can take the lead if you have feelings for the person, too.

Twenty Subtle Hints That Reveal Someone is Interested in Romance

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1. They Light Up Around You

If you notice that someone lights up anytime you walk in the room. It’s a good sign they’re interested romantically. The person might become radiant and happy, and their smile will intensify. People can’t help but smile when they see someone they’re interested in, regardless of whether they’re willingly showing their emotions.

Likewise, if you light up when someone enters the room, it’s a good sign you’re interested in that person. If you’re in denial about your feelings, pay attention to how you feel and react when you see them.

2. They Engage with Your Social Media Posts and Drop Subtle Hints for All to See

Pay attention to the people who like your stories or social media posts first. However, even if they don’t like the posts first, someone romantically interested will likely appear on all of your posts. They might like your pictures or comment on things you share, but either way, it’s a subtle sign.

Someone interested in you romantically will want to see everything you post so that they can engage. Please don’t assume that they’re only interacting to be nice because that would take quite a bit of effort to do for everyone they know.

3. They Always Want to Sit Near You

If you notice that someone always wants to sit near you, it’s a good sign they’re romantically interested. The person who likes you will go out of their way to sit with you in a group setting. While friends might do this already, it’s a good sign of more to come when your crush does it.

4. They Flirt with You (not so subtle hints)

Flirting is a sure sign that someone is romantically interested in you. While some people are natural flirts, you’ll know when the person treats you differently.

Usually, even the biggest flirts will only flirt with their crush when they are around. If they aren’t giving anyone else the same attention, you’ll know that they want to get to know you better.

5. You Keep Catching Them Looking at You

When you keep catching someone looking at you, it’s a sure sign that they’re into you. The person will subconsciously glance at you more than they look at anyone else.

Plus, you might catch them staring when they think you aren’t paying attention. There’s no denying the staring if the person quickly looks away when you see them looking, so watch for that, too.

6. They Listen Intently

Intently listening could be a sign of respect rather than a romantic interest, but it’s still worth noting. When paired with other subtle hints, it only affirms your suspicion that they’re romantically interested. The person will listen carefully, ask polite questions, laugh, act surprised, and keep engaging.

7. One of the Subtle Hints Is When They Remember Things About You

When someone is interested in you, they’ll remember many things you say. Your interests will be vital to them, and they might even bring up comments you said a while before. They might also bring up places you visited together or mutual friends you share.

You might not even remember the situation they bring up, but they’ll have left an impression on the other person. The things you say to the person who likes you will become a part of their long-term memory. Their ability to remember things about you is a clear sign of romantic affection.

8. Their Body Language Displays Subtle Hints of Attraction

If a person’s body language changes around you, it’s a sure sign they have romantic feelings. The person will act differently toward other people but stand up straighter around you. The person will face you directly, with their feet facing you.

Other body languages that indicated romantic interest include:

  • Fixing their hair or clothes
  • Leaning toward you while talking
  • Mirroring your body language

9. They Want to Help You

If someone goes out of their way to help you, it could indicate that they like you as more than a friend. They’ll do whatever they can to help you or be there for you. You likely won’t even have to ask for help before they’re stepping in to do what you need.

10. They Want to Know You Better

When someone shows an interest in getting to know you better, it’s a sign that they are romantically interested. The person might ask about your favorite food, movies, bands, or memories as a way to know you deeply. Someone romantically interested will likely also ask about your family or siblings.

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11. They Ask About Your Relationship Status

Asking about your relationship status is often a sure sign that someone is interested in you. They’ll want to know what your love life looks like to understand if they stand a chance. However, they won’t have to ask if your relationship status is social media.

12. Subtle Hints Can Include Many Sincere Compliments

Someone who is romantically interested might give you compliments. The person will notice when you get a haircut, or they’ll tell you that your outfit looks great. Whatever they mention, it’ll be clear that they are trying to build you up.

13. They Seem Anxious or Nervous Around You

Someone who likes you might act nervous and smile more often, or they’ll fidget while talking to you. The person might also fumble or drop things when you’re around.

14. They Ask About You

Your mutual friends can help you figure out when someone is interested in you. If you know the same people, the person who likes you might ask about your relationship status or your likes and dislikes. Not only is it a subtle sign of romantic interest, but it’s also a sign that they’re nervous to ask you directly.

Additionally, if someone has a crush on you, they’ll talk about you often. They’ll bring you up when talking to others, and they’ll seem always seem to have something positive to say.

15. They Try to Impress You

When someone likes you romantically, they’ll say or do things to impress you. As they retell a story, they might exaggerate to convince you to see their full potential. They’ll likely shift the story to make them sound like a great person with a well-balanced life.

You might even notice that they brag about the things that make them proud. When someone does this, it shows that they want to show you that they’re worthy.

16. They’re Interested in Your Plans for the Future

If someone wants to know about your plans, it could be a subtle hint that they are romantically interested. While they might not be thinking about marriage, they’ll want to know what your general plans are.

They’ll ask about your career aspirations and family goals, and they might ask about what pets you like. Even asking about places you want to visit could indicate romantic interest.

17. They Come Up with Reasons to Spend Time with You

Anytime someone looks for reasons to spend time with you or be near you, it’s a sign of attraction. They might look for you at a party, work event, or outing and approach you.

More obvious signs that your crush wants to be with you are that they start hanging out places you frequent. You might start seeing them at your favorite park, library, or restaurant. Plus, they will make sure to attend any event you might be at.

18. They Look for Reasons to Make Physical Contact

Someone that likes you romantically will look for reasons to touch you. They will give high fives, handshakes, and sometimes even hugs. Plus, they might touch your arm while they talk to you or rub your back as they walk by.

19. Subtle Hints Often Include Frequent Text Messages

When physical contact isn’t possible, someone who likes you will reach out another way. They will text or call you often if they have your number, and you might find yourself in frequent contact.

The timing and frequency of the interactions are signs, too. Communicating late at night or early in the morning indicates a deeper connection and intense feelings.

20. They Lose Track of Time When They’re with You

If you’re talking to or spending time with someone and they lose track of time, it’s a sign that they like you. It shows that the person forgets about other things when you’re around and that they enjoy your company.

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Final Thoughts on Subtle Hints That Reveal Someone is Interested in Romance

Even when someone doesn’t directly say that they are romantically interested, they’ll show signs. Many subtle hints indicate their deeper feelings, helping you recognize when someone is into you. When you identify the behaviors that reveal a romantic interest, you’ll know what to expect.

If you’re also interested, you can pursue the relationship. Otherwise, you can find a way to show that you don’t share the same interest. Either way, knowing the subtle hints can help you decide on your next move.