My Wish For You In 2017…

My Wish For You In 2017…

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Well, another year draws to a close as we prepare to usher in a new one. Whatever 2016 brought you, whether pain or joy, remember that you can always create a new reality in 2017. You can wipe the slate clean, get back to the drawing board, and literally manifest whatever you desire as long as dedicated action follows the intentions you set. You may not have gotten what you wanted in 2016, but as long as you continue to work toward your goals and enjoy the ride, then 2017 should have a lot of exciting opportunities in store for you.

You may not have gotten what you wanted in 2016, but as long as you continue to work toward your goals and enjoy the ride, then 2017 should have a lot of exciting opportunities in store for you.

We all lead different lives, but wherever you’re reading this from and whatever path you follow, we sincerely hope for all the love, happiness, and abundance in the world for you in this next year.


My Wish For You In 2017…

1. Work hard but stay humble.

Sure, we all have to work in some fashion to survive, but allow your work to elevate and inspire you in 2017. Quit that job you hate, and try to take more time for yourself. We have become a world obsessed with making our way to the top, but remember that the journey to ‘greatness’ takes immense sacrifice and dedication. Don’t let work overtake your whole life; rather, simplify your life so that you don’t need to earn so much. Stay humble in the journey, and don’t take anything or anyone for granted.

No one really wants to work, but try to find something you enjoy doing that can also allow you to live comfortably. If you do find financial success in 2017, remember to use your resources for the greater good. Love all, serve all and remember where you came from.


2. Take time for the people who matter most.

Keep in mind that one day when you look up from your phone or computer screen, the people you love won’t be around anymore. So, for gosh sakes, stop what you’re doing and go give your mom or dad a big hug and remind them how much they mean to you. Call your brother or sister you haven’t talked to in a while and ask how things are really going in their lives. Connect with your children after work instead of going straight for the couch to watch the football game. At the end of the day, family and friends mean everything.

The ones we share our world with matter more than anything in this world, much more than money, status, job titles, possessions, etc. When we’re beaten and broken by life and need a place to rest, it’s our family and friends that always come to the rescue. So, please, don’t take them for granted. Love them with all your heart, and remember that you can NEVER love too much or too hard.



3. Keep away from drama.

Everywhere we turn these days, drama rears its ugly head and creates so much unnecessary heartache and stress. If you go on social media, you’ll probably spot drama within 5 minutes of scrolling. Turn on the news, you see people fighting, wars breaking out, and other atrocities. We’ve become obsessed with drama through cultural conditioning, but at the end of the day, what purpose does it serve? Does it make our lives more meaningful? Does it make us happy? Does it help anyone? I think we can answer all these questions with a unanimous “No,” so it makes no sense to continue this horribly destructive and hurtful habit.

Say no to gossip and drama in 2017, and welcome love, peace, and compassion instead. The world needs that from you, and from all of us right now. Rise above and remember that inside, we’re all the same. In our hearts, we’re all connected, so treat your fellow brothers and sisters just like you’d want to be treated.

4. Spread kindness as far and wide as you can.

Nothing much is free in this world anymore, except what really matters: love, kindness, and compassion. Smiles don’t cost a dime, but can turn someone’s entire day around. Last time I checked, compliments don’t cost anything either, but can boost someone’s self-esteem and just make them feel good all around.

So, why don’t we spread more of this good medicine while we can? If each and every one of us said just one kind thing to someone for just one day, imagine how the Earth’s energy would shift in that 24 hours. Now, picture how the world would look if we made it a habit, a practice, a necessary thing, to spread kindness every single day.


Inspiration to your Inbox

We would have a healthier, happier, more vibrant world. 

We would have a world that looked a little less lonely, a little less hurt, and a little more loving. History keeps repeating itself, and our current system clearly doesn’t love and serve all. However, we have the power to change it. Let’s all commit to making these wishes come true in 2017; if we all made just a small positive difference this year, imagine all the good it would do in the world!


So, my fellow humans, my beautiful brothers and sisters full of nothing but love and light, let’s continue shifting this paradigm and stand strong, together as one, to ring in the new year and set our intentions for a better Earth. We’ve got this. YOU’VE got this. 

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