Are you the prophet of self-doom? Or do you let it slide and carry on regardless? The difference usually lies in whether you welcome the power of positivity into your life.

Charles R. Swindoll said, “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

If we focus on a negative outcome in something in a negative fashion, you will subconsciously be asking for more of the same without you realizing it on a conscious level. Of course, being angry (or any other negative emotion for that matter) is natural, and people will experience it from time to time. The question is if you let that anger consume you, so the emotion controls you instead of the other way around? Answer that question to yourself honestly, however. it nudges you to do so as you must accept painful truths within yourself.

Understanding these six things will help you use the power of positivity to bring this realization into view…

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1) You are always part of the equation of life

Yes, the Universe always includes you, warts and all. Your frequency and vibration play a central role in how you think and feel; negativity is the trap door of disconnection. Once you disconnect from the world, you feel separate and alone. This is known as the Pain of Separation. Positivity, on the other hand, is natural and innate. though it needs to be reprogrammed into your psyche. The negative set thinking needs to be erased for the positive one to take its place, which leads nicely into our next point…

2) You can empower yourself to be the change you want

Society today tells us that change is external. Is that how Jim Rohn changed from being a broke 25-year-old into one of the most successful self-help speakers? Is that how Muhammad Ali became “The Greatest” Boxer from humble beginnings in Louisville, Kentucky? Or is that how Chris Gardner turned his life around, from being homeless to having a movie made out of his life story? Is that how ANY great worth their salt in their chosen field reached their goals in life? Never in a million years! Change is INTERNAL. However, you must decide on this change internally to reach your destination externally. Once we change, we become free and the only limitation you have is in your mind (frankly, it has always been that way but only now do you notice the difference).

3) You are the creator of your own reality

Think of yourself as an artist and the Universe as a paintbrush. You do the painting and the Universe is your trusted tool to get the job done. In fact, the Universe can be ANY tool you like, and you can be ANYTHING you want to be, just like what momma told you. If you want to build a skyscraper, let the Universe be your architect drawings and your crane.

In the website, Abraham Hicks suggests setting aside fifteen minutes every day to visualize, always focusing on the positive feeling that visualisation gives, as opposed to focusing on the lack of what you desire. As these thoughts are coupled together with positive feeling, they become more potent as they come from deep within your soul. When visualizing a wrong that needs to be put right, your thoughts are on that problem which is the negative side of the equation. As time passes, manifestation occurs only with dominant thoughts. Let go of focusing on the problem and become solution oriented!

4) Healing is losing the sense of separateness and fear


It is a virtuous circle. As you reconnect, you feel better within yourself. You heal as you feel better. As you heal, the sense of separateness and fear disappears like a wound. The scar left behind is a little memento of that particular trial, knowing that you were strong at the moment and you pulled through it. You could even see it as a trophy or a badge of honor. The Universe supports you and will always have your back.

5) Others are allies to your creation

The notion of “us versus them” is the little brother of separateness. One race exists in this world, the human race, and we are all here to win it. We all win by helping one another and supporting each other. This was the idea behind a severely misunderstood Alexander the Great, who wanted to help ancient civilizations worldwide, even marrying non-Greeks to show this. The only person who can kill an idea is the person who thought of it.

6) You can always change the channel you are tuned into

If you do not like the frequency and/or vibrations of something, you can change the channel or even reset it to a more comfortable and natural one for you. If you have had a bad day, the next day is precisely that. It does not mean the bad day has to contaminate the next one. You have the power to discard from or add to your life, and this includes absolutely anything. Cut out the bad, and bring in the good.

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In brief, what you feel is a juxtaposition to your natural state. Juxtapositions are contrasts and, therefore, cannot mix, like oil and water. How does salt exist? Remember, small shifts produce big results. The power of positivity requires the same commitment and shift.