Sensitive people: Genuine givers, any takers?

We all have that one friend who seems awkward, difficult to understand, and even a little bit reclusive lately, and you wonder why.

Let me put some huge Vegas-style neon lights on the following statement: Your friend is sensitive and is going through a rough patch. These sensitive people are truly of the heart; they are more precious than diamonds. They give spades of love and kindness, and you will now get a glimpse of their world.

It is said that one in five of the population is a “highly sensitive person”. They feel the highs and lows of the emotional roller-coaster far greater than you can imagine. Imagine being dumped by your beau/belle; sensitive people feel the hurt much more. That’s because everything they see and hear reminds them of it. They go all in on the relationship and if it fails, they become emotionally bankrupt and shut down automatically. Imagine getting a promotion at work: You guessed it, they party like there is no tomorrow and get together with their friends and family and share the joy. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Here’s Why You Need A Sensitive Person In Your Life

“What about other people’s emotions?”

They are the same, almost as if it were happening to them. If you are going through a tough break-up, they are the first ones knocking on your door to cheer you up and lend a shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear to listen. Some bold sensitive people would even whisk you away to the beach, the club, the swimming pool, or anywhere you want to distract you from the pain. They do not leave your side until you feel better about being that amazing you.



You can bet your bottom dollar that they do not want other people to go through something they have probably gone through themselves. At the other end of the spectrum, they celebrate that promotion you got as if it were their own, so get ready for a restaurant reservation at the very least. I already mentioned the chicken dinner, did I not?

In brief, sensitive people make the most loyal friends and back you to the hilt. Yet, this is what makes them so vulnerable to the emotional freeloaders. They give so willingly that some decide to manipulate their good nature. This hurts the sensitive one more deeply than anything else, and they blame themselves for it more often than not. Yet, they keep doing the same thing over and over. It is in their nature to give, help, cry, yell and to dance, hug, laugh, and bug you sometimes.

There is a special person in there, you can be assured of that. Can you see them better now? Are there any takers for such great givers?