Sensitive People Are Beautiful. . .

Sensitive People Are Beautiful. . .

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Sometimes, sensitive people appear weak. They give in and they forgive with the same intensity that they love. They feel from the deepest part of their spirit.

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They shed tears without shame, show vulnerability, and usually blame themselves for things that they feel in others.

In spite of being hurt, sensitive people still hold compassion in their hands, willing to give to everyone who needs. They share their knowledge in the simplest ways; through a kind word, a gentle touch, a listening ear, and an unconditional love that can’t be matched.

The sensitive person is able to detect a lie in minutes. And, yet, they will continue to show you profound humanness, empathy, kindness, grace, and devotion. They can smell fear, taste success, and hear those things that aren’t being said.

One thing is for sure – Sensitive people don’t care what you are or what you do – they feel the truth of who you are.  

Sensitive souls are intuitive, insightful and believe wholeheartedly in their causes to help humanity.

The true beauty of a sensitive person is that they’ve endured such intense obstacles and challenges, and yet want to reach a hand out for others to transform and transcend from their own struggles.

The paradox of these lovely beings is that they have experienced deep pain, but they refuse to let it stop them from loving again. At the end of their lives, many sensitive people have lived fully through the wisdom of tenacity and persistence.

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Sensitive people are the unique, beautiful souls that this world needs. They are the artists, creators, and inventors of our society. They are the originals who take chances, love without excuses, and change the world with one act of kindness at a time.

The world would be in total chaos if these beautiful souls weren’t here to balance the scales of negativity back to optimism.

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