Losing weight is no easy feat, but getting in shape becomes a little easier if you have a partner by your side. You can look on Instagram and see fit couples everywhere, but not all of them show where they started before they got ripped. Some people lose hundreds of pounds together and take their health to a whole new level. Today, we want to showcase these stories and hopefully inspire you with these amazing before and after weight loss photos of couples.

Here are 15 before and after photos of couples who achieved weight loss together:

1. What a difference four years and 240 pounds can make!

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2. Way to go guys! This weight loss couple is 220 pounds down, and it only took them three years.

3. As this now-fit couple can attest to, hard work definitely pays off!

4. Couples who get in shape together, stay together.

5. This lovely couple personally lost a ton of weight on the ketogenic diet. Awesome transformation!

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6. He wanted to gain weight, but she wanted to slim down. Looks like they both reached their goals!

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7. Wow, we almost couldn’t tell these are the same people in both photos!

8. If you want to talk about a transformation, check this out! Together, this fitness couple lost 407 lbs in just two years!

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9. As this couple says, “Same happy, different healthy!”

10. If you’re like me, you almost didn’t recognize these two in the after pic!

These next few are sure to inspire you …

11. It’s just amazing what two people can achieve together.

12. And here is another couple who lost over 400 lbs together!

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13. These two are beautiful in both pictures, but definitely look happier in the after photo.

14. As these two would attest, their weight loss journey brought them so much closer together.

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15. Almost a three-year difference and look where their fitness journey took them.


Did any of these inspire you to hit the gym with your hubby? We sure hope so!

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