Life is busy and it is easy to forget to do things for yourself when you spend all day working and taking care of the family. But doing things for yourself to feel better is essential too. If you break down then you can’t help anyone. You should get into the habit of doing a little self-maintenance every day. Self Maintenance makes sure that you are refreshed and recharged and that you are not going to bit off the head of some random person. Most people would love to take the entire day and relax doing something they want to do. Time is at a premium for most of us, so we can get by with little ways to fill up the old gas tank occasionally during the day.

How to Feel Better in Under 15 Minutes

Here are some ways to feel better and recharge during the day, that only take fifteen minutes or less:

Take a Long Shower to Feel Better

Get in the shower and just relax for ten to fifteen minutes without anyone bothering you or asking questions. Let the water soak into you. Let the steam clean out your lungs and sinuses. When you are done you will be clean and feel refreshed and recharged.

Do A Quick Stretch

Get on the floor and stretch your muscles out. We build up tension all day. Let some of that tension drain away…you’ll feel better for it, guaranteed. Do some Yoga poses real quick and release some of that stress. Stretching is very relaxing and has the added benefit of getting your blood flowing a bit. Once you get that little jump start you will find you have a little more energy.

Grab a Quick Nap

Jump on the couch and grab a short power nap. You may even find it helpful to just close your eyes and fall into a deep relaxation without actually drifting off to sleep. Set your alarm on your phone and just face-plant into the bed for fifteen minutes.

Indulge In Your Favorite Snack or Beverage

Go grab a luxurious coffee or get your favorite tea. Find something you enjoy and treat yourself. Allow yourself some time to sit and savor the food. It doesn’t have to be a meal just a quick little guilty pleasure to boost your spirits.

Go Outside And Sit In The Sun to Feel Better Sooner

Sunshine provides us with vitamin D and can make us feel refreshed when we sit outside and soak up the sun’s warmth. Some depressions have been linked to a lack of sunshine during the winter months. So a lack of sunshine can affect your mood. Working inside all day under artificial lighting it can screw with your moods and energy levels. If you need a quick pick me up go outside and recharge yourself.

Play A Simple Game

Most of us have access to smartphones these days. With those smartphones come a myriad of simple but entertaining and challenging games. Fire up your favorite game and let yourself have a few minutes of simple fun.

Put on Your Favorite Song to Feel Better

Put in your earbuds, head out to the car, and jam out for a few minutes to your favorite song. Music is a universally human experience and can strongly affect our moods. Find a song that makes you happy and rock out for a bit.

Phone a Friend

Call a buddy or BFF and catch up for a bit. Be silly. Talk about something on your mind or just see what they have been up to lately. Our friends can cheer us up or boost our spirits if we are feeling down or drained.

Go For A Walk

Get outside and walk around the block. Take a short hike around the parking lot at work. Walk down to the store or restaurant and grab a quick bite. Get up and get moving to get the blood flowing. Get those endorphins pumping a little. We feel better after exercise or physical activity because our body releases chemicals that make us feel good. The sunshine and fresh air don’t hurt either.

Unplug For A Bit

Information overload is a common problem in our modern world. Take a break from the constant flow of data and opinions and enjoy quiet time. So set aside that tablet, phone or laptop and enjoy the real world.