In this day and age where we barely have time for each other anymore, finding someone who will make you a priority can feel like searching vast oceans for a long lost treasure. However, you don’t want to keep settling for less than you truly deserve, because that surely didn’t bring you happiness in the past. Sometimes, to get what we really want in life, we have to exercise a little patience along with a dose of positivity.

Not everyone we meet will rise with us along our own personal journey, and not every single person we have our eye on will work out romantically. Life is about trial and error, and keeping an open heart so that the right person can make a home there. You deserve the love you’ve been waiting on, so don’t settle. Not for something as meaningful and powerful as love, anyway.

Wait For The One Who Truly Cares About Your Day…

The one who will stay up late talking to you, even if they have to get up early for work or school. Because in their eyes, losing a little sleep sometimes is totally worth getting to listen to your voice and hear your thoughts.

The one who wants to know every little detail of your day, even the “boring” parts. The mundane parts of your day seem interesting to them, because they just want to know everything about you and your life. They want to take on your burdens with you, celebrate your accomplishments, and laugh about your crazy, hectic, stressful day with you. They just love hearing you talk, no matter what you have to say.

The one who will always text you “good morning” or “goodnight,” because you’re the first and last thing they think about each day. It might seem over-the-top or “mushy” to some, but to you, it’s a sweet and very necessary gesture. It means you have someone who will take a few seconds out of their day to check on you and let you know you haven’t been forgotten.

The one who asks you questions about your day, because they’re genuinely interested to know about it. They really want to know about your life and how every aspect of your day went; it doesn’t matter if you went skydiving or looked at rocks in Geology class. If it happened to you, they want to hear about it.

The one who calls you just to check up on you. These days, everyone goes through something almost daily. It’s a challenge just to get up sometimes, and by the end of the day, we have so much built up within us that it feels so comforting just to have someone to listen to our thoughts and frustrations. They get it, and they want to help you through anything you might face.


The one who would drive for hours just to see you. Sometimes, you need to see each other in person, because a chat on the phone just doesn’t compare to the real thing. They totally agree, and don’t mind driving long distances occasionally, especially if you really need someone to talk to.

The one who would do anything just to cheer you up and see you smile. The one who truly cares about your day would go to great lengths just to make you happy, and they wouldn’t see this as a sacrifice or chore. They care about your well-being and mental health, and want to contribute positively to both of them.

The one who doesn’t expect anything in return. The one who truly cares about you will not have any expectations. He or she doesn’t want flowers, roses, money, time, a relationship, or anything in return for the kindness they show you. They just want to provide you with companionship and support, simply because they care.

Wait for someone who shows at least some of these behaviors, because this likely means that their actions and words are genuine. Wait for someone who listens wholeheartedly to what you have to say, not someone who you have to beg for attention. You deserve better, and you can only get what you want if you stop settling for less.