Dating has changed over the years, leaving single people to learn new methods. It is a daunting experience that requires patience and resiliency as you work to find the best partner. Meeting people online poses many problems, but video dating is changing the game entirely.

When you meet people online, knowing who you’re genuinely talking to is hard because you can’t see their body language. Video dating makes a difference because it lets you connect before the first in-person meeting. It is a creative way to connect with potential partners.

If you haven’t had success with dating so far, virtual dating might be an option for you to try. Many dating apps offer the opportunity, or you can set up a video chat outside of the app. It’s different from any other type of dating, and it can produce positive results.

Understanding how it’s changing the rules of romance can help you get started. Knowing the many benefits of this type of dating can make all the difference for your love life.

What Is Video Dating?

Video dating is an alternative to meeting in person for movies or dinner on the first date. It allows you to get to know someone before spending time with them outside of the safety of your home. You don’t have to sit and stare at one another, trying to come up with things to talk about.

While talking is essential, you can also do other things together from the comfort of your home. For example, you can watch the same movie while on video chat with one another. Another idea is to cook the same meal or bake a dish from your separate homes.

You can also do online trivia, being on the same team via video chat. Other ideas for your virtual date include watching a stand-up comedy or doing a virtual museum tour. You can do whatever you want on your virtual date as long as you both participate in the same activity.

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Of course, there’s always the option to talk throughout the whole date. You can ask personal questions to get to know one another better. The dating activity you choose is up to you and your potential partner, and there’s no pressure.

The dress code for virtual dating can be a little different, too. Many people think you can dress more casually than if you were meeting in person. Others still prefer to get dressed up as if they were going out somewhere in public.

The point of virtual dating is to get to know someone and recognize a connection. It saves you from an awkward situation on bad dates because you’ll know early on if you vibe well with someone.

New Study Perfectly Explains How Video Dating Changed the Rules of Romance

A new study shows how much video dating has changed the rules of romance. A poll of more than 1,000 single people shows the drastic differences in the dating game. Virtual dating is the perfect alternative to an in-person first date, allowing you to see if there’s a connection early on.

The study shows that when video dating was first introduced, it wasn’t the most popular option, although 7% of those polled had already tried it. However, as people started to stay home more and find new ways to connect, more singles were willing to try it. Only 5% of single people in the poll said they would never try it, making it a viable option for many.

Video dating allows you to meet people from all over the world if you’re interested in that. You can also wait until you feel comfortable with someone before meeting up in real life. It makes the first in-person date less awkward, and you’ll already know what to talk about.

Plus, getting to know one another over video isn’t the only aspect of dating to go virtual. You can also achieve other milestones through virtual dates, including having your partner meet your family. Some couples even establish their relationship status this way before meeting in person.

Ten Reasons Why Video Dating is Beneficial

If you’ve never video-dated before, you might be skeptical about the situation at first. However, there are many benefits that you wouldn’t achieve if you only sent messages back and forth. Many people use messaging to get to know someone, but video chatting has many perks, too.

1 – You Can Communicate Well on Video Dating

Body language is essential to understanding someone, and tone of voice is essential, too. Getting to know one another can be tricky if you only read the words they type. With a video date, you can immediately see if there’s a spark between the two of you.

With a virtual date, you can truly get to know someone without putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. The other person won’t have time to think about their answers, so you know that what they say is genuine.

2 – Decreased Chance of Catfishing

Catfishing is common in online dating because people can portray themselves in any way that they want through messages. It’s easy to hide behind false profiles and someone else’s pictures. Having a virtual date ensures that you’re talking to the person behind the profile and that they’re honest about who they are.

3 – Video Dating Is Quicker Than Texting

Messaging with someone isn’t always adequate for having an ongoing conversation. It sometimes takes time for someone to reply to a message. However, if you have a video chat, you can have conversations without waiting for responses.

4 – You Can Look for Red Flags

Body language can indicate red flags, but there are other things to look for. Take some time to examine the person’s background and look for other red flags. You never know what you’ll see in their home that hints at problems.

5 – You Can Hear Their Voice

While it might not seem like a big deal, a person’s voice can affect your level of attraction to them. It will help you decide if you want to know them more or think it’s time to message someone else.

6 – Video Dating Limits Filter Usage

Filters are fun, but they don’t show what you look like. Sending selfies makes it easy to mask your appearance to an extent, but live video chat doesn’t. You can see what your potential partner looks like, and they can do the same with you.

7 – It Ensures Safety

Video dating lets you get to know someone while staying safe and comfortable in your home. You don’t have to give personal details like where you live or your phone number. Plus, they cannot harm you on your first date if it’s virtual.

Instead, you can get to know the potential partner and ensure you feel safe before meeting up. Once you establish that the other person is safe, you can comfortably get together in real life.

8 – You’ll Know If They’re Being Sneaky

Some people meet potential partners online even if they’re already in a relationship. If you have virtual dates, you can look for a few signs of a cheater. It could indicate that they’re hiding something when they only want to video chat at weird times or get nervous about live video.

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9 – You Can End Video Dating Communication at Any Time

Since the potential partner doesn’t have your address or phone number, you can end contact anytime. If they make you uncomfortable, you can move on and not talk to them again. Virtual dating helps you weed out the people you don’t match with before going out in person.

10 – Understand Playlisting

Before committing to virtual dating, you must understand what playlisting is. New dating rules come with different terms and situations, such as playlisting. It is when someone sets up back-to-back virtual dates.

The term “playlisting” comes in because the back-to-back dates seem like a music playlist or video queue. This option lets someone get to know multiple people and weed out who they don’t connect well with.

Four Tips for Video Dating and How to Stay Safe

Knowing a few dating tips can help keep the event as fun as possible. You’ll always be a little nervous on a date, but you can ease the pressure. These tips will also help you stay safe when dating online.

1 – Do Something You Both Enjoy and Can Relax While Doing

Dating should be fun, even when it’s virtual. Discuss date night ideas with your potential partner beforehand so that you can prepare for a fun time.

Make sure to choose an activity you enjoy and relax during your time together. When you’re relaxed and having fun, it’s easier to be yourself and show people who you truly are.

2 – Tidy Up Your Space Before Video Dating

During virtual dates, the other person can see your surroundings. Make sure you set up your date in a space that looks nice and tidy. You don’t want them to see anything embarrassing on the first date.

It’s also essential to remove anything with personal information on it. If your phone number or address is visible, your potential partner can find these things out before you’re ready.

3 – Treat Video Dating Like a Real Date

Being casual on virtual dates is tempting, but you should treat them like an in-person date. Take it seriously because you’re investing time and energy into the situation.

4 – Don’t Feel Pressured to Give Too Much Information

You don’t have to tell a potential partner anything you don’t want to share. If they push you to give them information, don’t give in. Do what you feel comfortable with and end contact if the pressure continues.

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Final Thoughts on New Study Perfectly Explains How Video Dating Changed the Rules of Romance

Video dating has changed the rules of online love for good. You no longer have to stress about going to the perfect venue or being put in an uncomfortable situation. Virtual dating allows you to get to know someone better before meeting up in real life. It helps you see if there’s a connection, and you’ll feel much safer from the comfort of your home.