Mastering the Law of Attraction is not difficult. Furthermore, you can begin using it today to find the love that you were meant to have.

‘If your heart is in your dream

No request is too extreme

When you wish upon a star

Like dreamers do.’ – Jiminy Cricket, Walt Disney’s Pinocchio

Having the love you’ve dreamed of might seem as far out of your reach as the nearest star, but it is possible. In this article, we will look at what the Law of attraction is and how you can use this belief system to bring things into your life that you need and want.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Find Love

Finding your soulmate, your true love, or even the right person for this moment in your life is easy when you use the Law of Attraction. Let’s look at the steps that you can take to implement this law in your life and find love and happiness as soon as possible.

law of attraction

Like attracts love

Researchers in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology studied the Law of Attraction and found that it applied to even 4th graders. They had students in grades 4-12 fill out surveys about their attitudes and preferences. Then the students looked at the surveys of other students, without knowing whose survey they were looking at. Both boys and girls ranked the surveys most similar to their own as being the most attractive people.

The Law of Attraction works like the law of like attracting like. However you act, that is what you will attract. Like attracts like, or love, in this case. If you are confident and feel sexy, you will attract a confident, sexy person.

Avoid negative thoughts

To be clear, when we say that to use the Law of Attraction to find love you should avoid negative thoughts, we do not mean that you judge your thoughts to be ‘bad’ or ‘negative.’

When you hear the term negative used this way, it means the opposite of what you want.

RFor example, by saying ‘I don’t want a lover who ___,’ you say what you do not want, or the negative version of what you do want. Leave ‘doesn’t,’ ‘not’ and ‘never’ out of your description of what you are asking for when you use the Law of Attraction.

In their book, the Law of Attraction, Esther and Jerry Hicks say that the spirit guide who speaks through Esther says about the Law of Attraction that you cannot feel joy while you are focusing on something not wanted. Focusing your energy on what feels good is the best way to use the law of attraction to find love.

Ask to find the love that is right for you

When you work with the Law of Attraction, you cannot ask for a specific person to love you. That is working against the free will of that person, unless they also happen to want to be with you. Instead, you ask for a love with qualities that match your personal needs.

Finding someone exactly like you is not necessarily good for a long-term relationship. In research on similarity and attraction, scientists found that similarity in personality traits was important for people who had never met or who met on a date but that in longer-term relationships actual similarity in personality was only between 5 and 20%.

What are some personality traits that would best match, or complement yours and would help make you a better person? This is what you ask the Universe for when you use the Law of Attraction to find love.

law of attraction

Receive what is given through the law of attraction

If you have a difficult time asking for what you want or being willing to receive help from others, this last step may be the most difficult for you. Basically, you proclaim that you will let go of control in finding love. Thus, you will allow the Universe to bring you the right person for you.

When you use the law of attraction to find the love that is right for you, you must prepare for the person who comes to you to look different than you had expected.

Consider this example. You may feel attraction to brunettes and a blonde with all the right qualities that you desire. Well, you can hardly be upset about hair color when your true love is standing in front of you with a box of hair dye.

Believe yourself to be worth of finding love

If you do not believe that you are worthy of finding love, you might unintentionally allow the perfect love to slip away as soon as it is sent to you. Have faith that whomever has been sent to you is fulfilling a purpose that you yourself have asked for.

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