How To Trust Someone After You’ve Been Broken

How To Trust Someone After You’ve Been Broken


“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”  – Maya Angelou

They say it takes a while to build trust, but only one moment to break it, and most of us know how true that statement is. Most of us have probably been betrayed and hurt before by someone we thought we could trust with our lives, and it makes you wonder why you ever put your trust in them to begin with.

However, shutting ourselves off from people only makes us bitter, isolated, and lonely, which can do even greater damage than attempting to trust someone again. It might be hard in the beginning, especially if you’ve just gotten out of a broken or abusive relationship, but with the tips below, we hope that you can open your heart once again.

Here’s How To Trust Again After a Hurt

1. Understand that people make mistakes.

Now, this doesn’t excuse them from hurting you, but you have to realize that humans have complex emotions and thoughts, and no one is perfect. Maybe the person didn’t mean to hurt you, and didn’t realize the consequences of their actions until it was too late. Even if the relationship or friendship ended, perhaps it was for the best, and you can decide to remain grateful for the lessons and memories rather than close yourself off from future relationships.

Try to see things from the person’s perspective, and maybe you can gain some new insight on the pain that will allow you to forgive the person in time.


2. Don’t assume everyone is the same.

Maybe you just got out of a relationship with someone who betrayed you, and therefore have a skewed opinion of what other people are like. This could hinder you from forming relationships with others, but don’t allow it to. Remember to use your logical brain and keep an open mind when it comes to meeting others. Not everyone is out to hurt you, and not everyone will betray your trust. There are good people out there, but you’ll never cross their path if you don’t even get out on the road to find them.

3. Forgive yourself.

You might be wondering, “Well, what the heck did I do wrong?! I was the victim here!” This is totally understandable, but you might also beat yourself up half the time about what happened. Maybe you partially blame yourself for how the situation unfolded, and wish you could go back in time to do things differently. To truly move on and trust others again, you have to forgive yourself, too. Realize that hurt people hurt other people, and that you had no control over how that person would treat you.

4. Use your gut instincts.

Not everyone in the world deserves your trust, so you have to listen to your gut to figure out who is worth giving it to. Learn from your past relationships so that you can avoid the same situation before you get too heavily invested in someone, and if they give you a reason to have doubts, don’t be afraid to bring it up with them. After all, trust is earned, not given. So if they can’t pay their dues, so to speak, then they don’t deserve your time, effort, and trust.

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