Are you the type of person who wakes up motivated and passionate to accomplish your goals for the day? Albeit, you probably need a coffee first, but if you believe that, by and large, you’re the sort of person who is not only competitive but also likes to challenge yourself, you may be one of the individuals who make up the personality type A population. You’re the go-getter. The ride or die. Once you’ve made a decision or set a goal, you hit the path hard until you’ve achieved that goal.

It also means that you likely burn yourself out a lot. You may even accidentally injure yourself in the process because of your passion. These consequences are pretty typical for type A personalities, especially in regards to their workout routines. While you are devoted to running that mile or lifting those weights, your personality may actually be hindering you from making any progress. By tailoring your workout regime to your personality, you can not only help yourself achieve those fitness goals a lot easier, but you can also be sure to do so in a safe way that doesn’t lead to burnout. Here are five workouts for those who fall under the personality type A banner.

Workouts For Type A Personality

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1. Walking

While it may seem simple and like you won’t get a good workout for those who are used to running for miles, walking is an exceptional method of working out for type A-ers, especially when they include their friends. By having your team walk with you, not only do you all work towards a fitness goal, but it also allows you to satisfy the social need your personality type craves. Walking is also a sure way to keep yourself from burning out in the gym or overdoing it, as A-ers tend to do. It can also help to reduce stress levels, and since type A’s tend to take on more than they can chew, you want to make sure you’re reducing your stress levels as much as you can.

2. Take It Up A Notch With A Hike

For those who think walking is just a little out of their league, then you can easily step that up by taking a hike instead. Type A personality demands adventure. They seek a thrill. There’s no better way to scratch that itch than taking a hike. By bringing along some friends, you can satisfy those type A personality traits for social interaction and an adrenaline rush. By hiking, you can really challenge your body and mind as you tackle certain obstacles on your journey. You’ll feel accomplished by the time the hike is over, and you may have learned a few things along the way, too.

3. Biking

Now, before you get your engines started, the type of bicycling discussed here is the kind meant for relaxing. Try to tone down those type A personality traits of yours and just enjoy the scenery and moment as you bike around. There’s plenty of nature trails to be discovered, and connecting with nature is a sure way to reduce stress levels and promote an overall feeling of well-being. By allowing yourself, a type A personality, to actually slow down, you can appreciate what’s around you a lot more.

4. Yoga

Not all type A personality individuals are social. Introverts can make up the population just as much as extroverts can. As such, for those who fall under those certain type A personality traits, you will receive the best health and fitness boost from yoga. While you can most certainly do this in a social setting, for those who need that stimulus, you can also perform it alone. You should focus on the techniques that aim to relax and restore. It will help you slow down and add some tranquility in your life.

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5. Strength Training

One last workout type A personality individuals should consider is strength training. It’s an excellent way to exert all of that energy and focus your mind. Just be sure you only strength train two to three times a week; otherwise, you run the risk of overdoing it and injuring yourself. Oh, and another thing type A personality types tend to do is compete with themselves, so be sure you don’t look for progress too much in the mirror. Strength train for overall health, not just for your appearance.

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By having your type A personality work for you, you can actually see an overall improvement in your fitness and health. By understanding yourself and your needs, and with these workout regimes in mind, you can achieve your fitness goals without overdoing it and causing yourself serious harm during the process. Now go!