If you can maintain a positive attitude with so much negativity in the world today, you have accomplished something truly remarkable. With just the push of a button or scroll of your finger, you can instantly tune in to the latest news and events happening around the world, and a lot of them paint a very bleak picture of our reality.

However, feeding into all of this heavy energy will only bring you down as well, so make sure to practice these techniques daily in order to keep your positivity alive.

Here 10 of our favorite techniques to stay positive:

1. Watch mainstream news media very infrequently.

If you have ever watched the news, you have probably noticed very quickly that the reporters portray the world as a scary, dark, volatile place devoid of any happiness or compassion. However, the news media have to report on things that supposedly happen in order to get higher ratings. In other words, they don’t report on what isn’t happening, because that wouldn’t attract any viewers. They often misconstrue or totally fabricate events to appeal to a higher agenda, so make sure you limit your exposure to the news. Instead, put on something that induces much happier vibes, like a documentary about nature or your favorite comedy.

2. Live a life that feels like a constant vacation so you don’t feel the need to escape it.

Why do we go on vacation, anyway? Maybe some do to get away from their jobs, others long to see new places, and still others want to de-stress and relax. However, all of these people have something in common: they all want a break from their normal lives. If you really think about it, wouldn’t it make more sense to just build a life you truly enjoy so you don’t feel imprisoned by the circumstances you’ve created? Live your bliss every day – this way, each day will start to feel like a vacation.

3. Surround yourself with positive people.

If you feel drained or unhappy after hanging out with someone, you should question what value they add to your life. Simply put, if the people you surround yourself with don’t make you or your life better, you need to seek out a more positive group of people to hang around. Moods tend to spread contagiously when people get together, and most people would rather catch a positive attitude than a negative one. You get to choose what company you keep, so make sure to pick those who make you feel more alive, not suck the life out of you.

4. Meditate as often as you can.

One of the best ways to take a break from negativity is to just go within and sit in silence for a little while. You can do this in whatever place resonates with you and makes you feel the most peaceful. Try meditating in nature sometimes as well; the sounds of birds chirping or water crashing against rocks will ease you into a tranquil state of mind and wash away any stress you might feel.

5. Stay in the present moment.

You might call this living consciously, practicing mindfulness, or living in the now. Whatever you want to call it, just make sure you do and say everything with full awareness, and don’t rush through life always trying to get somewhere or accomplish something. Just be, and appreciate every moment you have on this beautiful planet.

6. Make some time to play.

People work longer hours than ever before, so it’s no wonder we have such high rates of depression in the world today. All animals need copious amounts of time to bond with one another and enjoy life, including humans. Make sure to clear out some of your schedules so you can let go and forget about the trivial matters in life that we tend to magnify in importance (bills, money, etc).

7. Spread love and kindness to everyone you meet.

More than anything else, people need love and kindness desperately in the modern times we live in. With so much hostility and stress in interactions today, be the person to lighten the load for others and remind them that kind people do still exist. You might even inspire them to go out and sprinkle some love and compassion around the world, too.

8. Turn off your phone, laptop, and other electronics.

We have become a society so engrossed in the digital world that we have forgotten the treasures that exist out in nature. We have become accustomed to a world constantly tuned into technology that we rarely tune out and go play outside. For at least one full hour a day, shut off your electronics and do things you really enjoy – meditate, run around outside, do yoga, exercise, bake a delicious dessert, or whatever brings joy to your heart.

9. Express gratitude daily.

A lot of us spend a considerable amount of time wishing we had more money, more freedom, more vacations, more this, and more that; we don’t usually stop to think about what we already have that brings us happiness and comfort. Whatever you do have that makes your life better, (food, water, shelter, family, sunshine, your guitar, your backyard, etc) make sure to take a second out of your day to simply say “thank you.” This will help you adopt a more positive attitude about life if you acknowledge all the things you have to be thankful for.

Positive life

10. Give big bear hugs.

Not just any kind of hugs, but the ones that make others feel completely loved, comforted, and appreciated. People have become so disconnected from one another due to a number of things, like the rampant use of social media, more demanding jobs, and other life pressures. However, a hug can instantly unite two people and strengthen the bond between those who already know one another.

Start a free hugs campaign if you have to, and show people (including yourself) the amazing power that hugs have to stimulate love and happiness in a world that greatly needs it.

What valuable tips can you add to this list? Share in the discussion below!