Your throat chakra allows you to express yourself and recognize the truth in the world around you. When it is open, you will feel balance and harmony in your life, and you can express yourself accurately. You won’t be afraid to speak up honestly; your confidence will always outshine your fears.

If you ever find that you can’t speak your truth whenever necessary, it could be that your throat chakra is blocked. You will also likely hold back when expressing your needs and desires. These signs indicate that your throat chakra isn’t functioning optimally, and you should work to open it.

Your throat chakra is also related to knowledge, thoughts, judgmental capabilities, wisdom, creativity, sincerity, and steadiness. This chakra is located near the base of your neck and is considered the center of expression. Being the center of expression is because it transforms your thoughts into information and verbal communication.

Unfortunately, your chakras can become blocked or closed, resulting in unpleasant symptoms. The physical or emotional symptoms hinder your daily life and development. Specific signs can prove that you have an unbalanced throat chakra, and then you can learn how to fix it.

How the Throat Chakra Gets Blocked

Telling a lie is a sure way to close your chakra. Even with good intentions, lying hurts you. Every lie blocks your energy, no matter how small, so always focus on honesty.

Other times, your chakra can become blocked when you receive criticism. Not all criticism blocks your chakra, but your energy fields get a little more jammed whenever you feel judged. Your chakra can also become blocked when you are afraid to tell the truth or worry that it will cause conflict.

If you experienced a traumatic childhood, it could cause you to have an unbalanced throat chakra now. You may have been verbally or physically abused bullied at school, or you weren’t encouraged to express yourself. Any of the situations could cause you to have emotional scars that haven’t healed yet.

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Things That Prove You Have an Unbalanced Throat Chakra

These traits show that your throat chakra might be out of balance.

1- You Exhibit Negative Behaviors

If you behave in a negative way that is unusual for you, it could be a sign of a blocked chakra. You likely need to rebalance your chakra when you become arrogant, manipulative, or deceptive. By balancing it, you will experience practical and truthful communication instead.

2 – You are Afraid of Conflict

Being afraid of conflict is an indication of a blocked chakra. You might become nervous when expressing the truth, and it might even be difficult for you. These feelings sometimes lead to stoic, fearful, and quiet behavior.

3 – You Have Frequent Health Problems

Your energy fields have a direct effect on your overall health. Some of the issues you might experience include:

  • sore throat
  • asthma
  • anemia
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • hearing problems
  • dental issues
  • mouth ulcers
  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • thyroid issues

If you experience physical ailments due to a blocked chakra, it likely means it has been blocked for a while. Learning how to fix it and open your chakra up is essential to overcome these issues.

4 – You Have Low Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

If you can’t communicate harmoniously, you will lack self-confidence and self-esteem. Without confidence, you can’t speak authentically with courage. You will feel like you can’t express your emotions and thoughts or even stand up for yourself.

5 – You Have Trouble Listening to Others

Your chakra might be unbalanced when you aren’t paying much attention to what someone is saying. Struggling to listen could be because you are lost in your thoughts or trying to think of what to say next. Or, it could be that you are talking too much to recognize what the other person is saying.

6 – You Can’t Find the Words You Need, or You Are Afraid to Talk

If you can’t find the right words or are afraid to speak up, it could be a blocked chakra. Sometimes, you might even feel guilty for expressing yourself. You are more comfortable denying your needs or desires than speaking up, and you always choose others over yourself.

7 – You Have Social Anxiety

Having an intense fear of speaking to others or expressing yourself is a sure sign that your energy field is blocked. Left unchecked, this fear can negatively affect your daily professional and personal life.

The idea of public speaking might even cause a panic attack. You might avoid social situations entirely and feel more comfortable alone at home.

Social anxiety usually stems from unpleasant events in your past. You might have been punished for expressing your opinions and beliefs. Or, you may have been publicly humiliated for doing so.

8 – You Self-Isolate and Tend to Be Shy

It is a sign of a blocked chakra if you isolate yourself or are shy when in a group of people. You might feel close up whenever someone tries to talk to you. This behavior indicates that you carry shame with you and should let it go.

9 – You Think There is No Reason to Speak Up

If you think you don’t have a reason to express yourself, you should work on reopening your throat chakra. This thought might manifest as people will misunderstand you if you speak up. You will believe that trying doesn’t make sense because no one takes you seriously anyway.

10 – You Feel Less Creative Than Usual

Experiencing inhibited creativity means that you are struggling to express yourself. You might feel judged for your creative work or living on auto-pilot and can’t create anything worthwhile.

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How to Balance Your Throat Chakra

Now that you have identified your issue, here are nine easy ways to fix it.

1 – Do Neck Stretches

Neck stretches help open the area around your neck while balancing your chakra. It eases and prevents stress and tension in your neck and throat area.

2 – Focus On Your Breathing

By focusing on your breathing, you will ease stress and get rid of toxins. You will also stimulate your chest and throat, balancing your chakra.

3 – Do Yoga

Yoga releases tension near your energy fields, helping restore energy flow. When it comes to the throat chakra, you should try the following yoga poses:

  • should stand
  • plow
  • fish

4 – Spend Time Writing

Writing can release stress and activate your creativity as you express your feelings. You can write in a journal, which also helps you listen to yourself and your inner-most emotions and thoughts. Write whatever comes to mind because that will help you find balance.

You can also write letters, even if you choose not to send them later. If you have things you want to say to someone but don’t know how to do it, write out all of your feelings. Write everything you want them to know, and you will quickly feel better.

You might decide to send the letter later, but you don’t have to unless you are comfortable. If it makes you feel better, you can destroy the letter or save it for yourself to read again later.

5 – Keep Your Neck and Spine Aligned

When your neck and spine are misaligned, it causes a buildup of stress and tension. It can lead to neck strain and hyperextension if it becomes too bad. When this happens, your throat chakra can’t remain open, so make a conscious effort to stay aligned.

6 – Release all Negative Emotions

Spend time working through your negative emotions, and then release them. These emotions include hurt, guilt, resentment, and past trauma. Releasing these feelings will help restore balance and alleviate the blockage.

7 – Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Focusing on mindful words and actions will help you balance your throat chakra. Speak honestly and openly with the people in your life, and using mindfulness will become an easy thing to do.

8 – Implement the Color Blue

Blue is the color associated with this chakra, so incorporating it into your life is beneficial. It will calm your emotions and bring you peace of mind. You can use the color blue in your décor, on your walls, or anywhere else you will see it often.

9 – Reparent Yourself

Reparenting yourself can increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. You will feel more comfortable speaking up and telling your truth. If your parents were overly strict and critical of you, reparenting yourself is essential.

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Final Thoughts on Things That Prove You Have an Unbalanced Throat Chakra (and how to fix)

If you have an unbalanced throat chakra, figuring out how to fix it is essential. It directly affects your overall well-being, communication, and self-expression. All of these aspects can hold you back professionally and cause issues in your personal life.

Luckily, you can balance your chakra in many ways, ensuring options that work for your lifestyle. Don’t ignore the signs of a blocked chakra. Fix it so that you can live a fulfilling, meaningful life.