This ONE Thing Will Help You Live Longer

This ONE Thing Will Help You Live Longer

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What if you could do one thing right now to help yourself live longer? Well you can, and it’s definitely worth learning about. As our scientific knowledge grows, we learn more and more about our DNA, what it is capable of, and how we have more control over our lifespan than we knew was possible before.

Living longer is possible and a lot of that has to do with the immortality gene. The immortality gene can help you live longer and it is inside every cell that has a nucleus, but it’s turned off until you activate it.

In 2009 the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to Elizabeth Blackburn, Jack W. Szostak, and Carol Greider who are pioneers in the science of longevity. They discovered ‘how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase.’ Telomeres are at the end of your chromosomes. According to Dr. Dave Woynarowski, who spoke in 2011 at The Longevity Now Conference, telomeres are the parts of our DNA that are like a biological time clock that determines how much time you have left to live.


Telomeres are responsible for every cellular mechanism. We can live longer and slow down the aging process by doing 2 things:

1) Slow down the loss of telomeres and

2) Add length to the telomeres

Aging can be thought of as an imbalance of cell damage and cell repair. When we have more damage than repair, we are in a state of declining health.

Dr. William Andrews discovered the immortality gene, telomerase, which can help us to reverse biologic aging. There are some genetic functioning terms that you need to know in order to help you live longer:


* Phenotype – how a cell acts and behaves

* Geneotype – the genetic expression of the cell, what is read in the DNA and what is not read

* Epigenetics – the ability to determine how your DNA is read which can

reprogram your DNA

This ONE Thing Will Help You Live Longer

How to rejuvenate cells

Dr. Dave Woynarowski says that we need to ensure effective levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in our bodies. This is the one key thing that will help us to live longer.

In a study of Omega-3s and longevity, people who took supplements with Omega-3 fatty acids had reduced likelihood of death, less incidence of heart attack and fewer strokes than people who did not take Omega-3s.


Another study found that Omega-3’s were associated with less telomere shortening and among patients with coronary artery disease, there was a relationship between blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids from fish and the rate of telomere shortening over a 5 year period.

In addition to this one thing (Omega-3 fatty acids) that will help you live longer, we need to:

* create a strong anti-oxidant defense and

* preserve the telomere length that we currently have.

The telomeres are at the ends of our DNA and they act like a biological time clock that determines how much time we have left to live. They are also responsible for every cellular mechanism, including rejuvenating stem cells.

Stem cells are important because they can help repair our bodies when damage occurs. For example if you cause damage to your liver by drinking too much alcohol, the stem cells can help make more liver cells to repair the damage.

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