This cold and flu season may not be anything to worry about in the future, because this one natural ingredient can help make sure you never get sick. The flu is nothing to sneeze at because it can actually kill you. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 3,697 Americans died from influenza (commonly called the flu) in 2013.

Not only is the flu deadly, it results in a major financial impact. According to a study of the flu in the U.S. in 2003, researchers estimated that ‘annual influenza epidemics resulted in an average of 610,660 life-years lost, 3.1 million hospitalized days, and 31.4 million outpatient visits. Direct medical costs averaged $10.4 billion annually. Projected lost earnings due to illness and loss of life amounted to $16.3 billion annually. The total economic burden of annual influenza epidemics using projected statistical life values amounted to $87.1 billion.’

Those huge numbers don’t even begin to account for the sniffling, stuffy, coughing, nauseous suffering of people who come down with the flu every year, let alone the common cold. There are a number of over the counter remedies that help the symptoms of the cold and flu but prevention of an illness is always better than treatment.

Health-conscious readers are looking for ways to boost their immune systems and prevent themselves from getting sick in the first place. You can get a vaccination that prevents you from getting sick from one strain of the flu, and some over the counter supplements claim to boost immunity to prevent illnesses, but this one natural ingredient prevents you from getting the cold and flu.

This ONE Natural Ingredient Prevents the Cold and Flu

The virus-killing superpower of this one natural ingredient

Preventing the cold and flu is a wonderful benefit but this incredible natural ingredient has healing abilities far beyond that. It has been reported to repair damage from radiation such as X-rays, protect against the HIV virus, herpes virus, is an excellent antioxidant and free-radical eliminator, and also helps protect against cardiovascular disease.

According to ‘The antibacterial, antiviral component derived from olive leaves is called oleuropein. In the late 1960s, researchers at the Upjohn Company discovered an antimicrobial fraction of oleuropein called calcium elenolate. This substance was lethal to every virus the researchers tested it against (using both in vitro and in vivo studies). Studies demonstrated that the components of olive leaf extract are also toxic to a wide range of bacteria, protozoa, yeasts, parasites and fungi.’

A 1975 study found that a monoterpene that was isolated from olive extracts acted as a virucidal agent that killed several viruses. The isolated compound was calcium elenolate, a component of Oleuropein. Researchers said that calcium elenolate killed every type of myxovirus that they had tested.

A myxovirus includes all types types of human influenza as well as animal flue viruses such as bird flu. Myxoviruses also include measles and mumps. Knowing that olive leaf extract is the one ingredient that can prevent cold and flu viruses is a wonderful tool to have in your fight to stay healthy.

Not only does olive leaf extract help fight the viruses that cause the common cold and flu, but this one ingredient can potentially kill the virus that causes HIV and herpes simplex virus. It is yet unknown if olive leaf extract can cure HIV by totally removing the virus from the body but its’ virus killing power is remarkable.

Other healing benefits of this one natural ingredient

You might want to add olive leaf extract to your survivalist gear because it could help you recover from radiation poisoning. One of the other protective health benefits of this one ingredient includes protection against radiation from X-rays.

When you visit the dentists office and they cover you with that heavy lead apron and run out of the room, there’s a good reason. X-rays are medically helpful, but can harm the tissues of the body.

One other amazing health benefit of olive leaf extract is that it is a powerful antioxidant. The oleuropein of olive leaf extract scrambles through the body searching out free radicals and disposing of them before they can cause damage to tissues. This antioxidant property is so strong that researchers think that olive leaf extract can be used to cure someone who has been poisoned by a common pesticide.

Still not convinced that you need to add olive leaf extract to your health routine? Researchers also found that oleuropein has protective effects found in studies of cardiovascular disease. Researchers found that antioxidant properties of the main polyphenols present in olive extracts, oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol increase the LDL resistance to oxidation and reduce the plasmatic levels of total, free and esterified cholesterol.

Researchers feel so strongly in the health benefits of the olive leaf extract that they suggest that it should be considered as a health-beneficial food additive. They also recommend that this natural ingredient be added to pesticides to remedy accidental poisonings. Heart health, poison protection, virus protection, and radiation protection are pretty powerful reasons to look into adding olive leaf extract to your regimen of healthy living.