There are so many things you can do alone, simply because alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Everybody feels alone sometimes, and normally that is not a problem. However, when feeling alone sometimes turns into feeling lonely most of the time, it can create bigger problems in your life. Depression, anxiety, physical problems, and even alcoholism happen at a greater rate when people feel lonely often or all the time. It is difficult to pull ourselves out of that feeling of loneliness, because we tend to rely on others especially when we are not feeling well emotionally. But it is possible, and there are ways you can improve your feelings. Take a look at some things you can do alone when you feel lonely.

“Loneliness is proof that your innate search for connection is intact.” – Martha Beck

Here Are 10 Things You Can Do Alone When You Feel Lonely

1. You can adopt a dog.

Not only is getting a dog good for you in general, it helps you in a myriad of other ways as well. When you have a companion to take care of, you’ll find it easier to get out of the house (three times a day at least). You’ll need to provide food for your furry companion, so you need to go to the supermarket. And perhaps the best thing is that when you walk a dog, social contact is so much easier. People will stop and talk to you about your dog. If you have a dog park nearby, you will get to know the other dogs and their owners through daily contact with them. Sure, it might be superficial contact at first, but it is a step in the right direction. Most of all, you’ll have the companionship of a loving pet.

2. If you can, reach out to family.

If you have family that you generally get along with but have not seen in a while, it can be a good idea to reach out to them. Get together for a cup of coffee or invite them over to your house for dinner. Once you establish contact again, it is easier for them to invite you as well for things to do. This is NOT a good idea if you have family that is toxic or leaves you feeling worse or exhausted after seeing them.

3. You could go get a cup of coffee alone.

It is tempting to just stay alone inside. However, when you feel lonely it can help to go to a place where you are surrounded by other people but do not feel left out. Coffee places are great for that because you can be alone and sit and drink your coffee, but nobody looks at you weird. As an added benefit, drinking a warm beverage like coffee or tea makes you feel comfortable. You can take a book with you, or spend some time people-watching, or simply sit and be peaceful in that setting.

4. You can go for a long walk.

Not only is being outside good for you, it is a great time to disconnect from everything electronic. Putting on some shoes and going outside, with no specific destination in mind, just wandering around your neighborhood, is relaxing and soothing for any anxiety you might have. Maybe you even come across a dog or two who you can pet and chat about with their owner.

5. You could sing along with your favorite artist.

It is nearly impossible to feel lonely when you are singing. It is not real company but singing along with the TV sort of does feel like it. Make sure to pick upbeat songs and sing as loud as you can because alone doesn’t have to be lonely!

6. You can go see any movie you like.

There is no upside to feeling lonely, but there are good things about being alone. You can pick the movie you want, the time you want to see it, what you want to bring along for snacks, etc. And even when you are seeing a movie with someone else, you still sit alone in the dark and don’t interact. It is not that much different when you are alone. Also, you will be surrounded by people, so if you choose to interact with someone, you will have something to talk about.

7. You can try out a new hobby.

There are literally thousands of things you can do alone when you feel lonely, like a new hobby, for instance. When you feel lonely it often helps if you take your mind off that emotion. You could do this by starting a new hobby. Even if you do not feel like going out and joining a club, there are plenty of activities and hobbies that you can participate in alone. It will help to keep your mind occupied and not dwell on the feeling of getting lonely. As an added benefit, eventually, you could connect with other people who have the same hobby, either online or in real life.

8. You can start a new book.

The thing about reading is that it transports you into a whole different world where you can simply be someone else for a while. You can do what they do, feel what they feel, and experience what they experience. I do not recommend reading as a full-time activity when you are lonely because it does not solve anything; it can also leaving you feeling worse about your own life. However, as a temporary solution to an urgent situation of feeling lonely, it works great. An added benefit is that you can join communities such as Goodreads – an online reading community where you can talk about what you are reading and get new recommendations.

9. Find your tribe online.

Although online interaction is no substitute for real-life interaction with people, it is something at least. Especially if you manage to find places where people chat who have the same interests as you do. You can create meaningful relationships even if they are only virtual. The best places are forums specialized in something you enjoy – a hobby or movies, etc.

10. You can find something to do.

With the amount of information available online, you can usually find some local or online events going on that week, and you can join in. Websites such as, InterNations and even Facebook events all have ways to find something that is of interest to you, and open to new people. It can be scary to join something new but it is worth it, even if you decide it is not for you in the long run.

things you can do alone

Final thoughts

Feeling lonely is not a great emotion. It does not matter if you are alone or with company when you feel that way. However, there are things you can do alone to try to alleviate that feeling either temporarily or for the long term. Be positive, because with the help of positive thinking you will soon realize that being alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Hopefully, this list of things you can do alone helps you find something you can do and somewhere you can reach out to alleviate your loneliness.

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