Relationships with a soulmate can be difficult. They are passionate and full of so many erratic emotions, from rage, jealousy, obsession to intensity, passion, and lust. A soulmate enters your life with such excitement, force and ferocity that we often forget who we are when the relationship ends. Because soulmates “get each other,” they don’t fight fair and their struggles are magnified. Meeting the love of your life is a choice. Meeting a soulmate is not. They are there for reasons beyond our understanding.

Here are 7 Things to Remember After Breaking Up With A ‘Soulmate’

Maybe they were not the one after all…


1. You do not have to cater to your soulmate.

There is a misunderstanding that you have to stay with your soulmate the rest of your life. You do not have to entertain them forever. Just as easily as you fell in love with your soulmate, it can turn into madness and anger. You are only responsible for licking your own wounds. This, too, shall pass. You cannot stay in the picture to make them feel better. You must go on your own and try to establish healthy boundaries.

2. You cannot worry if your soulmate will remain in your life.

Relationships with a soulmate are full of karmic issues. You have arrived into this life and reunited with this person to finish a lesson, to close up the soul connection, and to evolve as spiritual beings. Many people withstand the pain and toxic components of such a relationship because they fear that they will lose this person forever. But, a soulmate connection is one of the most invaluable teachers in all types of relationships. You cannot remain in fear of loss, but continue to take care of you and your needs. These relationships can break the heart deeper than any other. Having your soulmate around (at least after a breakup) is a constant reminder. You must cut ties.

3. Your soulmate is not your possession or obsession.

The soul-to-soul connection between two soulmates sometimes borders on obsession. These type of relationships can be destructive and abusive. The mind stops working altogether and it seems as if the heart is constantly tugging and pulling. Soulmates feel a sense of entitlement that moves past a healthy relationship. They expect full participation in each other’s lives, and this is not always in a good way. Your soulmate is not there to fix you or use you as a commodity. Remember that in every relationship, there are two people with their own individuality.

4. Your soulmate and you met at an opportune time.


Sometimes soulmate connections arrive at the wrong time. There may be other partners involved or marriages. When you end a connection that intense, you may feel that you have made the wrong decision but soulmates reunite for a reason and, often times, it isn’t necessarily forever. They may enter for a short period of time to teach you what you are missing, or what you don’t want in a relationship. It all depends on how you decide to participate in this affair.

5. Your soulmate connection may have been too intense.

A soulmate relationship can be overwhelming. The energy is too much to handle on a level that is destructive and not conducive to your present life. Sometimes breaking up is for a short period of time until they can get their lives on the same vibrational frequency. These love affairs can force anyone to act completely insane with others. The energy and attraction is staggering and poignant. People tend to stop using their logical minds and allow “feelings” to dictate. It becomes a drug you cannot live without. The withdrawals are excruciating. But, this is part of the attraction.

6. Your soulmate magnified the dark parts of you.

Soulmate relationships can bring out the good and bad sides of each other. The intensity can magnify those things in yourself that you don’t acknowledge or want to explore. These emotions can bring about rage one minute, and joy another. The reason the partnership is so passionate is that two people have danced this tango before. It’s hard to find grounding and footing on your own. These connections can cause a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety. You can’t imagine a life without this person, but you know you can’t continue moving forward in a healthy manner either.

7. You can make space for spiritual and emotional growth.

Your spiritual evolution is tangled up in the lessons you endure in this life. Soulmates strengthen those bonds and experiences. When the relationship is over, you are able to move past certain karmic assignments that needed to happen in order for you to grow mindfully and spiritually. These souls come in your life to partake in an experiment of sorts that allows you to consciously shift. Soulmates exist in our lives to show us the beauty of who we are, and the ability to love another with wholehearted abandonment.

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When you overcome a breakup from a soulmate, you recognize that life will never be the same. Other relationships won’t come close to the turmoil, chaos, fire, and passion of such love. It’s indescribable and, yet, it allows us to get to know parts of ourselves that wouldn’t come to surface.

“Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don’t fool.”~ Robert Brault

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