11 Things Men Do If They’re Falling In Love With You

11 Things Men Do If They’re Falling In Love With You

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Guys can be as different as night and day. Guys like to think they are simple creatures, but they are just as complex and mysterious as women can be. Indeed, they might be at their most cryptic when falling in love.

Every man has had different experiences with women and deals with them in their own unique way. There are, however, similarities in how men express their love for women.


Here are 11 things men do when they are falling in love with you:

1. He Will Hold Your Purse When He’s Falling in Love

Regardless of what men do for a living or what their place in society is, they, in general, do not want to be perceived as weak, servile, or submissive. If they are holding your purse, they don’t care how others perceive them because they are full of another emotion that is pushing away all other worries or concerns.

2. Shop For Feminine Hygiene Products

If they are falling for you, then you could ask them anything and they will do it to earn your affection. They don’t care about appearing weak or uncomfortable. They only want you to be happy and if feeling uncomfortable for a few minutes in the grocery store is all it takes, then consider it done.




3. He Remembers the Little Things if He Is Falling In Love

When he really cares, he remembers how you take your coffee. He remembers your favorite restaurant, your favorite food, or your favorite TV show. He remembers your birthday. He remembers because you have become very important to him and will become a bit of a fanboy of your life.


4. He Brags About You

He constantly tells others how great and wonderful you are. He is proud to have you on his arm. He thinks that you are the best thing since sliced bread and will let everyone know it.

5. He Listens Carefully

When you are talking, he will listen very carefully to you because he wants your attention and everything about you is interesting to him. He is becoming a fan boy and will soak up everything there is to learn about your life and who you are.


6. He Teases You

Guys tease each other to show affection. If he teases you a little, he is showing you he cares. He is trying to start a fire by striking little sparks. He will also laugh it off when you tease him in return.

7. He Sacrifices for Your Happiness

He will drive two hours round trip to fix your printer for you before heading off to work. He doesn’t mind because you are important to him. Your happiness is becoming more important than his own comfort. He will go out of his way to make you happy, even if he sacrifices a bit of his own happiness to do it.

8. He Goes The Extra Mile if He Is Falling in Love

It isn’t enough to go out and get you dinner – he will drive across town to get dinner from your favorite restaurant. If he is falling for you, then he will go the extra mile to make even small things super special.


9. He Thinks You Are Beautiful When You Think You Aren’t

You know those mornings when you roll out of bed, shuffle to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee while scratching your forehead and sporting hair that looks like Medusa’s old wig? Yeah, he still thinks you are the most beautiful woman in the world even when you are absolutely convinced you look like a train-wreck. It doesn’t matter to him. He only sees the perfect you.

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