A strong and independent woman is something to behold. Her independence means she can command the room when she walks in but does not seek the attention for its own sake. She knows what she wants and that she is more than capable of getting it on her own.

She has opinions and beliefs that she is not afraid to express.

Of course, she isn’t a princess waiting in the tower for someone to save her. Indeed, she left that tower long ago and saved herself.

The independent woman has a plan, a mission, a purpose and she will not be diverted or distracted from achieving it. She is powerful because she does things differently. She stands conventional wisdom on its head. Make no mistake about it…she stands out from the crowd.

Here are 15 things independent women do differently:

1. Independent Women Make Decisions

She isn’t afraid to be decisive. She doesn’t worry that she will hurt someone’s feelings. When she has a problem, she decides what to do about it. She doesn’t wait around for someone to decide for her. She knows what needs to be done and then does it.

2. She Does Things Alone

She isn’t afraid to do things by herself. Not only does she wish to see that movie, but she also doesn’t have anyone available to go with her right now. She has time, and so, she goes and sees it. She isn’t going to wait around for someone else to hold her hand while she does it.

3. Independent Women Get It Done

Once she has decided what needs to be done, she goes out and does it. She isn’t waiting for anyone’s permission or to see if someone else does it first. She sees something that needs doing and does it.

4. She Doesn’t Complain

This lady doesn’t waste time complaining that something isn’t done. She does it herself. She understands that complaining doesn’t actually accomplish anything and that the task isn’t going to do itself. So, she gets it done and moves on to the next thing.

5. She Tells It Like It Is

If something is screwed up, she is going to let you know. If you are over the line in your behavior, she is going to call you up short. She isn’t afraid to call someone out on their BS. She doesn’t have time for beating around the bush or letting you down easy, because she has things to do.

6. She Is Confident

She knows her strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, she believes in herself and she doesn’t fall into the trap of a negative self-image. She knows she is the bomb, but doesn’t let it go to her head. She is calm and in control.

7. She Is Self-Reliant

She doesn’t wait for others to do things for her. While she may not know how to do it, she will find a way to learn how to do it if that means she can get it done and move on. She doesn’t expect others to solve her problems for her. She would rather just do it herself than wait around.

8. Independent Women Are Self-Motivating

She doesn’t need someone to tell her it is okay to go do something. Instead, she tells herself she can do it and encourages herself and makes herself get going. She generates her own energy and enthusiasm. And in that mode, she inspires others to follow her as well.

9. She Doesn’t Need Constant Validation

She doesn’t need the likes or constant validation from social media. She’s too busy getting things done and respects herself too much to need others to hold up her fragile ego. Nor does she attention seek to raise her self-esteem. She is too busy making things happen.


10. She Is Goal Oriented

She’s a goal-getter who knows what she wants to do and she has a plan to do it. She just needs to push the obstacles out of her path so she can carry on with her purpose.

11. She Makes Things Happen

In the absence of leadership, she leads. She doesn’t wait around for things to happen to her. Instead, she is proactive rather than reactive. She is a born leader.

12. She Takes Risks

She isn’t afraid to take calculated risks. This woman isn’t foolhardy, so she doesn’t rush into a dangerous situation. But, she weighs her options and the rewards against the pitfalls and makes a decision. She goes for it.

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13. She Doesn’t Play The Victim

Things happen. They don’t happen to her. She doesn’t let adversity or struggle define who she is. She doesn’t fall into the trap of negative thinking and blame others for her situation. The situation just is what it is, and she finds a way out of it.

14. She Invests in Herself

This bold lady isn’t afraid to invest time, money and energy into bettering herself. She understands that in order to help others, she has to help herself first. She is a valuable commodity that appreciates over time.

15. She Waits For No Man

Time waits for no man, and neither does an independent woman. If she wants a job, she goes out and gets one. On the other hand she creates a family if that’s what she desires.. If she wants a partner, then she goes out and finds one. She doesn’t wait around for love to find her. She goes out and discovers it for herself.

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