If you love a strong woman, you might look at this list of twenty things to remember about her remarkable power, grace, and complexity. Keep in mind the strength of the other women who also touch your life and the lives of others.

20 Things To Remember If You Love A Strong Woman

NOTE: If you need information on a relationship with a strong man, we cover his behaviors in a separate article.

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1. A strong woman holds herself to a higher standard

Our laws may be in place for the rest of society to know what is right and wrong, but a strong woman lives by higher standards than those. She rises to the challenge; it means taking the high road in any situation.

2. She values integrity

She is a woman of honor and integrity if you love a strong woman. This righteous female does the right thing, setting an example for others in her words and behavior.

3. A strong woman is self-aware

The strong woman you love knows herself very well, inside and out. She may surprise you occasionally, but she rarely surprises herself unless it is by proving that she is stronger than she thought she was.

4. She is working on her flaws and she expect your to do the same

A strong woman can accept that she is not perfect, and she has identified the things she wants to improve. She is taking action to make herself a better person every day, and if you want to remain the love of her life, you need to step up and do the same to keep pace with her.

5. A strong woman expects you to act with kindness, like she does

Women have an innate social tendency to be kind to those who are weaker than themselves, including animals, children, and the elderly and they look lovingly upon those who also let kindness guide their actions.

6. She has better social skills than you do

A Cambridge University study showed that as early as the age of one year old, female children make more eye contact with their parents than male children do. The researchers say this is evidence of the superiority of female social skills, as shown in previous research.

7. A strong woman is sensitive to others’ emotions

Researchers at the Department of Psychology at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada say that women have a strong advantage over men regarding recognizing emotions through subtle facial expressions. In the study, the ‘women were faster than men at recognizing both positive and negative emotions from facial cues’ and had a significantly better recognition rate than the men for recognizing negative facial expressions.

8. She knows she can have more than she has now

A strong woman can have the sun, moon, and stars if she wants them. She just hasn’t decided that she wants them yet.

9. She asks for what she needs

If you love a strong woman, know that she will communicate to you in many ways what she needs from you. If you can meet her needs, then you are closer to her heart.

10. She can handle everything that you can

Never doubt for a second that the strong woman you love is capable of doing everything that you can do and more.

11. A strong woman knows her own mind

When you love a strong woman, be careful not to question her decisions because she knows what she wants.

12. She has overcome adversity, and it has made her stronger


Her past does not define her, but it has helped shape this lady who has your love into the person she is today.

13. She knows she is vulnerable

Women, as the ‘weaker’ sex, have their vulnerabilities. Some, but not all, females may be physically less strong than men, but they can also embrace their tender side. A strong woman knows that opening up about her innermost emotional struggles is a way of sharing her courage with others.

14. She has a positive outlook

Everyone has their down moments, but the woman that you love can usually find a way to see a lesson in even the most painful setback.

15. A strong woman doesn’t need your help

She is independent, knowledgeable, and determined, and with those traits, the strong woman you love doesn’t really need your help.

16. She knows when to ask for help

Although she doesn’t need your help because she is capable of doing things on her own, the strong woman that you love also recognizes her own shortcomings and can ask for help when she needs it.

17. She stands up for injustices toward others

Just as she is kind to others, a strong woman dares to stand up to bullies who go after the weak. She sees when others are hurting, and she speaks up for them.

18. She owns up to her actions

Accountability for her actions is a key trait of the strong woman you love. She is not afraid to say that she was wrong and apologize if she hurt anyone, but she will also take credit and expect to be recognized for her accomplishments.

19. A strong woman has a limitless capacity for love

She knows her heart as a bottomless well of love that she can draw from when she needs to give it to others, and she does so freely, with compassion and grace.

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20. She expresses her gratitude

She knows when the gifts from the universe have blessed her, and your love is among the things she counts herself grateful for each day.